Three Chapters from Rascon-Canales

May 20, 2022

Michelle Rascon-Canales, Ph.D. candidate, has three chapter publications in a new volume edited by Romero and Reyes (2022) on asset-based educational models. Advancing Educational Equity for Students of Mexican Descent (1st ed., edited by Andrea Romero and Iliana Reyes. New York, NY: Routledge) is based on several years of participatory action research in the City of South Tucson. Below are the chapters:

  • Romero, Andrea, Iliana Reyes, Michelle Rascon-Canales, and Elisa Meza. (2022). “Asset-based Bicultural Continuum Model for Educational Equity of Low-Income and Mexican Descent Students”
  • Rascon-Canales, Michelle, Stephanie Montaño, Alex Romero, and Andrea Romero. (2022). “From Community Mapping to Community Action: Youth Participatory Action Research on the Educational Pipeline”
  • Caporale, Juvenal, Elisa Meza, Michelle Rascon-Canales, Kaylin Shady, Andrea Romero, and Josefina Ahumada (2022). “Social Workers Developing Relationships and Linking Students Families and Teachers to Local Resources”