SoA at the SAAs: A Grand Time

The Society for American Archaeology held its annual meeting last week (April 10-14, 2019) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the School of Anthropology was there in full force. Many faculty, staff and alumni presented papers, chaired and organized sessions, and served as panel discussants.

In addition, John Douglass... Read more

Recent Publications: Kaiser Publishes on Preliminary Dissertation Research

Luke Kaiser, Ph.D. candidate in the Mediterranean Archaeology Concentration, has recently published two peer-reviewed articles, one as solo author and the other coauthored, that illustrate his preliminary dissertation research regarding the Early Minoan ceramic assemblage from the Bronze Age site of Mochlos on Crete. The... Read more

Recent Publications: Current Anthropology Article from Watson

SoA Associate Professor and Arizona State Museum Associate Director James Watson has recently published an article in Current Anthropology with co-author Iván Muñoz Ovalle. Titled “... Read more

Recent Publications: Recent Grads Co-Author American Antiquity Piece

Alumni Claire Barker (left; Ph.D. Arizona, 2017) and Samantha Fladd (right; Ph.D. Arizona, 2018) have a new article in American Antiquity: “... Read more

Recent Publications: Second Novel from the Schiffers

Riecker Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Michael Brian Schiffer and Annette Schiffer are the proud authors of another new novel in their Oak Grove Chronicles mystery series. Holy Smoke! continues the sleuthing adventures of sheriff's detective Alan Bluestein and forensic archaeologist Laura Mancini. In this book they investigate an arson fire and a 30-year-old murder as their personal relationship reaches a new level. As in Book 1 (A Buzz About Campus), the... Read more

Dore Presents RPA Award to Grijalva

Affiliated Professor Christopher Dore, President of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, presented the Register’s 2018 John F. Seiberling Award to Representative Raúl Grijalva on 18 February. The award recognizes significant and sustained efforts in historic preservation and the... Read more

Visiting Scholar Heads Home

The SoA bid a fond farewell recently to visiting scholar, Dr. Jang Sik Park, who returned to Korea after eight months in Tucson. Dr. Park made several achievements in his research on historical metallurgy of Korea, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan during his time here.

Dr. Park acquired analytical data in a variety of ways while at the... Read more

Alumni News: Wilmsen Reminisces in Ethnoarchaeology

The editors of the journal Ethnoarchaeology invited Edwin N. Wilmsen (Ph.D. Arizona, 1967) to write a retrospective on his life and works. The resulting essay, “Someday… Maybe: A Personal Retrospective,” has quite a bit in it about his time here at the UA, and will likely be of interest to many alumni. For those with access... Read more

Snowy Campus Morning (2/22/2019)

It’s been snowing in Tucson this morning! We thought out-of-town readers might enjoy seeing the Haury Building with a bit of snow.

SoA Alums Show Anthropology’s Reach Beyond the Academy

Many School of Anthropology graduates leave the UA, degree in hand, for careers outside the realm of academia. The SoA celebrates the non-academic careers of several bachelor’s degree grads as “Outstanding Alumni of UA’s Undergraduate Program in Anthropology” and alumni of the Bureau of Applied Research in... Read more