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Satoshi Abe
I am originally from Japan, and I used to study earth science and physics at Yamaguchi University, Japan. My interests in astronomy brought me to the University of Arizona which is well known for one of the best astronomy programs in the world. A series of encounters with friends from various parts...
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E. Charles Adams's picture
E. Charles Adams
Professor of Anthropology, Curator, Archaeology (ASM)
TEL: 520.621.2093
FAX: 520.621.2976
Office: Arizona State Museum North, Room 219
Curator of Archaeology, Arizona State Museum.Director of Homolovi Research Program. Director, Rock Art Ranch Fieldschool
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Danielle Adams's picture
Danielle Adams
Danielle Adams is a 2015-2016 NASA Space Grant Fellow for a project entitled "Two Deserts, One Sky: Arab Observational Astronomy and Star Lore" ( Danielle Adams holds an MA in Anthropology from the...
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Hayal Akarsu's picture
Hayal Akarsu
My dissertation examines changing conceptualizations and practices of security in Turkey through a study of ‘social policing’—a group of policing techniques and apparatuses that are mobilized to ‘reform’ the police and policing practices—in the midst of the country’s unfolding socio-economic and...
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Mark Aldenderfer's picture
Mark Aldenderfer
Adjunct Professor, Anthropology
Office: Off Campus at University of California - Merced
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Ana Maria Alonso (On Leave for 2015-2016)'s picture
Ana Maria Alonso (On Leave for 2015-2016)
Associate Professor of Anthropology
TEL: 520.621.2305
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 304
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Maribel Alvarez's picture
Maribel Alvarez
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Associate Research Social Scientist, Southwest Center
TEL: (520) 626-6755
Office: The Little Chapel (1401 E. First Street)
Dr. Maribel Alvarez, Ph.D. is a Trustee of the Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center. In 2009-10, she was a Fulbright Fellow in Sonora, Mexico researching agricultural practices and regional foodways. A nationally recognized public scholar named by Community Arts a “bridge” between academia...
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José Manuel Álvarez's picture
José Manuel Álvarez
MA Student
MA Thesis/PhD Dissertation Title: in progress
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Felix Ampadu's picture
Felix Ampadu
Graduate Research Associate (BARA)
TEL: 520 243 0958
Office: Geronimo 302
I am a Ph.D. student in Sociocultural Anthropology and also a Research Associate with the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology. I graduated in September 2016, from Aarhus University in Denmark with a Master’s degree in Anthropology of Education and Globalisation, where I studied on a Danish...
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Bruce Anderson's picture
Bruce Anderson
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology
TEL: (520) 724-8633
Forensic Anthropologist for the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner. Mentor for the Forensic Anthropology Internship Program.
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Leslie Aragon's picture
Leslie Aragon
Office: Haury 402
I am an archaeology Ph.D. student, originally from Phoenix, AZ, where I completed my BA in Anthropology at ASU in 2009. I received my MA degree in Anthropology (Applied Archaeology) from the University of Arizona in 2013 with a thesis that explored the use of an ontological approach to the...
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Julie S. Armin's picture
Julie S. Armin
Office: Haury 124P
Julie is a medical anthropologist with an interest in social inequality and health. She is currently writing her dissertation, which examines the contours of inequality among medically marginalized women living with breast cancer. She interrogates practices that distribute the burden of disease...
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Brian Atkinson
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Diane E. Austin's picture
Diane E. Austin
Professor and Director, School of Anthropology, Research Anthropologist (BARA)
TEL: 520.621.6298
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Haury Anthropology Building, Room 210F
Diane Austin is an applied environmental anthropologist whose work focuses on community dynamics amid large-scale industrial activity, alternative technologies to address environmental and social problems, environmental education, impact assessment, and community-based, collaborative research and...
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James E. Ayres's picture
James E. Ayres
Adjunct Lecturer of Anthropology
TEL: 520.621.2585
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 210
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Amanda Bailey
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Kassi Bailey's picture
Kassi Bailey
Kassi Bailey is from Cincinnati, Ohio where she received her Bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Cincinnati in 2012. As an undergraduate, Kassi has participated on field projects such as the Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project (SANAP) and the Upper...
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Jesse Albertice MacPendleton Ballenger's picture
Jesse Albertice MacPendleton Ballenger
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Dr. Jesse Ballenger is a Principal Investigator/Project Director at EcoPlan Associates, Inc., and former president of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society.
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Claire S. Barker's picture
Claire S. Barker
Assistant NAGPRA Coordinator (ASM)
Office: Room 217, Arizona State Museum
Claire is a PhD candidate. Originally from Chicago, Claire completed her BA in Anthropology and Classical Studies at the University of Michigan in 2008, and went on to receive a MA degree in Museum Studies from George Washington University in 2010. At the University of Arizona, Claire is majoring...
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Mamadou A. Baro's picture
Mamadou A. Baro
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Associate Research Anthropologist (BARA)
TEL: (520) 621-2624
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 318
Mamadou Baro is a faculty member of BARA (Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology) which is responsible for many successes in research and outreach presences in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily Senegal, Mauritania, Niger and Tanzania. The African Partnerships Initiative has developed an innovative...
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Luis Barros's picture
Luis Barros
TEL: 520-248-4103
As an international student from Brazil, with an undergraduate degree in economics, I was surprised to find at the University of Arizona a space to explore and engage with other disciplines. I began my graduate career in 2006 at the Center for Latin American Studies and was fortunate to be accepted...
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Ellen B. Basso's picture
Ellen B. Basso
Professor Emerita
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Lane A. Beck's picture
Lane A. Beck
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Associate Curator, Bioarchaeology (ASM)
TEL: 520.621.6281
Office: Arizona State Museum North, Room 312
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Rebecca Bedwell's picture
Rebecca Bedwell
Graduate Student
I am a PhD-track graduate student in sociocultural anthropology, with a concentration in medical anthropology. I received my BA in Anthropology and Spanish from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2014. My research interests include medical anthropology, feminist anthropology, minority health,...
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Ukm Shawkat Ara Begum's picture
Ukm Shawkat Ara Begum
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Benjamin Bellorado's picture
Benjamin Bellorado
Research Assistant at the School of Anthopology and The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Office: SW Archaeology Lab, Room 402, Haury Anthropology Building, University of Arizona
Ben Bellorado (Archaeology). I was born and raised in Jackson, WY, but have been living in the Four Corners states for almost 15 years. I graduated in 2002 with a B.A. from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO and in 2007 with his M.A. from Northern Arizona University. I have worked for several...
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Ben Beshaw's picture
Ben Beshaw
TEL: 520.626.1691
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 223
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Brandi Bethke's picture
Brandi Bethke
Office: Haury 316
Brandi Bethke is from Sioux Falls, SD where she completed her BA in anthropology, classics, and history at Augustana College in 2010. She then went on to receive her MA degree in classical archaeology from the University of Exeter with a thesis that explored the relationship between humans and...
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