Danielle Soza

PhD Candidate

About Danielle R. Soza

Danielle (Dani) is an anthropological archaeologist with broad interests in hunter-gatherer complexity and the mobile household. Their dissertation looks at social differentiation and household dynamics through late precontact stone ring campsites on the northwestern Great Plains. 

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow 2018-2023

Selected Publications

Rowe, Matthew J., E. Charles Adams, Dan Clark, Ricky Cundiff, Kassi Sue Bailey and Danielle R. Soza

2022    Perspectives on Collector Collaboration: The Northern Arizona Paleoindian Project, Advances in Archaeological Practice, 10(1):73-82.

Lanoë, François, María Nieves Zedeño, Danielle R. Soza, Anna Jansson, Blackfeet THPO

2020     McKean in the Northern Rocky Mountain Front: Economic Landscape and Ethnogenesis, Plains Anthropologist, 65(255):227-248. 

Areas of Study

North America (general), Great Plains, and U.S. Southwest


2019-present Materiality of Complexity: The Mobile Household of the Ancestral Blackfeet (850-350 BP)

2017-present. Blackfoot Early Origins Project.

2018 Picuris Pueblo Field School

2017-2019 Nomadic Archaeologies of the Northern Rio Grande (Rio Grande Gorge Project).

2015-2019. Rock Art Ranch 


Research Interests

Archaeologies of hunter-gatherers and nomads; Mobility and cultural landscapes; Household archaeology; Applied anthropology; Indigenous archaeology; Lithic technology; Ethnohistory and ethnography