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Graduate Alumni

PhD  - Doctor of Philosophy

MA    - Master of Arts



Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Barros, Luis PhD Spring A Case-Study of Tohono O'odham Governance in History: The Impact of Alienation, Anomie, and Accomodation in the Social Organization
Bloom, Molly MA Spring Disability and Gender in 'Wheelchair Talk' : Language and Identity on a Womens Wheelchair Basketball Team
Boyer, Micah PhD Spring Making Sense with Stories: Rumor, Social Transformation, and Treatment-Seeking Behavior in Benin
Burghardt, Laura MA Spring The Vernacular Architecture of Homesteads in Cebolla Canyon, New Mexico
Campbell, Jacob PhD Spring The Nature of Hydrocarbons: Industrial Ecology, Resource Depletion, and Politics of Renewability in Trinidad and Tobago
Canova, Paola PhD Spring Initmate Encounters: Ayoreo Sex Work in the Mennonite Colonies of Western Paraguay
Cerezo-Román, Jessica I. PhD Spring Unpacking Personhood and Identity in the Hohokam Area of Southern Arizona
Copperstone, Chance MA Spring Labor, Status and Power: Slave Foodways at James Madison's Montepelier AD 1810-1836
Daughtrey, Cannon MA Spring Pima County's Open Space Ranch Preserves: Predictive Modeling of Site Locations for Three Time Periods at Ranch Seco
Davis, Allison PhD Spring  
E, Chen-Chun PhD Spring The Syntax of Comparative Correlatives in Mandarin Chinese
Ericksen, Annika PhD Spring  Politics of Responsibility in an Increasingly Hazardous Climate: The Case of Herding in Post-Socialist Mongolia
Foster, Adam PhD Spring Ontogeny of Bipedal Traits in an Animal Model for the Quadrupedal-to-Bipedal Transistion
Haas, W. Randall PhD Spring Forager Mobility, Constructed Environments, and Emergent Settlement Hierarchy: Insights from Altiplano Archaeology
Kocamaner, Hikmet PhD Spring Politics of the Family: Islam, Secularism, Governance, and Religious Media in Turkey
Labotka, Lori PhD Spring Healthy, Beautiful Hair: Gender, Punishment, and Hair Care in a Women's Prison
Mathwich, Nicole  MA  Spring  
McMahan, Ben PhD Spring Risk, Luck, and Resiliency: Hurricanes and Disaster on the US Gulf Coast
Medeiros, Melanie PhD Spring "Then Come the Thorns": An Ethnography of Marriage, Divorce and Distress Among Afro-Brazilians in Rural Northeast Brazil
Miller, D. Shane PhD Spring From Colonization to Domestication: Historical Ecology and the Origins of Agriculture in Central Tennessee
Moses, Victoria MA Spring  
Ortiz, Jose Raul MA Spring  
Radonic, Lucero PhD Spring Claiming Territory and Asserting Indigeneity: The Urbanization of Nature, its History and Politics in Northwestern México
Stinnett, Ashley PhD Spring 'Blood-Talk': A Language Network Analysis of English Speaking Heritage Butchers in the Southwestern United States
Taha, Maisa PhD Spring Cultivating Convivencia: Youth & Democratic Education in Southeast Spain
Tsukamoto, Kenichiro PhD Spring Politics in Plazas: Classic Maya Ritual Performance at El Palmar, Campeche, Mexico

Tumonggor, Meryanne

PhD Spring Genetic Insights on the Human Colonization of Indonesia
Xie, Liye PhD Spring Early to Middle Holocene Earth-Working Implements and Neolithic Land-Use Strategies on the Ningshao Plain, China
Yarrington, Jonna MA Spring Driots and Frontières: Sugar and the Edge of France; 1800-1860
Pickering, Evelyn MA Fall The Social Construction of Water in Dominica and how it has Influenced Use and Exploration
Wey, Rebecca Lynn MA Fall Fiction and Necessity: Literary Interventions in the Drug War


