Degree Check & Graduation

Getting ready to graduate? Apply for graduation and follow these steps for completing your degree audit.

Degree Audit Process

The University of Arizona has a formal process to ensure that students have met all the requirements needed to graduate. You should start the process in the semester before you plan to graduate – your penultimate semester. 

You will fill out the Application for Degree Candidacy via your UAccess Student Center and a $50.00 candidacy fee will be placed on your Bursar’s account once the application is complete. Sandra Holm will go over your final degree requirements, start the official Degree Audit Worksheet, and give you a Senior Student Exit Survey.  No appointment is necessary for this process.

Graduation Services can only determine if your requirements are met once the Degree Audit Worksheet is returned. Your Graduation Services Advisor posts your degree, and any changes that you make to your degree plan need to be made through Graduation Services. Therefore, if you are taking courses at Pima or any other school to finish your UArizona degree requirements, please make sure to send an official transcript as soon as grades have been posted.


The deadlines for starting the degree check process and getting your name printed in the commencement ceremony program are as follows:

  • December candidacy (including Winter Session conferrals): Sept. 1 of the semester in which you plan to graduate
  • May candidacy and August candidacy: Feb. 1 of the semester in which you plan to graduate

If you apply after the deadline you will be charged a $50 late fee.

Graduation Ceremony Information