In the Media: Colwell Is Sapiens Podcast Producer

There’s a new season of the podcast SAPIENS: A Podcast for Everything Human, which is produced by SoA alum Chip Colwell (B.A. Arizona 1996), curator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The link to the first episode can be found here, and more information about how to listen to podcasts is located at Read more

Recent Publications: Hanson Teams with Skibo for Ethnoarchaeology Piece

Kelsey Hanson (current SoA Ph.D. student) and alum James Skibo (Ph.D. 1990) have published an article in the journal Ethnoarchaeology based on acorn processing experiments conducted in the Laboratory of Traditional Technologies and at Illinois State University. “Acorn Processing... Read more

Recent Publications: Watson and Tuggle on Gum Disease among the Mogollon

Associate Professor James Watson in the fieldAssociate Professor James Watson has co-authored an article with Ohio State University grad student and SoA alum Alexandra Tuggle (B.S. Arizona, 2012) titled “Periodontal health and the lifecourse approach in bioarchaeology” in the most recent issue of Dental Anthropology... Read more

In the Media: Carney Piece in The Hill

In a July 24 opinion piece for The Hill, Megan Carney, SoA Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Regional Food Studies, explains the ramifications of hunger and food deprivation for detainees in U.S. detention centers. The consequences for asylum seekers fleeing hunger could persist through several generations, she explains.... Read more

REMINDER: Help Plan SoA’s 2019 AAA Gathering!

The SoA is seeking volunteers to plan a get together at the 2019 AAA meetings in Vancouver, BC for current/past students and faculty. Please get in touch with current grad student, Rachel Rosenbaum, if you would like to volunteer! (Anthro News date: 7/19/2019)

BARA Joins SPC for Annual River Trip

Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology members with Southern Paiute Consortium on Glen Canyon River trip

Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology researchers Noah Pleshet and Kevin Bulletts recently provided technical support to the Southern Paiute Consortium (SPC) monitoring and education program, developed to... Read more

UA Press to Publish Monograph begun at UIR

University Indian Ruin Scholar Emeritus Paul Minnis (2012–2013) writes that a volume he started while at UIR, The Prehispanic Ethnobotany of Paquime and its Neighbors, Chihuahua, Mexico, has been accepted for publication by University of Arizona Press. Dr. Minnis is an SoA Visiting Scholar. The book is co-authored by Michael Whalen (Professor Emeritus, University of Tulsa).

A new page on the SoA website is under construction:... Read more

Recent Publications: Pleshet Article Featured in Wiley Video

As part of Australia’s NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) Week celebrations (7–14 July) recognizing the history, culture and achievements of Australian Aboriginal and Tourist Strait Islander peoples, Wiley has featured BARA Research Scientist Noah Pleshet’s article on the concept of “Caring for Country” and Indigenous Australian concepts of land and land management. See the “Archaeology and... Read more

In the Media: Creasman in National Geographic Article

Affiliated faculty member Pearce Paul Creasman is featured in a recent National Geographic article about the pyramids of Egypt’s black pharaohs. Read it here. (Anthro News date: 7/12/2019)

Jane Hill’s Book Speaking Mexicano Celebrated

Ken Hill receiving award in Tepic Mexico for Jane Hill's Book Speaking MexicanoAnthropologist Ken Hill was in Tepic, Mexico last week for the Friends of Uto-Aztecan Conference, which was held at the Universidad Autonoma de Nayarit on June 27–29. The conference included a celebration of the twentieth... Read more