Recent Publications: Harlan and Seymour Have Chapters in Prehistoric Games

Earlier this semester we announced the publication of a chapter by Ph.D. candidate Marijke Stoll (co-authored with David S. Anderson) in the new volume Prehistoric Games of North American Indians: Subarctic to Mesoamerica, edited by Barbara Voorhies (University of Utah Press, May 2017). In fact there are two more chapters in the Games book written by SoA alumni.... Read more

Recent Publication: Cotter Publishes with SAPIENS

Joint Anthropology and Linguistics Ph.D. student William Cotter recently published a piece with SAPIENS, an online magazine focused on bringing anthropological research to a public audience. William’s article “Do Military Leaflets Save Lives or Just Instill Fear?” discusses the use of Arabic in military leaflets used by the United States, Russian, Israeli and Syrian militaries... Read more

Recent Publications: Cotter Article in JOLA

Joint Anthropology and Linguistics Ph.D. student William Cotter has recently published an article in the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. William’s article, titled “Gaza at the Margins? Legibility and Indeterminacy in the Israel-Palestine Conflict,” examines military leaflets and SMS messages disseminated by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip. The article highlights how... Read more

Recent Publications: Taylor and Nichter Publish Chapter

Nicole Taylor (Ph.D. Arizona, 2006) and Professor Mimi Nichter recently published an article entitled “Studying Body Image and Food Consumption Practices” in the book Food Culture, Anthropology, Linguistics and Food Studies (edited by Janet Chrzan and John Brett, Berghahn Books, 2017). See the book’s table of contents here.

Recent Publications: Plemons Co-Authors WPATH Recommendations

Assistant Professor Eric Plemons is co-author of a recently published set of recommendations to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health on the status of facial feminization surgery. The recommendations, principally authored by Plemons’s surgeon colleagues, are intended to shape the next edition of the WPATH’s Standards of Care. Read the recommendations here.

Recent Publications: Plemons Article in Medical Anthropology

Assistant Professor Eric Plemons’ article on scientific and aesthetic approaches to assessing and producing "femininity" in facial feminization surgery has appeared in online-first in the journal Medical Anthropology. Read “Formations of Femininity: Science and Aesthetics in Facial Feminization Surgery” now. (Anthro News Digest issue 5/19/2017)

Recent Publications: Soren Article Featured by World Archaeology

World Archaeology magazine has selected one of Regents’ Professor David Soren’s articles for world-wide circulation on World Malaria Day because it is one of the articles “which have had a significant impact in malaria research since publication,” according to Daniel Pullin, Content Coordinator for Taylor & Francis Group. The articles are garnering citations by major researchers in the field of malaria studies. The committee added that the group of articles were... Read more

Recent Publications: Reineke and Anderson in American Anthropologist

SOA alumni Bruce Anderson (Ph.D., Arizona 1998) and Robin Reineke (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016) are among the co-authors of a recent article in American Anthropologist, titled, “Temporal Patterns of Mexican Migrant Genetic Ancestry: Implications for Identification.” The researchers, including Cris Hughes, Bridget Algee-Hewet, and Elizabeth Clausing, in addition to Anderson and Reineke, analyzed STR DNA from both identified and unidentified deceased... Read more

Recent Publications: Stoll in Prehistoric Games Volume

Ph.D. candidate Marijke Stoll has a chapter in the forthcoming volume (May 2017) Prehistoric Games of North American Indians: Subarctic to Mesoamerica, edited by Barbara Voorhies (UC-Santa Barbara). Her chapter, written with co-author David S. Anderson (Roanoke College), focuses on the communal role of the Mesoamerican ballgame, using new data from Southeastern Oaxaca and Northern Yucatan. An abstract of the book reads:

“Prehistoric Games of North American Indians is... Read more

Recent Publications: Hopkins et al. Publish Chapter

Maren P. Hopkins (B.A. 2003; M.A. 2012), Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa (B.A. 1999), Saul L. Hedquist (Ph.D. candidate), T.J. Ferguson (Professor), and Chip Colwell (B.A. 1996) have co-authored a book chapter entitled “Hopisinmuy Wu’ya’mat Hisat Yang Tupqa’va Yeesiwngwu (Hopi Ancestors Lived in These Canyons)” in Legacies of Space and Intangible Heritage; Archaeology, Ethnohistory, and the Politics of Cultural... Read more