Wenner-Gren for Jonna Yarrington

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Jonna Yarrington, who has been awarded a Dissertation Grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for her research, “The Disappearing Island: The Effect of Imminent Displacement on Social Exchange Relations on Tangier Island.” Jonna’s research is supervised by Dr. Brackette F. Williams... Read more

Presentations: Faculty, Student, and Alum Together; More

Conservator and Professor Nancy Odegaard recently presented two papers at the annual meeting of the Western Association of Art Conservators (WAAC) in Salt Lake City. She discussed the use of CO2 snow for cleaning museum objects, and the preliminary authentication of the De Kooning painting stolen from and recently... Read more

Recent Publications: PNAS Opinion by Montgomery, Mills, and Alumni

Assistant Professor Lindsay M. Montgomery (pictured) and Professor Barbara Mills recently had an article published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). The opinion piece is a product of a School for Advanced Research workshop on “Fostering Synthesis in Archaeology” held this past February; read it here. The list of authors for “Fostering... Read more

Recent Publications: Hedquist, Thibodeau, Welch, and Killick Publish Together

Saul Hedquist (Ph.D. Arizona, 2017) is lead author of a new Journal of Archaeological Science article that uses archaeology and geochemistry to greatly expand understanding of the size of an early, eastern Arizona turquoise mine and the distances the mine’s products traveled. His co-authors on “Canyon Creek revisited: New investigations of a late prehispanic turquoise... Read more

Recent Publications: Thompson, Ritenbaugh, and Nichter in BMC Women's Health

Alumna Jennifer Jo Thompson (pictured; Ph.D. Arizona, 2010), Retired Professor Cheryl Ritenbaugh, and Regents’ Professor Mark Nichter are co-authors of a new article titled “Why women choose compounded bioidentical hormone therapy: lessons from a qualitative study of menopausal decision-making.” The article appears in BMC Women’s Health (2017, 17(1): 97);... Read more

Alumni News: INAH Award fro Sánchez

Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia has awarded Guadalupe Sánchez (Ph.D. Arizona, 2010) a Mención Honorífica en la Categoría de Investigación for her work published in 2016 as Los Primeros Mexicanos: Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene People of Sonora,... Read more

Dispatches from Haury 316/LOAA Lab—A Whole Lotta News!

The Laboratory of Applied Archaeology (LOAA) had and intense and prolific 2017, with several professional and graduate student projects and publications coming to fruition. As part of our Traditional Land Use Study Program, Maria N. Zedeño and Ph.D. student Evelyn Pickering spent the... Read more

Mills Presents in France

Professor Barbara Mills was recently in France to present in two different venues. She participated in a workshop on “Modeling Archeological Interactions in Space,” organized by Clara Filet and Julien Randon-Furling (both of the University of Paris 1) at the Institut des Systèmes Complexes de Paris Île-de-France.... Read more

Upcoming Events, 10/13/2017 Edition

•    October 17, 5:30 p.m.: AIA Tucson Society Lecture Series presents Dr. Kienan O’Conor, “Elite Settlement in Gaelic Ireland (1169–1350 AD).” Saguaro Hall, Room 202. More information
•    October 19, 2:00 p.m.: SoA Lecture Series presents Duana Rullwiley, Stanford University, “Habits of Power: Science Politics in Anti-science Times, Race... Read more

Alumni News: Deni Seymour to Present in Tucson

Deni J. Seymour (Ph.D. Arizona, 1990) writes that she and two colleagues will discuss their Arizona Humanities grant program, “Who Are the Sobaipuri O’odham?: The Sobaipuri Legacy at the San Xavier/Wa:k Community,” on four different occasion over the next few months. The... Read more