Bronitsky Contributes to Applied Anthropologist

Dr. Gordon Bronitsky (PhD Arizona, 1977) has authored a new article on his work through the nonprofit IndigeNOW! that appears in the latest issue of The Applied Anthropologist (Vol. 37, No. 2, 2017). Read “Beyond ‘What Everybody Knows’: Doing Applied Anthropology by Turning Up the Volume!” here.

Recent Publications: Affiliate Elson Writes about Archaeological Volcanology

Mark Elson (Associate Adjunct Professor) and volcanologist Michael Ort (Northern Arizona University) have defined the relatively new field of “Archaeological Volcanology” in The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences, published by Wiley and Blackwell Press for the SAA Society for Archaeological Sciences. The volume and article can be accessed here.

Recent Publications: SoA Faculty, Alumni Contribute to International Encyclopedia of Anthropology

The 2018 edition of The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology has just been released. Access abstracts of the following entries by Regents’ Professor Mark Nichter:
•    Global health
•    ... Read more

Recent Publications: New Volume on the Creation of Communities

A new volume has just come out with the University of Arizona Press on community creation entitled Forging Communities in Colonial Alta California, edited by Kathleen Hull (UC Merced) and John Douglass (SoA and Statistical Research, Inc.). This volume incorporates work from numerous scholars who study colonial California to understand how communities were... Read more

Recent Publications: Alvarez and Nabhan Write about “Strategies to Broaden Knowledge

Associate Professor Maribel Alvarez and Gary Nabhan (Research Social Scientist, Southwest Studies Center) have published a conversation in the 2018 issue of the Journal of Folklore and Education. Read “Strategies to Broaden Knowledge: Citizen Scientists and... Read more

Recent Publications: Stoffle Team Publishes on Ute Heritage Tree

The School of Anthropology (Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology) research team headed by Professor Rich Stoffle has a new article in the International Journal of Intangible Heritage. Titled “‘Grandfather Tree’: Ute Horror at the Killing of a Heritage Tree,” the article is about a grandfather tree that was removed/killed without consultation with the culturally associated tribes. It argues for the need to have an ongoing cultural heritage discussions between peoples of... Read more

Stinnett and Genovese Contribute to Anthropology News

Alumni Ashley Stinnett (PhD Arizona, 2014) and Taylor Genovese (BA Arizona, 2013) are part of a baker’s dozen of anthropologists who answer the question, “What’s in Your Bag, Anthropologists?” in a July 18, 2018 piece for Anthropology News. Read the article here. Dr. Stinnett is now an assistant professor at Western Kentucky... Read more

Silverstein Article on Turkish Agricultural Reform in American Ethnologist

Associate Professor Brian Silverstein’s article, “Commensuration, Performativity, and the Reform of Statistics in Turkey,” was recently published in American Ethnologist, 45(3), 2018; DOI: 10.1111/amet.12668. Changing the way in which statistics are compiled and then used can have effects on the things the statistics are about. One of the important ways in which Turkish agriculture and, hence, rural livelihoods are changing is through changes in the way agriculture... Read more

New Publication by Holliday, Haynes, and Former SOA Students

Professor Vance Holliday, Regents’ Professor Emeritus Vance Haynes, Josh Reuther (PhD Arizona, 2013), Shane Miller (PhD Arizona, 2014), Todd Surovell (PhD Arizona, 2003), and a cast of dozens published a paper on “Current evidence allows multiple models for the peopling of the Americas” in the journal Science Advances. The authors, led by Ben Potter (University of Alaska-Fairbanks), present a... Read more

Mathwich and Pavao-Zuckerman Publish on Frontier Bureaucracy in JAA

Nicole Mathwich, PhD candidate, is lead author and Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman (former Associate Professor and Associate Director, School of Anthropology) is a co-author for a new article in Journal of Anthropological Archaeology titled “Bureaucratic reforms on the frontier: Zooarchaeological and historical perspectives on the 1767 Jesuit Expulsion in the... Read more