SoA Field Schools in Full Swing, Part 2

The School of Anthropology is operating (jointly with other institutions) two field schools in New Mexico this summer. Last week we looked at the Upper Gila Preservation Archaeology Field School; today we turn to:

The Picuris Field School

The Picuris Pueblo Field School is a five-week (June 5–July 5), intensive... Read more

Busy Summer Schedule for Williams

Associate Professor Brackette F. Williams has a busy schedule for summer 2018:

In mid-June, Dr. Williams will participate in a retrospective on “Cockalorum,” the pseudonym for the Guyanese community the research on which served as the basis for her book, Stains on My Name, War in My Veins: Guyana and Politics of Cultural Struggle (Duke 1991), and other publications. Events are organized by Ruel Johnson, Cultural Analyst for the Guyana Ministry of Social... Read more

Recent Publications: Did Aztecs Obtain Turquoise from Arizona?

Science Advances has published a study by UA alumna Alyson Thibodeau (PhD 2012), her former dissertation advisors David Killick (Anthropology) and Joaquin Ruiz (Geosciences), and colleagues from the Museo Templo Mayor and CSU San Bernadino. The article reports isotopic analyses of 15th-century turquoise from the Aztec Templo Mayor, which show that the blue-green stone was not mined in the present southwestern USA, as has been suggested for more than... Read more

UIR Scholar Emeritus Acknowledges SoA

John D. Speth, University Indian Ruin Resident Scholar in Summer 2016, has recently published a book chapter in which he acknowledge his time as a Resident Scholar. Dr. Speth is Emeritus Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Anthropology and Emeritus Curator of Archaeology at the University of Michigan.... Read more

Recent Publications: Fladd Publishes in PLOS One

Samantha Fladd (PhD candidate) and a large group of interdisciplinary researchers recently published in PLOS ONE. Their article, “Soil analysis in discussions of agricultural feasibility for ancient civilizations: A critical review and reanalysis of the data and debate from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico,” argues in favor of local agricultural production within Chaco Canyon, New Mexico through a detailed review of soil salinity analyses and a consideration of the costs of... Read more

Alumni News: Two Honors for Rentería-Valencia

Congratulations to Rodrigo F. Rentería-Valencia (Ph.D. Arizona, 2015).Dr. Rentería-Valencia is currently concluding his second year as a tenure-track assistant professor in the anthropology department at Central Washington University. This year he was recognized at a couple of CWU events. First Dr. Rentería-Valencia got the “Honoring our Professors’ Excellence Award,” which is granted by the National Residence Hall Honorary (Tom Ogg Chapter). Second, I was nominated as 2018... Read more

Cotter Receives NSF DDRIG

Joint Anthropology and Linguistics PhD candidate William Cotter has been awarded a Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant from the Cultural Anthropology program of the National Science Foundation to support his dissertation research. William’s dissertation research focuses on verbal art and stylistic language practices in the Palestinian refugee community in Amman, Jordan.

SoA Field Schools in Full Swing, Part 1

The School of Anthropology is operating (jointly with other institutions) two field schools in New Mexico this summer. Here’s a look at what’s happening at one of the two:

The 2018 Upper Gila Preservation Archaeology Field School in Southwest New Mexico

This joint program of the University of Arizona and Archaeology... Read more

Killick Joins Editorial Board of American Anthropologist

Congratulations to Professor David Killick, who in May accepted an invitation to join the Editorial Board of American Anthropologist.

Recent Publications: Plemons Co-edits Special Surgery Issue of TSQ*

Assistant Professor Eric Plemons co-edited with Chris Straayer (NYU) the new issue of TSQ* Transgender Studies Quarterly. The special issue focuses on surgery and includes six original articles, three essays on art and media, and a book review in addition to the Introduction by Plemons and Straayer.