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Recent Publications: Two New Articles Coauthored by Watson, Alumni, Grad Students

García-Moreno, Cristina, Patricia Olga Hernández Espinoza, James T. Watson. 2021. “... Read more

Recent Publications: Olsen Research Group Publishes in Cell

Regents’ Professor Emeritus John W. Olsen’s research group in Beijing has published an article in Cell titled “The deep population history of northern East Asia from the late Pleistocene to the Holocene,” culminating more than two years of interdisciplinary collaborative research. ... Read more

Recent Publicatons: Adams Co-Edits Ash Deposition Volume; SoA Alumni Are Contributors

Retired Professor E. Charles Adams is co-editor, with Barbara J. Roth, of a new volume from Berghahn titled Agent of Change: The Deposition and Manipulation of Ash in the Past. Ash is an important and yet understudied aspect of ritual deposition in the archaeological record of North America. Ash has been found in a wide... Read more

Recent Publications: Plemons Collaborates on New Forensic Anthropology Article

Associate Professor Eric Plemons joined Sean Tallman and Caroline Kincer, colleagues from Boston University’s School of Medicine, to write about the status of transgender people in forensic anthropological research. The new article is titled “Centering Transgender Individuals in Forensic Anthropology and Expanding Binary Sex Estimation in Casework and Research” (Forensic Anthropology, 2021; DOI: 10.5744/fa.2020.0030). 

Abstract: Due to... Read more

Recent Publications: Belt and Road Post from Hai Ren

Associate Professor Hai Ren has published an essay titled “Infrastructure as a Planetary Sculpture: The Future of the Belt and... Read more

Recent Publications: Fladd, Hedquist, and Adams Publish in Journal of Anthropological Archaeology

Volume 61 of the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology includes an article by alumni Samantha Fladd (Ph.D. UArizona 2018) and Saul Hedquist (Ph.D. UArizon 2017), and Professor Emeritus E. Charles Adams titled “Trash Reconsidered: A Relational Approach to Deposition in the Pueblo Southwest” (... Read more

Rosenbaum Publishes Reflections on CLIMAS Fellowship

Doctoral candidate Rachel Rosenbaum published her reflections on conducting collaborative research through times of hardship, focusing on the unique challenges of conducting research across borders, and through pandemics and disasters. Her piece “Caring in Crisis: Challenges and Lessons in Practicing Collaborative Research in 2020”... Read more

Benitez Co-Edits Special Issue of Evolutionary Anthropology

Second year Ph.D. student Robert Acio Benitez is a co-editor of a special issue of Evolutionary Anthropology titled “The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis and Human Origins: Archaeological Perspectives.” Robert also co-wrote the introduction to the special issue, and Regents' Professor Mary Stiner’s article “The challenges of... Read more

Alum Crocker Publishes in Qualitative Health Research

SOA alum Rebecca Crocker (Ph.D. 2016) recently published an article resulting from her UA dissertation work supervised by SOA’s Tom Sheridan and Ivy Pike as well as Patrisia Gonzales from Mexican American Studies. “The Impact of Binational Barriers to Medical Care on the Care-Seeking Practices of... Read more

Crocker '16 and Reineke '16 Collaborate on Article in Issue Co-Edited by Carney

SOA alums, Rebecca Crocker (2016) and Robin Reineke (2016), together with their colleague from La Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León, Dr. María Elena Ramos Tovar just published an article documenting their results from a qualitative study investigating the embodied emotional and health impacts on family members of missing Mexican migrants. This piece builds on Dr. Reineke's long-time work in the field of death and disappearance along the border, was... Read more