M.A. Applied Archaeology

The M.A. in Applied Archaeology takes advantage of the School's strengths in North American archaeology and indigenous archaeology.

About the Program

Applied archaeology is an emerging field of study within Anthropology that creates and uses knowledge in the context of application. The M.A. in Applied Archaeology at the University of Arizona is a rigorous two year academic program designed to teach the subject matter and professional skills needed for a successful career working for businesses, governmental agencies, tribes, and non-profit organizations that employ applied archaeologists.

The curriculum includes classroom instruction in anthropological method and theory, laboratory training in specialized analytical techniques, coursework to establish expertise in an archaeological region, and an internship to develop professional skills.

The University of Arizona is situated in one of the densest concentrations of applied archaeologists in the country and our program integrates professionals working in the private, public, and non-profit sectors of archaeology.

Degree Requirements

The M.A. in Applied Archaeology requires 33 units, three of which are derived from a M.A. thesis or report.

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