Name Degree Sememster Dissertation Title
Aragon, Leslie D. MA Spring Figuring Out Figurines: An Ontological Approach to Hohokam Anthropomorphic Figurines from the Phoenix Basin
Cutright-Smith, Elizabeth PhD Spring Mapping Ancestral Hopi Archaeological Landscapes: An Assessment of the Efficacy of GIS Analysis for Interpreting Indigenous Cultural Landscapes
Feldman, Lindsey R MA Spring  
Kidder, Emily E PhD Spring Prominence in Yucatec Maya: The Role of Stress in Yucatec Maya Words
Lehmkuhl, Iva L MA Spring Authenticity in Portrayals of Navajo Culture at Two Heritage Sites
Kielhofer, Jennifer MA Fall  
Lewis, Larea M MA Spring The Desert Cahuilla: A Study of Cultural Landscapes and Historic Settlements
Palomo Mijangos, Jose Manuel MA Spring  
Penney, Lauren S PhD Summer Mind the Gap: The Dynamics and Work of Aging and Caring at Home
Reuther, Joshua D PhD Summer Late Glacial and Early Holocene Geoarchaeology and Terrestrial Paleoecology in the Lowlands of the Middle Tanana Valley, Subarctic Alaska 
Seibert, David PhD Spring An Ethnographic Poetics of Placed-and-Found Objects and Cultural Memory in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
Singletary, Brittany Anne MA Spring  
Trainer, Sarah S PhD Spring Local Interpretations of Global Trends: Body Concerns and Self-Projects Enacted by Young Emirati Women
Webber, James MA Spring  
Iizuka, Fumie PhD Spring Early Pottery in the Tropics of Panama (ca. 4,500-3,200 B.P): Production Processes, Circulation, and Diagenesis
Ryan, Susan C PhD Summer Architectural Communities of Practice: Ancestral Pueblo Kiva Production During the Chaco and Post-Chaco Periods in the Northwestern Southwest
Vogt, Wendy A PhD Summer Ruptured Journeys, Ruptured Lives: Central American Migration, Transnational Violence, and Hope in Southern Mexico
Huffer, Donelle Joy  MA Fall A Spatial Analysis and Zooarchaeological Interpretation of Archaeological Bison Remains in the Southwest and the Wildlife Management Implications for the House Rock Valley Bison Herd in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Kingston, Lauren Margaret MA Fall Exploring the Community of University Indian Ruin
Mountain, Rebecca Vivienne MA Fall Social Stress and Bone Loss at Point of Pines Pueblo, Arizona: A pQCT Study on Archaeological Bone



Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Stauber, Leah PhD Spring Chicanismo in the New Generation: "Youth, Identity, Power" in the 21st Century Borderlands
Rattray, Nicholas A PhD Spring Embodied Marginalities: Disability, Citizenship, and Space in Highland Ecuador
Orr, Yancey A PhD Spring The Emergence of Indigenous Environmental Knowledge: Cognition, Perception and Social Labor in Indonesian Society
Munson, Jessica L PhD Spring Temple Histories and Communities of Practice in Early Maya Society: Archaelogical Investigations at Caobal, Petèn, Guatemala
Milliken, Ian Minot MA Spring The Significance of Heritage Value from Historic Properties to Cultural Resources
Jelinek, Lauren E PhD Spring The Protohistoric Period in the Pimeria Alta
Janz, Lisa PhD Spring Chronology of Post-Glacial Settlement  in the Gobi Desert and the Neolithization of Arid Mongolia and China
Hopkins, Maren P MA Spring A Storied Land: Tiyo and the Epic Journey Down the Colorado River 
Echenique, Ester MA Spring  
Del Cairo Silva, Ester PhD Spring Enviormentalizing Indigeneity: A Comparative Ethnography on Multiculturalism, Ethnic Hierarchies, and Political Ecology in the Columbian Amazon
Burke, Brian J PhD Spring "Para que cambiemos" / "So we can (ex)change" : Economic Activism and Socio-Cultural Change in the Barter Systems of Medellin, Colombia
Borck, Lewis S MA Spring Patterns of Resistance: Violence, Migration, and Trade in the Gallina Heartland
Vogt, Wendy A PhD Summer Ruptured Journeys, Ruptured Lives: Central American Migration, Transnational Violence, and Hope in Southern Mexico
Tumberg, Timothy A PhD Summer Digging Up Whiskey Row: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation of Industrial Capitalism on the North Shore of Lake Superior
Niang, Aminata PhD Summer Mining as Development? Corporate / Community Relationships in the New Gold Mining Sector of West Africa: The Case of Sabodala, Senegal
Hedges, Kristin E PhD Summer Compound Risk: An Analysis of Biocultural, Familial, and Structural Risks Among Substance Using Adolescent Girls
Good, Mary K PhD Summer Modern Moralities, Moral Modernities: Ambivalence and Change Among Youth in Tonga
Fox, Karyn Marie PhD Summer Resilience in Action: Adaptive Governance for Subaks, Rice Terraces, and Water Temples in Bali, Indonesia
Curry, Benjamin A MA Summer  
Cole, Steven M PhD Summer Exploring Models of Economic Inequality and the Impact on Mental and Physical Health Outcomes in Rural Eastern Province, Zambia
Schott, Amy Michelle MA Fall  
Phaneuf, Victoria M PhD Fall National and Minority Cultures in 21st Century France: North African and Pied-Noir Cultural Associations
Mehalic, David S PhD Fall The Archaeological Geography of Small Architectural Sites of the Mogollon Plateau Region of East Central Arizona
Fladd, Samantha G MA Fall  
Da Silva, Antonio B PhD Fall Voicing Race and Anti-Racism: Rethinking Black Consciousness among Black Activists in Salvador, Brazil
Cano, Jenny Ruth Moral PhD Fall Crafting Community, Reconstructing Identities, and Performing Traditions: Ethnoarchaeology of Burnay Pottery Tradition and Community Integration in Vigan Ilocos, Sur, Philippines
Byrd, Rachael MA Fall  



Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Pitezel, Todd A PhD Spring From Archaeology to Ideology in Northwest Mexico: Cerro de Moctezuma in the Casas Grandes Ritual Landscape
Jenks, Kelly L PhD Spring Vecinos en la Frontera: Interaction,Adaptation, and Identity at San Miguel del Vado, New Mexico
Hermes, Taylor R MA Spring  
Fenn, Thomas R PhD Spring Applications of Heacy Isotope Research to Archaeological Problems of Provenance and Trade on Cases from Africa and the New World
Eichelberger, Laura P PhD Spring Manufacturing Insecurity: Power, Water, Waster and the Silences of Sustainability and Suffering in Northwest Alaska
Carrasco Moraga, Anita G PhD Spring One World, Many Ethics. The Politics of Mining and Indigenous People in Atacama, Chile
Alvarez, Jose M MA Spring  
Starkovich, Britt M PhD Summer Trends in Subsistence from the Middle Paleolithic through Mesolithic at Klissoura Cave 1 (Peloponnese, Greece)
Mentzer, Susan M PhD Summer Macro- and Micro-Scale Geoarchaeology of Ucagizli Caves I and II, Hatay, Turkey
Grimstead, Deanna N PhD Summer Applications of Evolutionary Ecology and Isotope Geochemistry Shed Light on North American Prehistoric Human Behavior and Regional Procurement Systems
Friederic, Karin U PhD Summer La Violencia Adentro (Violence in the Interior): Gender VIolence, Human Rights, and State-Community-NGO Relations in Coastal Ecuador
Duwe, Samuel G PhD Summer The Prehispanic Tewa World: Space, Time, and Becoming in the Pueblo Southwest
Begum, Ukm Shawkat Ara PhD Summer Modernization, Vulnerability and Climate Change in the Southwest Bangladesh
Ruette, Krisna PhD Fall The Left-Turn of Multiculturalism: Indigenous and Afrodescendant Social Movements in Northwestern Venezuela
Nelson, Jessica Fae MA Fall  
Maclellan, Jessica A MA Fall  
Dampilon, Zhargal MA Fall Environmental Movements in Russia (An Example from the Baikal Region)
Coffey, Michael John PhD Fall A Meta-Analysis of Haitian Rural Household Surveys
Carruth, Lauren PhD Fall The Aftermath of Aid: Medical Insecurity in the Northern Somali Region of Ethiopia



