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Hayal Akarsu's picture
Hayal Akarsu
My dissertation examines changing conceptualizations and practices of security in Turkey through a study of ‘social policing’—a group of policing techniques and apparatuses that are mobilized to ‘reform’ the police and policing practices—in the midst of the country’s unfolding socio-economic and...
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Felix Ampadu's picture
Felix Ampadu
Graduate Research Associate (BARA)
TEL: 520 243 0958
Office: Geronimo 302
I am a Ph.D. student in Sociocultural Anthropology and also a Research Associate with the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology. I graduated in September 2016, from Aarhus University in Denmark with a Master’s degree in Anthropology of Education and Globalisation, where I studied on a Danish...
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Leslie Aragon's picture
Leslie Aragon
Office: Haury 402
I am an archaeology Ph.D. student, originally from Phoenix, AZ, where I completed my BA in Anthropology at ASU in 2009. I received my MA degree in Anthropology (Applied Archaeology) from the University of Arizona in 2013 with a thesis that explored the use of an ontological approach to the...
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Amanda Bailey's picture
Amanda Bailey
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Kassi Bailey's picture
Kassi Bailey
Kassi Bailey is from Cincinnati, Ohio where she received her Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Cincinnati in 2012. As an undergraduate, Kassi has participated on field projects such as the Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project (SANAP) and the Upper...
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Claire S. Barker's picture
Claire S. Barker
Assistant NAGPRA Coordinator (ASM)
Office: Room 217, Arizona State Museum
Claire is a PhD candidate. Originally from Chicago, Claire completed her BA in Anthropology and Classical Studies at the University of Michigan in 2008, and went on to receive a MA degree in Museum Studies from George Washington University in 2010. At the University of Arizona, Claire is majoring...
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Rebecca Bedwell's picture
Rebecca Bedwell
Graduate Student
I am a PhD-track graduate student in sociocultural anthropology, with a concentration in medical anthropology. I received my BA in Anthropology and Spanish from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2014. My research interests include medical anthropology, feminist anthropology, minority health,...
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Benjamin Bellorado's picture
Benjamin Bellorado
Research Assistant at the School of Anthopology and The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Office: SW Archaeology Lab, Room 402, Haury Anthropology Building, University of Arizona
Ben Bellorado (Archaeology). I was born and raised in Jackson, WY, but have been living in the Four Corners states for almost 15 years. I graduated in 2002 with a B.A. from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and in 2007 with his M.A. from Northern Arizona University. I have worked for several...
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Brandi Bethke's picture
Brandi Bethke
Office: Haury 316
Brandi Bethke is from Sioux Falls, SD where she completed her BA in anthropology, classics, and history at Augustana College in 2010. She then went on to receive her MA degree in classical archaeology from the University of Exeter with a thesis that explored the relationship between humans and...
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Lewis Borck's picture
Lewis Borck
Office: Archaeology Southwest
I graduated with a Ph.D. in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology at the University of Arizona’s School of Anthropology in Spring 2016. I am currently a Postdoctoral ...
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Emma Bunkley's picture
Emma Bunkley
Ph.D. Student
  Emma Bunkley investigates the rise of chronic disease alongside recurring infectious disease in Senegal, West Africa. Specifically, she examines how caregivers, primarily women, create spaces of dignity while navigating this double burden of disease.   Ph.D. student in Biological Anthropology...
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Rachael Byrd's picture
Rachael Byrd
My anthropological focus involves bioarchaeology of prehistoric human skeletal remains from the southwest United States and northern Sonora. I earned my B.A. degree in Anthropology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO in 2007. After working for four years as an Ophthalmic Technician, I decided to...
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Phil Cash Cash's picture
Phil Cash Cash
Greetings!  I am a Cayuse and Nez Perce indigenous person.  I grew up on the Umatilla "rez" in northeastern Oregon and am a speaker of Nez Perce, an endangered language. Recently, in 2005, I was a recipient of a Documenting Endangered Languages (DEL) fellowship from the National Science Foundation...
