Undergraduate Anthropology Club

Undergraduate Anthropology Club

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Club Mission

The Undergraduate Anthropology Club's mission is to educate students and those interested in the four main subfields of anthropology: cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeology through club meetings, guest presenters, field trips and workshops. 

2021-2022 Officers

  • Totsoni Willeto, President
  • Ian Villamil, Vice-President
  • Olivia Yaffe, Secretary
  • Danielle Frey, Treasurer
  • Jack Vicain, Social Media Manager

2023-2024 Officers

  • Totsoni Willeto, President
  • Garrett Hoskinson, Vice-President
  • Jason Carrick, Secretary
  • Keenan Montoya, Treasurer
  • Scofield, Social Media Manager
  • Samuel Rodarte, Event Coordinator

Recent Events