Joint Ph.D. in Anthropology - Linguistics

Pursue the study of language and linguistic theory and linguistic anthropology in two renowned programs.

About the Program

The Anthropology and Linguistics (ANLI) Joint Ph.D. program makes it possible for students to pursue the study of language and linguistic theory drawing on the resources of both the Department of Linguistics and the linguistic anthropology program within the School of Anthropology without having to satisfy all of the requirements of two separate Ph.D. programs.

Both units have extremely strong national reputations for their contributions to the study of language, and each has specialized in mutually compatible ways in the kinds of linguistic theory and analysis it offers students.

The Department of Linguistics has given priority to formal models of language structure, including the study of Southwestern Native American languages and cultures and historical linguistics. Linguistic anthropology, as one of the four sub-disciplines of anthropology, has concentrated on developing the study of language in its social context, particularly in sociolinguistics, including strong links with cultural anthropology. Scholars from both departments have also carried out research on numerous languages.

Degree Requirements

A total of 64 credits is required for completion of the degree.