Graduate Studies Overview

The University of Arizona School of Anthropology offers opportunities for concentrated graduate study in all principal sub-disciplines of anthropology: archaeology, biological, linguistic, and sociocultural anthropology.

The School supports graduate study in subspecialties within these sub-disciplines with special strength in the applied aspects of these foci. Study for an advanced degree consists of a combination of coursework, independent study, and mentored research. Graduate students are expected to display considerable initiative in planning a satisfactory program of study in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies and appropriate members of the faculty.

Graduate Handbooks

Degree Programs Overview

Anthropology graduate students must demonstrate a broad factual and theoretical background in the principal subfields of anthropology, an authoritative knowledge of a special field of research, a thorough grasp of research methods, and refined critical judgment.

In Anthropology, the Master’s and doctoral degrees are synergistically related with respect to collectively describing a common trajectory of post-baccalaureate training that emphasizes increasing independence of thought and action within the context of directed training in the classroom, laboratory, and the field.

For all program information, read the School of Anthropology Graduate Handbook. For students enrolled prior to Fall 2022, reference the 2017 Graduate Handbook.


Director of Graduate Studies
Eric Plemons,

Academic Program Coordinator
Zotero Citlacoatl,

Our Graduate Degree Programs

M.A. Applied Archaeology

Join a rigorous two year academic program designed to teach the subject matter and professional skills needed for a successful career working for businesses, governmental agencies, tribes, and non-profit organizations that employ applied archaeologists.

Ph.D. Anthropology

Become an anthropologist with a broad factual and theoretical background in the fields of anthropology, an authoritative knowledge of a special field of research, a thorough grasp of research methods, and good critical judgment.

How to Apply to the Anthropology Programs


Anthropology Ph.D. Minor Concentrations

Concentrations for a Ph.D. minor in Anthropology are available in Applied Anthropology; Ecological Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Anthropology, History and Social Memory; Archaeology of the Mediterranean World; and Southwest Land, Culture and Society; as well as any of the four principal traditional subfields of Anthropology. Please see the Graduate Handbook for more information. For students enrolled prior to Fall 2022, reference the 2017 Graduate Handbook.

Cross-disciplinary Ph.D. Programs & Certificates

Joint Ph.D. Anthropology - Linguistics

Pursue the study of language and linguistic theory, drawing on resources of both the Linguistics Department and the School of Anthropology.

Dual Ph.D. Anthropology - MENAS

Receive training and certification for a globalizing world with complex inter-dependencies redefining relations between the West and the Middle East.

Graduate Certificate in Medical Anthropology

For motivated health science professionals, scholars from the developing world, and social scientists in the U.S. to train in medical anthropology.

Graduate Research

School of Anthropology faculty maintain a strong international reputation in anthropological science and technical training. We have achieved a high level of success in this regard by combining laboratory and field training opportunities within and outside of the School. All of these opportunities are well established components of graduate training and are critical parts of our long history of successful student research.

Areas of technical training

Within the School of Anthropology

  • Archaeology Field School (Lindsey Montgomery)
  • Ceramic Technology (Barbara Mills, Eleni Hasaki, Daniela Triadan)
  • Dendrochronology (Ron Towner, LTRR))
  • Geoarchaeology and Soil Science (Vance Holliday)
  • Human Osteology (James Watson, SoA and ASM)
  • Laboratory for the Evolutionary Endocrinology of Primates (LEEP, Stacey Tecot)
  • Lithic Technology and Computer Modeling (Steven Kuhn)
  • Pyrotechnology and Provenance (David Killick)
  • Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy (Mary Stiner)

Other UArizona Units

  • Isotope Geochemistry (Geosciences - Jay Quade, David Dettman)
  • Radiometric Dating (Physics - Greg Hodgins, Geosciences, Jay Quade)
  • Dendochronology (Geosciences and LTRR - Charlotte Pearson)
  • Paleolimnology and climate (Geosciences - Andrew Cohen)
  • Zooarchaeology (Arizona State Museum – Martin Welker)
  • Pyrotechnology (Materials Science and Engineering – Pamela Vandiver)
  • GIS Certificate Program (Geography)
  • Preservation Archaeology Field School (Archaeology Southwest, Tucson)

Graduate Funding

We expect our graduate students to participate in Graduate Research Assistantships and/or Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA) frequently during their academic careers at the University of Arizona. Find more information about Graduate Funding Opportunities at the School of Anthropology.