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  • Ring of Brodgar: Neolithic henge and stone circle (Orkney Island, Scotland, 2015)
    Danielle Phelps

  • Avalon Beans: Earth Harmony Festival, Avalon gardens; beans grown on site (Tumacacori, AZ, 2015)
    Danielle Johnson

  • Olla on the Litho: Excavation of a large olla from above the Lithodendron (Petrified Forest, 2013). William Reitze

  • Graffiti Culture: Incomplete graffiti painting of an Amerindian woman on a wall (Cayenne, Guyane, 2015)
    Jonna Yarrington


The School of Anthropology is one of the highest ranking schools in the country for the pursuit of Anthropological Studies.

Well respected by researchers throughout the world, it is home to a diverse community of anthropologists who study all aspects of human life, from our hominid origins millions of years ago to the vast diversity of populations living in the world today.

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