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Victor Castillo's picture
Victor Castillo
Office: Haury 408A
I am an international student from Guatemala. My research interests revolve arround the study of  the social processes that created the settings for community survival in contexts of conquest and colonization. In particular,  I am interested in understanding the transitional period between  ...
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William Cotter's picture
William Cotter
I entered the Joint PhD program in Anthropology & Linguistics (ANLI) at the University of Arizona in 2014. Prior to joining the Department of Linguistics and School of Anthropology, I completed a Master’s of Arts in Sociolinguistics of the Arab World at the University of Essex. My Master’s...
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Ben A. Curry's picture
Ben A. Curry
Office: Laboratory of Traditional Technology
My work focuses on ranching during the Spanish and Mexican periods (1769-1846) and early American perior (1846-1850s) in California. The primary themes in my work inclued the coupled human-natural systems connected to ranching, the involvement of Native Californians with the mission and private...
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Joseph Dupris's picture
Joseph Dupris
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Florence Durney's picture
Florence Durney
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Elizabeth Eklund's picture
Elizabeth Eklund
Elizabeth Eklund is from California.  Born in San Diego, she received her B.S. in environmental sciences from the University of California, Berkeley, minoring in anthropology and environmental economics and policy. She went on to receive a master of science in environmental sciences from the...
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Ece Eren's picture
Ece Eren
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Nicolas Espinosa Menendez's picture
Nicolas Espinosa Menendez
I am both a PhD candidate in sociocultural anthropology, and a humble person. I was raised as a weberian sociologist, but because of the nature of the fieldwork I was conducting in a region from my country, Colombia, -La Sierra de La Macarena- the dark side of the force tempted me. Hence, I am a a...
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Lindsey Raisa Feldman's picture
Lindsey Raisa Feldman
TEL: 520-904-0156
Hi there. I'm Lindsey, and I am in the process of receiving my PhD in sociocultural anthropology, with a minor in history and social memory. I received my MA in sociocultural anthropology in May of 2013 here at the U of A.  For a full biography, including my Master's research, CV, publications, and...
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Samantha Fladd's picture
Samantha Fladd
I am a PhD student focusing on the archaeology of the Puebloan Southwest.  My regions of focus are Chaco Canyon in New Mexico and the Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster of northeast Arizona.  The large, contiguous structures of these regions allow me to investigate the population dynamics, ritual...
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Mathew Fox's picture
Mathew Fox
TEL: 520.621.2585
My main area of interest lies within the geoarchaeology of prehistoric China primarily focusing on paleoenvironmental reconstructions and site formation processes. Particularly, I am interested early to middle Pleistocene localities associated with the evolution of H. Erectus and early humans....
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Brittany Franck's picture
Brittany Franck
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Bryan James Gordon's picture
Bryan James Gordon
TEL: 520.626.5546
Office: Haury 317
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Samantha L. Grace's picture
Samantha L. Grace
Our rights and responsibilities change with age, that much is clear, but what exactly is age? Ethnographic research with Ecuadorian 10th graders and their families shows how many different ways of understanding age change our expectations of ourselves, intersecting with gender, class, race, and...
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Kelsey Hanson's picture
Kelsey Hanson
Graduate Associate
Office: Southwest Archaeology Lab, Haury 402
Kelsey is a first year PhD student studying archaeology with regional interests in both the U.S. Southwest and the Upper Great Lakes region. She is primarily interested in the archaeology of religion and ritual, particularly in cave settings. As an increasingly active caver in the Tucson community...
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Brian Harmon's picture
Brian Harmon
I am in the Applied Archaeology Master's program after 13 years of working as a supervisory archaeologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and on the southeast edge of the San Juan Basin. My long term goals are developing cultural resource management plans and public outreach programs that will...
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Lauren A Hayes's picture
Lauren A Hayes
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