Introductory Anthropology Courses

Want to know if Anthropology is the right major for you? Take one of our introductory Tier 1 courses to find out!

The School offers introductory courses on topics in the sub-disciplines of AnthropologyArchaeologyBiological AnthropologyLinguistic Anthropology, and Sociocultural Anthropology (including Applied Anthropology). These courses satisfy the General Education requirements for all undergraduate students, so sign up to get a taste of Anthropology!

This course introduces the student to anthropological perspectives on cultural diversity. The course focuses on gender, race, ethnicity and class through readings by and about peoples of the non-western world.

The ways we investigate the human experience are as diverse as those experiences themselves. This course examines human origins, diversity, and culture through foundational readings and case studies that emphasize current global approaches to studying humanity with the goal of better understanding our place in the world.

This course takes an explicitly global perspective exploring some important events in the history of humankind. World Archaeology examines global migration, sedentism, origins of agriculture, and the development of complex social systems through different times, places and cultures.

This course explores the biological and cultural evolution of the human species over the last several million years and examines human similarities and diversity globally. Approaches utilized include archaeology, biological anthropology, ecology, genetics, and geology.

Fundamental concepts and principles of human biology emphasizing the evolutionary processes that create organic diversity. An in-depth study of biological differences existing within and between populations of our species focusing on genetic mechanisms and adaptive strategies.