Recent Publications: Current Anthropology Article from Watson

SoA Associate Professor and Arizona State Museum Associate Director James Watson has recently published an article in Current Anthropology with co-author Iván Muñoz Ovalle. Titled “... Read more

Recent Publications: Recent Grads Co-Author American Antiquity Piece

Alumni Claire Barker (left; Ph.D. Arizona, 2017) and Samantha Fladd (right; Ph.D. Arizona, 2018) have a new article in American Antiquity: “... Read more

Recent Publications: Second Novel from the Schiffers

Riecker Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Michael Brian Schiffer and Annette Schiffer are the proud authors of another new novel in their Oak Grove Chronicles mystery series. Holy Smoke! continues the sleuthing adventures of sheriff's detective Alan Bluestein and forensic archaeologist Laura Mancini. In this book they investigate an arson fire and a 30-year-old murder as their personal relationship reaches a new level. As in Book 1 (A Buzz About Campus), the... Read more

Recent Publications: Plemons Column a Recurring Anthropology News Feature

Throughout 2019, Assistant Professor Eric Plemons will be a featured opinion columnist in the American Anthropology Association’s Anthropology News. His first column discusses efforts by the Trump administration to ban transgender Americans from serving in the military.... Read more

Recent Publications: Borck Publishes in JCA

Lewis Borck, (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016) has just published a paper (as solo author) in the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology (volume 5, issue 2) titled “Constructing the Future History: Prefiguration as Historical Epistemology and the Chronopolitics of Archaeology.” The article is located here. Dr. Borck is a Visiting Assistant Professor/Researcher in the Archaeology of the... Read more

Recent Publications: Sheridan Pens Essay for Open Arizona

University of Arizona Press has just published Peter Whiteley’s groundbreaking ethnography Deliberate Acts: Changing Hopi Culture through the Oraibi Split on its Open Arizona website. Open Arizona is a project to digitally republish out of print classic works. UA Press asked Distinguished Outreach Professor Tom Sheridan to write an essay on the book, which is also available. The essay is titled “... Read more

Recent Publications: Multiple Publications from Irene Romano

Professor Irene Bald Romano is the co-editor and co-author of a recently released peer-reviewed book, Restaging Greek Artworks in Roman Times (2018, LED Edizioni Universitarie, Milan). She is also the lead co-author of a chapter of another book, in press at the University of Aarhus, on the excavations of a Roman villa along the shores of Lake Nemi in... Read more

Recent Publications: Emeritus Professor Schiffer’s Latest Book

Michael Schiffer, Riecker Distinguished Professor Emeritus, has announced his newest book, Spectacular Flops: Game-Changing Technologies that Failed. Chapter 1 is an introduction that discusses why behavioral archaeology can furnish insights into these kinds of technological failures. Chapters 2–13 are case studies of specific technologies, ranging from the first automobile (1769) to the nuclear-powered bomber. The final chapter presents limited generalizations... Read more

Recent Publications: Carney Co-Authors Tucson Food Report

Megan Carney, Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Regional Food Studies, is co-author of the report “State of the Tucson Food System 2018–2019,” which was released last week by CRFS. The report was the subject of a January 9 CRFS Brown Bag Lecture. (Anthro News date: 1/18/2019)... Read more

Recent Publications: Horschler and MacLean Article in Animal Cognition

Graduate student Daniel Horschler (right) is lead author and Assistant Professor Evan MacLean (Left) is a co-author on a recently published a paper in Animal Cognition titled “Absolute brain size predicts dog breed differences in executive function.” The research team used citizen science data from... Read more