Recent Publications: Singletary Has Article in Infant Behavior & Development

Britt Singletary (Ph.D. Arizona, 2019) is the author of a new article in Infant Behavior & Development titled “What are the benefits of having a village? Effects of allomaternal care on communicative skills in early infancy,” which can be... Read more

Recent Publications: Sheridan Piece in ALWT Report

The Annual Report of the Arizona Land and Water Trust has a short article by Professor Tom Sheridan on the importance of the Trust in conserving working ranches in southern Arizona. Read it here, on the ALWT website. (Anthro News digest date: 8/30/2019)

Recent Publications: Watson and Tuggle on Gum Disease among the Mogollon

Associate Professor James Watson in the fieldAssociate Professor James Watson has co-authored an article with Ohio State University grad student and SoA alum Alexandra Tuggle (B.S. Arizona, 2012) titled “Periodontal health and the lifecourse approach in bioarchaeology” in the most recent issue of Dental Anthropology... Read more

Recent Publications: Pleshet Article Featured in Wiley Video

As part of Australia’s NAIDOC (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) Week celebrations (7–14 July) recognizing the history, culture and achievements of Australian Aboriginal and Tourist Strait Islander peoples, Wiley has featured BARA Research Scientist Noah Pleshet’s article on the concept of “Caring for Country” and Indigenous Australian concepts of land and land management. See the “Archaeology and... Read more

Recent Publications: Astroth Piece in AIRA

Kirk A. Astroth, M.A. student in Applied Archaeology, had his article, “Elusive, Enigmatic Labyrinth Images of the American Southwest” published in American Indian Rock Art, 45:103-114, edited by Ken Hedges an Ann McConnell (... Read more

Recent Publications: Latest Anthropological Papers Now Available

The University of Arizona Press has announced the publication of the latest volume in the monographic series Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona. Volume 80, edited by University of Colorado Boulder’s Scott Ortman, is titled Reframing the Northern Rio Grande Pueblo Economy and includes a contribution from SoA alumnus Samuel Duwe (Ph.D. 2011).... Read more

Recent Publications: Horschler and MacLean in Cognition

Grad student Daniel Horschler has a new publication out in Cognition with Assistant Professor Evan MacLean titled “Do non-human primates really represent others' ignorance? A test of the awareness relations hypothesis.” The paper explores if and how monkeys mentally represent others’ knowledge and ignorance... Read more

Recent Publications: Watson a Team Member in AJPA Dental Microwear Study

ASM Associate Director and SoA Associate Professor, Dr. James Watson, was part of a large team who published a global study on tooth wear in past populations in the most recent issue of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. The article, “Dental microwear texture analysis of Homo sapiens sapiens: foragers,... Read more

Recent Publications: Bethke Article in International Journal of Historic Archaeology

Brandi Bethke (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016) is the author of a new article from the International Journal of Historical Archaeology titled “Revisiting the Horse in Blackfoot Culture: Understanding the Development of Nomadic Pastoralism on the North American Plains.” (Anthro News date: 5/10/2019)

Recent Publications: Zedeño, Alumni Publish Chapter

Professor Maria Nieves Zedeño and alumni Wendi Field Murray (Ph.D. Arizona, 2017) and Kaitlyn Chandler (degree date not known) are co-authors of “The Inalienable-Commodity Continuum in the Circulation of Birds on the North American Plains.” The chapter appears in Relational Identities and Other-... Read more