Honors Program

We offer numerous options for our honors majors, including stand-alone honors classes, co-convened undergraduate/graduate courses, thesis support, and study abroad opportunities.

Honors Advising

Speak with Eleni Hasaki, hasakie@arizona.edu (Anthropology Honors Advisor), and Sandra Holm, sholm@arizona.edu (Academic Advisor), at least once a semester to ensure you are meeting your honors requirements. Holm can also help you stay on top of your academics.

Honors Course Requirements

You will need 30 units of honors credits from classes across the university to graduate with honors, and we recommend that you take at least half of the units in Anthropology. See Honors graduation requirements.

We regularly offer stand-alone honors courses and most of our classes can be taken for Honors contracts with the professor. We also offer dozens of co-convened undergraduate/graduate-level courses of interest to majors, for which you can earn Honors credit.

Honors Thesis/Capstone

You will receive six units of honors credit for your honors thesis. The Honors Thesis is typically a two-semester endeavor. Learn more about the Thesis/Capstone through the W.A. Franke Honors College.

Anthropology Honors Thesis requirements