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The Business Center supports the financial and personnel needs for all faculty, students and staff in the School of Anthropology.

We will review and secure college-level approval for all transactions, along with ensuring that all documents are in compliance with established University policies and procedures.

Our goal is to provide reliable fiscal management, reporting and services to the School.

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In order to be hired, a graduate student must be enrolled in classes prior to beginning the onboarding process. Students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units throughout the duration of their employment or in 1 unit for those in advanced status. 

Assistantships and Associateships

To hire a graduate student for teaching or research please contact the Business Center, SBS-anthbiz@arizona.edu. Graduate Assistant and Associate (GA) positions are for the duration of a semester or the academic year.

Supplemental Compensation

Coming soon, we will have a form used to authorize compensation in addition to the assignment currently held by the Graduate Assistant/Associate.

Additional Resources

Operational Advance

Operational Advances are provided to authorized University employees, graduate students, or Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs) with Affiliate or Associate status working under the supervision of an Authorized Supervisor for expenses such as group travel, field research, and various other circumstances where it is not practical to use the campus purchasing and payment system, such as when your research requires payments to individuals while on travel or to research participants. When involving payments to participants, we will also need your IRB Letter.

To request an operational advance, you will need to complete two forms: 1) Operational Advance Request Form, and 2) Operational Advance Custodial Agreement. Please reach out to the Business Center first with your budget and to obtain perninent information to complete the forms, then visit the Financial Services website to access the forms.

Travel Advance

Travel Advances are provided to University employees or current graduate students for business travel expenses such as airfare, lodging, transportation and meals. A minimum of $250 may be issued by direct deposit up to 7 days prior to travel and must be repaid or settled within 10 days after the trip ends.

To request a travel advance, complete a Travel Authorization Form and specifically the "Travel Advance Request" section at the bottom of the form, then route via Adobe Sign to:

Additional Resources

Expense reimbursements should be submitted to SBS-anthbiz@arizona.edu as soon as possible after the initial expense or completion of travel, and within a reasonable period of time. Reimbursements submitted after 90 days will be taxable to the payee under the Accountable Plan Time Limitation.

Additionally, expenses must be reasonable and in accordance with University of Arizona Financial Policies and Guidelines. If you are uncertain about a purchase, please consult with the Business Center beforehand to ensure compliance with university policies.


Send your request to SBS-anthbiz@arizona.edu and include the following required documentation.

Required Documentation
  1. One of the following forms:
  2. Detailed business purpose
  3. Itemized receipts
    • For travel, organize receipts into the following categories: Mileage, Meals, Lodging, Transportation, and Miscellaneous
  4. Any supporting documentation

Non Employees

To determine next steps, non-employees such as students must complete a Vendor Information Form and send to SBS-anthbiz@arizona.edu along with receipts.

Guests and Visitors

If you plan on inviting a guest (speaker, visiting scholar, consultant, etc.) and want to provide reimbursement and/or honorarium, please consult with the Business Center prior to issuing a commitment. The Business Center will provide a list of required forms and ensure compliance with university visitor policies.

Additional Resources

A Travel Authorization Form is required for University business exceeding 35 miles from a traveler's primary duty post. Employees, Students, and Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC) should complete this form prior to departure, regardless of the funding source. Faculty must also complete a SOA Travel Supplemental Form.

Each trip requires a new form. If your travel plans change, inform the Business Center and we will contact Accounts Payable to update the official University record.

Required Sections
  • Traveler Information (Dept Code: 0410-Anthro, 0414-BARA)
  • Travel Details
  • Exceptions if applicable
  • International Travel if applicable
    • Register your trip in the UA International Travel Registry
      • Complete at a minimum of 30 days prior to travel
      • Document the Registry # on your Travel Authorization Form
Route via Adobe Sign

Follow the instructions located at the bottom of the Travel Authorization Form to route to signers via Adobe Sign. We DO NOT need your signature unless you are requesting an advance.

Travel Authorization Form

Additional Resources International

There are two basic stages to a research project. The first stage, known as the Project Proposal, typically occurs after a call for research project submission has been made by a grantor such as the National Science Foundation.

Once you have decided that you will be submitting a proposal, your work as the Principal Investigator begins. As you develop your proposal, the Business Center will assist you in creating necessary budgets and navigating the UAccess Research site, which is how all research proposals are processed at The University of Arizona.

IMPORTANT: All proposals, routed UAR proposals and electronic submission, should be submitted to SPCS in final form 3 full business days prior to the funding-agency deadline (8:00 a.m. the day it is due to SPCS).

The Proposal Review Process

All University of Arizona external grant applications must be submitted for internal review by Sponsored Projects via UAccess Research prior to submission to the sponsoring organization. The review process begins with the Anthropology Business Center and your Faculty Advisor discussing your project and ensuring all items have been addressed prior to submitting in UAccess Research. 

Required Documents

Each sponsor will have its own required documents to accompany the proposal at submission time. However, the University typically only requires 3 documents in order to provide a complete review of the project. 

  • Completed Budget (reviewed by Business Office and in Excel format)
  • Budget Justification/Narrative (matches the Budget and details each item)
  • Project Summary/Narrative (Brief document summarizing the project)

If the sponsor requires additional documents signed by the institution they should be included as well.


As a graduate student you will have access to many different sponsors. Some will have a rolling deadline and some will have a stated deadline. The University requires that all research proposals be in an approved state in UAccess Research at least 3 days prior to the sponsor deadline. In order to meet this requirement the Business Center has its own internal deadlines.

  • 30-90 days prior to deadline inform Business Center of intent to apply.
    • This will vary based on the complexity of the proposal. 
  • 10-30 days prior to deadline the Business Center and applicant will submit the proposal in UAccess Research.
  • 3-10 days prior to deadline the proposal will be internally reviewed and approved.

UAccess Research

All proposals must be routed electronically via UAccess Research. The following instructional links are designed to walk you through the submittal process.

Sub Contracts

Additional Resources

Visit the University of Arizona Sponsored Projects site for more information.

Congratulations! Your grant submission was successful and you have been awarded a grant. 

Now what? The University of Arizona Financial Services Office will work with Sponsored Projects to create an account for you to access your funds as you complete your research. Once the the account has been established, the Business Center will work with you in administering your grant. 

Monthly Reports

On a monthly basis you will receive updated account information. Tracking project budgets and spending will allow you to better and more efficiently manage your project. If you have multiple projects these reports will be very useful.

Additional Resources

Visit the University of Arizona Sponsored Projects site for more information.

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