Matthew J. Rowe

Associate Professor of Practice, Career Track
Coordinator of Retention
Recruitment for Undergraduate Studies

Emil W. Haury Building, 311

Selected Publications

Rowe, Matthew J., Finley, Judson B.

2021     Enhancing Cultural and Environmental Justice Outcomes Under NEPA and NHPA. In the Edited Volume: EJ in the Anthropocene: From (Un)Just Presents to Just Futures. Edited by Melinda Laituri, Stacia Ryder, and Kathryn Powlen. Routledge Publishing. 

Johnson, Michael Kotutwa, Rowe, Matthew J., Lien, Aaron, and López-Hoffman, Laura

2021    Enhancing Integration of Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge into Natural Resources Conservation Service Cost-Share Initiatives. Forthcoming in The Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

Bailey, Kassi Sue, Rowe, Matthew J., and Adams, E. Charles

2020    The Curious Case of Bunnies: Human Behavioral Ecology Perspectives on Fauna from Homol’ovi I, Room 733. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences

Rowe, Matthew J., Finley, Judson B., and Baldwin, Elizabeth A.

2018    Accountability or merely “good words”? An analysis of tribal consultation under the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act. The Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy

Herrmann, Edward W., Nathan, Rebecca A., Rowe, Matthew J., and McCleary, Timothy P.

2017    Bacheeishdiio/Place Where Men Pack Meat. American Antiquity (82:1).

Rowe, Matthew J.

2016     Book Review: The Casper Site: A Hell Gap Bison Kill on the High Plains.  Plains Anthropologist. 61:275-277

Rowe, Matthew J., Finley, Judson B., and Branam, Kelly M.

2014     Putting America's Archaeological Resources to Work: Three Tangible Benefits of Archaeological Preservation at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.  SAA Archaeological Record. Novemeber 2014

Rowe, Matthew J.

2014     Late paleoindian rockshelter use through changing environmental conditions in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: Integrated perspectives from zooarchaeology and geoarchaeology.  Indiana University


Courses Taught

ANTH472: Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy: Laboratory Methods

ANTH 385: Engaging the Four Subfield Approach in American Anthropology

ANTH 332: Environmental Archaeology

ANTH160 D2: Origins of Human Diversity

ANTH160 A1: Patterns in Prehistory

Areas of Study

Northern Arizona, Rocky Mountains, High Plains


Northern Arizona Paleoindian Project: Collector-Collaboration around the Winslow-Holbrook Area

Guest Editor for Advances in Archaeological Practice: Collector-Collaboration Thematic Issues

Climate Justice Through Restoration of Indigenous Food Systems  

Research Interests

My current research focuses on collector-collaboration in archaeology. More specifically, I am working with collectors in Northern Arizona, around the Winslow-Holbrook area to document paleoindian artifacts and to conduct field surveys in an attempt to identify paleoindian sites and activity areas. I currently serve as co-Chair of the SAA collector-collaboration interest group with Dr. Bonnie Pitblado. I am also working with indigenous scholars on topics at the intersection of Climate-Justice and cultural/environmental  preservation laws and policy.