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More Exciting Lidar Research from Inomata-Triadan Group!

From the team that brought you the oldest and largest Maya monument, Aguada Fénix in Tabasco, Mexico, now we have…“... Read more

Recent Publications: Giomi Is Lead Author for American Antiquity Piece

SoA Ph.D. candidate Evan Giomi is the lead author on a new publication in American Antiquity with SoA alumni Leslie Aragon and Ben Bellorado, and faculty members from the School of Anthropology (Barbara Mills) and Arizona State University (Matthew Peeples). This article is open... Read more

Recent Publications: Two New Articles from Carney

Associate Professor Megan Carney reports that she has two new publications that went live this week. Both are open access in the journal mSystems (the journal of the American Society for Microbiology).

  • Introducing the Microbes and Social Equity Working Group: Considering the Microbial Components of Social,... Read more
Recent Publications: Open Anthropology Reprints Social Network Article

The latest issue of Open Anthropology (OA), the public journal of the American Anthropological Association, includes an article by a team led by Regents’ Professor Barbara Mills. “Migration, skill, and the transformation of social networks in the pre-Hispanic Southwest” first appeared in 2016 in the journal Economic... Read more

Recent Publications: Another New Article from Pathak and Nichter

Gauri Pathak (Ph.D. UArizona, 2015) and Regents’ Professor Emeritus Mark Nichter collaborated on a new article in the journal Geoforum. Read “Ecocommunicability, citizenship, and discourses on plastic control in India” here. (Anthro News Digest date: 07/16/2021)

Recent Publications: Rowe and Colleague Publish Chapter in Edited Volume

Matthew Rowe, Assistant Professor of Practice, and his co-author, Judson B. Finley (Utah State University), have contributed to a recently published edited volume titled Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene: From (Un)Just Presents to Just Futures (Routledge). The pair’s contribution is Chapter 19: Enhancing Environmental and Cultural... Read more

Recent Publications: Pathak and Nichter Collaborate on Somatosphere Piece

Gauri Pathak (Ph.D. UArizona, 2015) and Regents’ Professor Emeritus Mark Nichter are co-authors of “Plastic Pollution Goes Far Beyond Litter,” which was issued on line by Somatosphere earlier this week. (Anthro News Digest date: 07/09/2021)

Summer Fun! The Schiffers’ Latest Novel Chronicles New Mysteries in Oak Grove County

Michael Brian Schiffer, collaborating with Annette Schiffer, has just published Family Loyalty... Read more

Latest Book by Douglass Now Open Access

Thanks to the University of Arizona Press, The Global Spanish Empire (co-edited by John Douglass and Christine Beaule, University of Hawaii) is now Open Access! This volume, which studies colonial place making and pluralism in colonial settings at a global level, had its origin in a Society for American Archaeology... Read more

New Publications from Lab of Applied Archaeology

Professor Nieves Zedeño is lead author on two new publications that feature co-authors who are alumni from the SoA’s Laboratory of Applied Archaeology:

  • Zedeño, M.N.Evelyn Pickering (Ph.D. 2020), and François Lanoë (Ph.D. 2017) 2021. Oral Tradition as Emplacement: Ancestral Blackfoot Memories of the Rocky Mountain Front. Journal of Social Archaeology... Read more