Adam Crane

Adam Crane

PhD Student

About Adam Crane

Adam Crane has an M.Sc. in paleopathology from Durham University and is currently a Ph.D. student in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona. His M.Sc. thesis concerned the relationships among osteoarthritis, age identity, and disability among older adults in the post-medieval population at St. Bride’s Church, London. He currently works as a research assistant at the Arizona State Museum. Adam’s primary area of research is paleopathology, with specific interests including disability, care provision, and the intersection of aging, age identity, and health in the past.


Selected Publications

Adam Crane, James T. Watson, Randy Haas (In press). The Interplay of Behavioral and Occlusal Etiologies in Aberrant Dental Wear. In: C.W. Schmidt, J.T. Watson (eds.), Dental Wear in Evolutionary and Biocultural Context. Cambridge: Elsevier Press.

Meghan E. Buchanan, Jayne-Leigh Thomas, April K Sievert, Adam Crane. (2017). Mistaken Identity? A Reassessment of the Angel Mounds State Historic Site’s Historic Cemetery using X-ray Fluorescence. Indiana Archaeology 12(2):59-77.

Jayne-Leigh Thomas, Meghan E. Buchanan, Carrie Wilson, Adam Crane. (2015). Violence and Trophy Taking: A Case Study of Head and Neck Trauma in Two Individuals from the Gant Site (3MS11). International Journal of Osteoarchaeology [Special issue].


Research Interests

Paleopathology, bioarchaeology, disability and care provision, disability studies, aging and age identity, life course theory, NAGPRA, anthropological ethics, critical pedagogy