Recent Publications: New Monograph from Plemons

Assistant Professor Eric Plemons’ first monograph was published this month by Duke University Press. In The Look of a Woman, Dr. Plemons examines facial feminization surgery through the eyes of patients and doctors. Read a summary and order your copy here.

Recent Publications: Mills Co-Edits Volume with Many SoA Contributors

School of Anthropology Professor Barbara Mills and Severin Fowles (Barnard College) are the co-editors of The Oxford Handbook of Southwest Archaeology (2017, Oxford University Press). The volume includes 45 chapters by over 70 authors, including many School of Anthropology faculty (E. Charles Adams, T. J. Ferguson, Vance Holliday, and Ronald Towner); emeritus faculty (Paul Fish, Suzanne Fish, and Jane Hill... Read more

Recent Publications: Mills Article in Annual Review of Anthropology

An article by Professor Barbara Mills will be published in the 2017 Annual Review of Anthropology; its title is “Social Network Analysis in Archaeology.” The volume will appear in October but a sneak peek is available on the Annual Reviews website.

Recent Publications: Adams and Fladd Publish in Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

Professor E. Charles Adams and Ph.D. candidate Samantha G. Fladd are the authors of a just-published article in the Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences (2017; 9(6):1101-1114). “Composition and Interpretation of Stratified Deposits in Ancestral Hopi Villages at Homol’ovi” focuses on the manipulation of ash in the archaeological record in the construction of complex deposits in the ancestral Hopi villages at Homol’ovi, northeastern... Read more

Recent Publications: Crocker Publishes in Edible Baja Arizona

Rebecca Crocker (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016) is serving as the Southwest Folklife Alliance’s project ethnographer on the “La Doce Barrio Foodways Documentation Project,” which was written up in this month’s Edible Baja Arizona magazine. The project is a collaborative effort between Tierra y Libertad Organization, the SW... Read more

Recent Publications: Ph.D. Alum Pens Autobiography

Roger Tibbetts Grange, Jr. (Ph.D. Arizona, 1962) is the author of a new autobiography, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Dig. Dr. Grange founded the Anthropology Department at the University of South Florida, Tampa, where he taught for 30 years. He writes, “This volume is primarily directed at my family audience…friends and family report that it is both interesting and entertaining.”... Read more

Recent Publications: Jane Hill in Edible

Regents’ Professor Emerita Jane Hill is a contributor to the latest issue of Edible Baja Arizona. In “A Linguist Walks into a Mexican Restaurant,” Dr. Hill explores ways in which “Mexican restaurant menus…do a lot of delicate work in a dangerous linguistic environment." Read it now.

Recent Publications: Raichlen Plublished in Trends in Neurosciences

A new article by Associate Professor David Raichlen (left) and his co-researcher from the Department of Psychology, Gene Alexander, has been published by Trends in Neurosciences. Titled “Adaptive Capacity: An Evolutionary Neuroscience Model Linking Exercise, Cognition, and Brain Health,” the article explores the impact of our hunter-gatherer past on our brains’ need for physical exertion today. The piece is... Read more

Recent Publications: Haas and Watson Article in Royal Society Open Science

Randall Haas (Ph.D. Arizona 2014) is lead author and Dr. James T. Watson (shown; Associate Professor and ASM Associate Curator of Bioarchaeology) is a coauthor of an article published earlier this week in the journal Royal Society Open Science titled “Humans permanently occupied the Andean highlands by at least 7 ka.” The article highlights research led by Dr. Haas on early foraging adaptations in the Andean highlands.... Read more

Recent Publications: Carpenter, Sánchez, and Sánchez-Morales Co-author Chapter

School of Anthropology alumni John P. Carpenter (Ph.D. Arizona, 1996) and Guadalupe Sánchez (Ph.D. Arizona, 2010), and Ph.D. candidate Ismael Sánchez-Morales co-authored the chapter “The Archaic Period of Sonora” included in the book The Archaic Southwest: Foragers in an Arid Land, which was recently published by The University of Utah Press and edited by Bradley J. Vierra. The chapter summarizes the results of long-term research... Read more