Recent Publications: UA Press/Amerind Foundation Book Features SoA Alumni Authors

Dec. 3, 2021
Birds of the Sun Book Cover

Birds of the Sun, a book coming out from UA Press in spring 2022, includes contributions by SoA archaeology alumni Patricia Crown (Ph.D. 1981), Samantha Fladd (Ph.D. 2018), Patrick Lyons (ASM Director; Ph.D. 2001), and Christine Szuter (Ph.D. 1989). The volume, a monograph in the series Amerind Studies in Anthropology, is co-edited by SoA affiliate and alum Patricia Gilman (M.A. 1974), who is also a contributor.

In all, twenty experts provide extensive analysis of what is known about the presence, health, and depositional contexts of macaws and parrots in the U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest, with specific case studies from the Hohokam, Chaco, Mimbres, Mogollon Highlands, Northern Sinagua, and Casas Grandes regions, where these birds are most abundant.

Advance notice from UA Press states, “The expertise offered in this stunning new volume will lay the groundwork for future research for years to come.”

Out this spring. Preorder your copy today!

Anthro News Digest date: 12/03/2021