Undergraduate Scholarships & Awards

The School of Anthropology offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate students to provide financial assistance for tuition, travel, and more.

Students may apply for these funds to help with a variety of educational activities, including a research project, presentation at professional meetings, enrolling in a field school or study abroad program. For each scholarship, the funding allows for one or more awards with varying amounts. The scholarship committee determines which scholarships are applicable to each student request.

There are two application cycles per year, one in the Fall semester and one in the Spring semester. Application information is sent out to all Anthropology majors via email.

Funding Opportunities

Anthropology Undergraduate Scholarships

Anthropology Undergraduate Scholarships provide financial assistance to Anthropology undergraduate students for tuition up to 9 credits, a field school or similar opportunity before graduation, technology, books, and/or equipment needed in courses or in other credit-bearing educational experiences.

Students complete an application explaining their need for the scholarship through Scholarship Universe. Call for applications and deadlines are announced to the listserv for Anthropology undergraduates and graduates every semester.


Students must have been a B.A. or B.S. major in the School of Anthropology for at least one semester at the time they receive the scholarship and can apply for scholarships when they are within two years of their expected graduation (expecting to graduate Spring 2024 or sooner). Priority will be given to students exhibiting financial need and nearing graduation, but all who are eligible are strongly encouraged to apply.

Undergraduate Scholarship Field School Scholarship

School of Anthropology Awards for Meetings and Research

School of Anthropology Awards for Meetings and Research provide financial assistance to Anthropology students who are conducting research or attending professional academic meetings to share their research findings.

Funds for professional meetings may be used to support registration, travel, lodging, and meals. Research funds may be used to support travel and living expenses in the field, supplies, and equipment needed to carry out the research.

Students prepare a proposal and itemized budget for their research or meeting participation and must consult with a faculty advisor or mentor about the scope and feasibility of their proposal. Students will email their application and proposal to a School Box folder. Call for applications and deadlines are announced to the listserv for Anthropology undergraduates and graduates every semester.

Scholarship Funds

Our scholarships and awards are made possible by generous contributors:

  • Thomas Bogard Bequest Scholarship: A gift from the estate of Thomas A. Bogard
  • Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Scholarship for Study in Italy: The Joseph and Mary Cacioppo Foundation Honoring Charles R. Young
  • Byron Cummings Memorial Scholarship (all subfields): Friends, family and associates of the late Byron Cummings
  • William Shirley Fulton Scholarship (archaeology): A bequest by the late William Shirley Fulton, pioneer Arizona archaeologist, and founder of the Amerind Foundation of Dragoon, Arizona
  • Emil W. Haury Education Fund for Archaeology (archaeology): Contributions for the advancement of archaeological learning, established by friends and colleagues of Emil W. Haury, Head of the Department of Anthropology and Director of the Arizona State Museum
  • Mary Alice Sherry Helm Scholarship (all subfields): A gift from her mother, Ilene Mills Sherry, and family and friends of Mary Alice Sherry Helm who received a MA degree from the University of Arizona
  • Stanley J. Olsen Zooarchaeology Endowment Fund (all subfields): Family and friends of former UA Anthropology faculty member, S. J. Olsen
  • William and Nancy Sullivan Scholarship (all subfields): A bequest from Nancy Epler Sullivan
  • Traditions, Transitions, and Treasures Fund (all subfields): Department of Anthropology Traditions, Transitions, and Treasures Auction and donations

Graduation Recognition Awards

The School of Anthropology will present three Undergraduate Student Graduation Recognition Awards. These awards honor seniors with a major in anthropology and overall grade point average of 3.5 or higher who will graduate during the academic year. Students who are recognized with awards are given an appropriate gift. Each student’s name is engraved on a plaque that indicates the award.  

  • School of Anthropology Scholars’ Award: Student must exhibit a record of outstanding academic achievement and activities that involve the practice of anthropology.
  • School of Anthropology Leadership Award: Student must exhibit a record of outstanding academic achievement and leadership in School, campus-wide, and/or community activities beyond academic course requirements.
  • School of Anthropology Ganesh Award: Student must exhibit a record of outstanding academic achievement in the face of significant personal obstacles.

The School of Anthropology Scholars’ Award and The School of Anthropology Leadership Award can be given up to twice a year, and the Ganesh Award is given when justified by special circumstances.


Incomplete nomination packets or those submitted after the due date cannot be considered. All School participants may submit nomination forms to sponsor eligible students and former students. School participants are voting faculty members, faculty members with affiliated status, graduate students, undergraduate students, and professional staff. An individual or a group of individuals may nominate eligible students. The sponsor consults with the nominee to obtain appropriate information.

