Rebecca Harkness

PhD Student

Southwest Archaeology Lab, Emil W. Haury Building, Room 402

About Rebecca Harkness

Rebecca Harkness graduated from Arizona State University Barrett, the Honors College with a BA in Anthropology and a Minor in History. After Undergrad, she galivanted off to Tokyo where she taught English for two years before returning to complete her MA in Anthropology with an archaeological focus at Northern Arizona University. She squeals with joy when she sees sherds or pots and giggles with glee when given site maps to analyze architecture for public space. She also enjoys looking at trade and how connections influence the areas that participate in it. Rebecca’s main research focus is the Mimbres region of the American Southwest. Additionally, she continues to study trade more broadly at the port site of Al Baleed in Oman. During Rebecca's time at NAU, she worked at the Museum of Northern Arizona in collections, which has fostered her interest in museums.