Name Degree Semester Disseration Title
Wroblewski, Michael PhD Spring Voices of Contact: Politics of Language in Urban Amazonian Ecuador
Villanueva, Ronald Hector Andrada PhD Spring The Human Endeavor of International Communities: The Gawad Kalinga Movement
Taber, Peter A MA Spring  
Sanchez De Carpenter, Maria PhD Spring Los Primeros Mexicanos: Late Pleistocene / Early Holocene Archaeology of Sonora, Mexico
Reifschneider, Meredith A MA Spring  
Prakash, Preetam MA Spring  
Medeiros, Melanie A MA Spring The Piki Complex at the Homol'ovi Settlement Cluster: Defining the Power, Prestige, and Status of Women at a Pueblo IV Community
Deubel, Tara F PhD Spring Between Homeland and Exile: Poetry, Memory and Identity in Sahrawi Communities
Daughters, Anton T PhD Spring Globalization at the 'Ends of the Earth': Ritual Livelihoods, Wage Labor, and the Struggle over Identity on the Archipelago of Chiloe
Arendt, Nicole Marie PhD Spring A Palynological Study of Landscape Change During the Spanish Colonial Period in the U.S. Southwest
Thompson. Jennifer Jo PhD Summer Managing Menopause: An Ethnographic Study of Women's Midlife Information-Seeking and Decsion-Making in the Southwest U.S
Orzech, Kathryn McElveen PhD Summer Adolescent Sleep Patterns, Perceptions and Coping Behaviors
Orcutt- Gachiri, Heidi Ann PhD Summer Kenyan Language Ideologies, Language Endagerment, and Gikuyu (Kikuyu): How Discourses of Nationalism, Education, and Development have Places a Large, Indigenous Language at Risk
Thompson, Kerry F PhD Summer Alkidaa' da hooghanee (They Used to Live Here): An Archeological Study of Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Navajo Hogan Households and Federal Indian Policy
Piekielek, Jessica PhD Summer Public Wildlands at the U.S. - Mexico Border: Where Conservation, Migration, and Border Enforcement Collide
Newell, Gillian E PhD Summer A Total Site of Hegemony: Monutmental Materiality at Teotihuacan, Mexico
Murphy, John T PhD Summer Exploring Complexity in the Past: The Hohokam Water Management Simulation
Young, Monica Z MA Fall  
Scholnick, Jonathan B PhD Fall Apprenticeship, Cultural Transmission and the Evolution of Cultural Traditions in Historic New England Gravestones
Manne, Tiina Helena PhD Fall Upper Paleolithic Foraging Decisions and Early Economic Intensification at Vale Boi, Southwestern Portugal
MacFarland, Kathryn Anne MA Fall  
Ballenger, Jesse Albertice PhD Fall Late Quaternary Paleoenvironments and Archaeology in the San Pedro Basin, Southeastern Arizona, U.S.A.
Baires, Francisco Javier MA Fall  



Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Villanueva, Zandro V PhD Spring Cultural Encounters and Transformation of Early Historical Polities on Lubang Island, the Phillippines, Ca. A. D. 1200-1800
Tsukamoto, Kenichiro MA Spring  
Suelmann, Erin E MA Spring Breastfeeding Among Adolescent Mothers: A Biocultural Perspective
Strand, Thea R PhD Spring Varieties in Dialogue: Dialect Use and Change in Rural Valdres, Norway
Steiner, Robin T MA Spring A Phenomenology of Taste: Brewmasters and the Production of Lived Taste Expierence
Renteria-Valencia, Rodrigo MA Spring Hunting on the Slopes of Tiburon: Bighorn Sheep's Market-Oriented Conservation in Northern Mexico
Reineke, Robin C MA Spring  
Radonic Monteverde, Lucero Maria MA Spring  
Murray, Wendi F MA Spring  
Gabler, Brandon M PhD Spring Panarchy on the Plateau: Modeling Prehistoric Settlement Pattern, Land Use and Demographic Change on the Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico
Dungan, Katherine Ann MA Spring Visibility, Monumentality, and Community in the Chacoan Community at Kin Bineola, New Mexico
Coskun, Ufuk MA Spring Ahiska/Meskhetian Turks in Tucson: An Examination of Ethnic Identity
Blythe, Ashley A MA Spring Social Differentiation in Animal Use and Subsistence:  A Case Study of the Marana Platform Mound
Aquino-Centeno, Salvador PhD Spring Contesting Social Memories and Identities in the Zapotec Sierra of Oaxaca, Mexico
Morgan, Martha Ethel PhD Summer Reconstructing Early Islamic Maghribi Metallurgy
Mjahed, Mourad PhD Summer Neighborly Governance: Neighborhood Associations and Participative Democracy in Tucson, Arizona
Basaldu, Robert C PhD Summer We Should Come Together with a Good Thought: The Importance of Relationships in the Life of Native American Church Roadman
Trowbridge, Meaghan A MA Fall  
Tonyot, Stanzin MA Fall  
Storey, Angela D MA Fall  
Schulthies, Becky PhD Fall The Social Circulation of Media Scripts and Collaborative Meaning-Making in Moroccan and Lebanese Family Discourse
Leza, Christina PhD Fall Divided Nations: Policy, Activism and Indigenous Identity on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Hayes, Lauren A MA Fall  
Downey, Sean S PhD Fall Resilient Networks and the Historical Ecology of Q'eqchi Maya Swidden Agriculture
Chu, Joon-Beom MA Fall  



Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Young, Alyson G PhD Spring Younf Child Health Among Eyasi Datoga: Socioeconomic Marginalization, Local Biology and Infant Resilience within the Mother-Infant Dyad
Tumonggor, Meryanne K MA Spring  
Niangjijia, Niangjijia MA Spring The Peopling of the Tibetan Plateau
Metni, Maya Christine PhD Spring  
May, Elizabeth M MA Spring Human Resources to Enviormental Hazards: Sunset Crater as a Case Study
Martinez-Taguena, Natalia MA Spring  
Kuhn, Meredith Green PhD Spring The Eye of Beauty: Creating a Place for Elite and Aging Elders
Klokler, Daniela M PhD Spring Food for Body and Soul: Mortuary Ritual in Shell Mounds (Laguna-Brazil)
Holst, Joshua R MA Spring Resources, Realpolitik, and Rebellion: Rethinking Grievance in Aceh, Indonesia
Goldade, Kathryn Rose PhD Spring South-to-South Migration, Reproduction, Health and Citizenship: The Paradoxes of Proximity for Undocumented Nicaraguan Labor Migrant Women in Costa Rica
Ericksen, Annika L MA  Spring  
Cowie, Sarah E PhD Spring Industrial Capitalism and the Company Town: Structural Power, Bio-Power and Identity in 19th Century Fayette, Michigan
Clark, Amy E MA Spring  
Boyer, Micah MA Spring Perceptions of AIDS and AIDS Education in Rural Benin: A Case Study in the Collines Department
Pikington, Maya Christine Metni PhD Spring An Appointment of African Genetic Diversity Based on Mitochondrial, Y Chromosomal and X Chromosonal Data
Thomas, Noah H PhD Summer Seventeenth Century Metallurgy on the Spanish Colonial Frontier: Transformations of Technology, Value and Identity
Roos, Christopher I PhD Summer Fire, Climate and Social-Ecological Systems in the Ancient Southwest: Alluvial Geoarcheology and Applied Historical Ecology
Al-Bashaireh, Khaled PhD Summer Chronology and Technological Production Styles of Nabataean and Roman Plasters and Mortars at Petra (Jordan)
Sheehan, Megan A MA Fall La Frontera Runs through the Kitchen: Border Negotiations Among Peruvian Domestic Laborers and Chilean Employers
Pailes, Matthew C MA Fall Differentiation and Social Organization at Cerro Prieto: An Early Classic, Hohokam Cerros de Trincheras
Osborne, Dana M MA Fall History and Phoricity in the Deictic Construction of Los Angeles
Newon, Lisa Ann MA Fall So Basically What We Need to Do: A Liguistic Ethnography of Expert/Novice Player Interactions in an MMORPG Community of Practice
Labotka, Lori A MA Fall Dollar Bills, Waistbands and Bra Straps: An Exploration of the TIp Exchange at a Drag Queen Performance
Higgins, Rylan G PhD Fall Negotiating the Middle: Interactions of Class, Gender and Consumerism Among the Middle Class in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Campbell, Jacob D MA Fall  
Anand, Ari S PhD Fall Ethical Selfhood and the Status of the Secular: Islam, Modernity and Everyday Life in Mumba