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Recent Publications: Roth-Gordon, Recent BAs Publish in IJSL

Associate Professor Jen Roth-Gordon and alumni Jessica Harris and Stephanie Zamora have a new article published in the International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Based on research Jessica and Stephanie conducted while they were undergrads in the School of Anthropology, the article is titled “Producing white comfort... Read more

Recent Publications: Pike and Crocker Article Now Out in Transcultural Psychiatry

Associate Professor Ivy Pike and post-doctoral fellow Rebecca Crocker (Ph.D. 2016) have published an article together in the journal Transcultural Psychiatry on the heavy toll of loneliness among displaced peoples in two international contexts. This work draws on Pike’s decades of research on psychosocial health among Turkana pastoralists in Kenya and Crocker’s dissertation work on emotional stress amongst Mexican... Read more

Recent Publicatios: New Chapter from Irene Romano

A new publication with Professor Irene Bald Romano as lead author has just appeared:

... Read more
Recent Publications: Braitberg, Co-Authors Publish on Mid-20th Century Telehealth

SoA Affiliate Faculty member Victor Braitberg, who is an Assistant Professor in the Honors Interdisciplinary Faculty, has a new article that has just been published in ISIS—the journal of the society for the history of science—co-authored with Jeremy Alan Greene (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine) and Maya Gabrielle Bernadett (independent scholar). The current issue (Volume 111, number 3, September 2020) is not available... Read more

Recent Publications: Elson and “Archaeological Volcanologists” Publish Review Article

Dr. Mark Elson, a long-time Visiting Scholar with the SoA, is a co-author on a paper published in the September 2020 issue of the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research (Volume 401, September 2020, 106977. https://doi. org/10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2020.106977... Read more

Recent Publications: Covid-19 and Healthcare Infrastructure in Turkey

Ph.D. student ... Read more

Recent Publications: Lanoë, Reuther Article in Science Advances

A study by lead author Carrin Halffman and (among others) alumni ... Read more

Recent Publications: Social Science & Medicine Article from Lee

Ph.D. student Amanda A. Lee and her co-authors from Washington University in St. Louis had an article recently published in Social... Read more

Recent Publications: Carney Co-Edits American Anthropologist Forum

Assistant Professor Megan Carney co-edited a Vital Topics forum for the latest issue of American Anthropologist. ... Read more

Recent Publicatons: Bailey, Adams, Rowe Publish in JAAS

Ph.D. student Kassi Bailey... Read more