Nomination Form

SBS Scholarships and Recognition Awards

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers a number of scholarships and recognition awards to outstanding students in the SBS.

College of SBS Scholarships

College of SBS Graduation Awards

W. A. Franke Honors College Scholarships & Awards

The W. A. Franke Honors College offers funding to Honors undergraduate students for study abroad & travel and other areas.

Spirit of Inquiry Research Grants

The W. A. Franke Honors College provides grants to help you pursue research projects of your own design under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Research can be done in any field, from science to humanities to engineering to fine arts. Students who anticipate needing extra time and support to collect data or do the work involved in their Honors Thesis/Capstone are eligible to apply. 

Grants are awarded up to a maximum of $1,500. A committee comprised of students, faculty and community members select the award-winning proposals. All Spirit of Inquiry Research Grant recipients present their work in the spring semester following their award. All W. A. Franke Honors students are eligible to apply.

Spirit of Inquiry Research Grants

Featured School of Anthropology Award and Scholarship Winners

Winners of the School of Anthropology awards and scholarships exemplify the School's history of academic excellence. See below for a collection of awardees.

Michael Chikos, Leadership Award    

Leila Castro, Leadership Award    

Alicea Riley, Scholar's Award    

Regan Gee, Scholar's Award    

Kota Fleming, Scholar's Award    

Valerie Warner, Ganesh Award

Matthew Conner Lee Hillin, Scholar's Award    

Abigail Carmen Molina, Scholar's Award  

James Myers, Leadership Award    

Ramanathan Somasundaram, Leadership Award    

Jessica Iman Harris, Leadership Award    

Dwayne Pierce, Scholar's Award    

Sarah Wright, Scholar's Award    

James Richard Wilcox, Scholar's Award  

Melanie Nicole Cady, Scholar's Award    

Calliandra Marian Hermanson, Scholar's Award    

Juliana Costanzo, Leadership Award    

Nathan Higginbottom, Leadership Award    

Kimberly Wang, Leadership Award    

Sarah Nicole Dorsey, Scholar's Award    

Brianna Elise Herndon, Scholar's Award    

Katrina L. Bunyard, Scholar's Award    

Dia De La Vina, Leadership Award    

Amber Burt, Scholar's Award    

Riley Christopher Duke, Scholar's Award    

Lillian Stolar, Leadership Award    

Kathryn Turney, Leadership Award    

Caitlin Rose, Scholar's Award    

Caitlin Hawley, Scholar's Award    

Carlyn Stewart, Scholar's Award  

Morgan Lundy, Leadership Award    

Elizabeth M. Schmitt, Scholar's Award    

Ashley D'Elia, Scholar's Award    

Anne Ronan Curry, Scholar's Award    

Logan Patrick Jahnke, Scholar's Award    

Erin M. Denbaars, Leadership Award    

Hannah Darcy Willett, Scholar's Award

Kellan kathleen Smith, Leadership Award    

Robert B. James, Leadership Award    

Kenneth Joseph Kokroko, Scholar's Award    

Magda E. Mankel, Scholar's Award    

Taylor R. Genovese, Scholar's Award    

Mariah Moe, Leadership Award    

Sasha J. Russon, Scholar's Award    

Peg Smith, Ganesh Award    

Jennie Marie Delfs, Leadership Award    

Kristen L. Simmons, Leadership Award    

Lakshmi Koripella, Leadership Award    

Erin Joy Clair, Scholar's Award    

Natalia Duarte Jeremias, Scholar's Award    

Anatasia M. Beck, Leadership Award    

Adam Simon Azoff, Scholar's Award    

Brian Crosby, Leadership Award    

Stephanie Cho De Sola, Leadership Award    

Audrey E. Copeland, Scholar's Award    

Stephanie Reyes, Scholar's Award    

Kristy A. Phillips, Ganesh Award    

Lindsey M. Bishop, Scholar's Award    

Gabriela Elisa Morales, Scholar's Award    

Priya Singh, Scholar's Award    

Sunshine Albright, Leadership Award    

Anna K. Martin, Scholar's Award    

Leandra Aguirre, Ganesh Award  

Natalie Paige Farrel, Leadership Award    

Alice Isabel Retamoza, Scholar's Award    

Natalie Lauren Colvin, Scholar's Award    

Selena Jill Winter, Ganesh Award