Recent Publications: New Book from Schiffer

Archaeology’s Footprints in the Modern World is the latest volume from Riecker Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Michael Brian Schiffer. In answer to the question, “What is the social value of archaeological research to present-day society,” Dr. Schiffer offers forty-three global... Read more

Recent Publications: Protohistoric Southwest from Seymour

Dr. Deni Seymour (Ph.D. Arizona. 1990), alumna and full-time research archaeologist and ethnohistorian, is the editor and a contributor to the new edited volume published by the University of Utah Press entitled Fierce and Indomitable: The Protohistoric Non-Pueblo World in the American Southwest. Dr. Mark... Read more

Recent Publications: Mandache and Others Contribute to Volume

Ph.D. student Luminita-Anda Mandache is a contributor to a new volume. The U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region: Cultural Dynamics and Historical Interactions, edited by Carlos Velez and Josiah Heyman, was published at the UA press this month. Several other SoA folks have chapters in this volume: Professors James... Read more

Recent Publications: SoA in American Antiquity

Matthew J. Rowe, Lecturer (left), is co-author of an American Antiquity article that just went live in February. “Bacheeishdíio (Place Where Men Pack Meat),” reports findings from a community-based archaeology project with the Crow Tribe in southeast Montana. Read... Read more