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Matthew Winter's picture
Matthew Winter
I study the archaeology and history of the ancient Mediterranean, with a chronological focus on the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Though I primarily am interested in the cultural mixing pot that was the Eastern Mediterranean, I take a comprehensive approach to studying imperial systems that...
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Sarah Wolff's picture
Sarah Wolff
Sarah Wolff originally hails from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and completed her undergraduate degrees in anthropology and history from the University of Wyoming in 2005.  Her Master’s degree was earned from Pennsylvania State University in biological anthropology working in the Puts’ Lab.  Sarah’s Master’s...
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Kayla Worthey's picture
Kayla Worthey
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Jonna Yarrington's picture
Jonna Yarrington
In the Field / Dissertating
Office: Haury 124E
I am a Ph.D. candidate in socio-cultural and linguistic anthropology. I study human stratification and modes of differentiation. Specifically, I am interested in how socially stratifying ideologies inhere in and are reproduced by political and discursive practices. My research interests include...
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Landon Yarrington's picture
Landon Yarrington
I am a sociocultural anthropologist with training in historical and applied anthropology. My enduring intellectual interest in anthropology can be communicated in the following question: How does structure enable and limit individuals to see symbolic dimensions of practices, relations, and...
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