Jin Li

PhD Student

About Li Jin

I entered the linguistic anthropology PhD program at the University of Arizona in 2015. I completed my M.A. in linguistics at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where I investigated Chinese regional identity in self-representation through conversational and discourse analyses. 

My current interests are in urbanization as well as gender and language. Specifically, I look at how language ideologies and linguistic practices of first-generation urbanites in contemporary China play a role in the construction of individual and group identities. My aim is to understand how people who have undergone or are undergoing rapid societal transformation — in the form of urbanization — socially and linguistically orient themselves toward tradition, development and modernity. I am also working on the digital and discursive construction of young people’s gender identities in social media.

Courses Taught

2017 Fall RCSC 150 Money, Consumers and the Family (TA)

2017 Spring CLAS 329 Art History of the Cinema (TA)

2016 Fall ANTH 303 Gender and Language (TA)

AFAS 160A1  The African Experiences (Grader)

2016 Spring  ANTH 276 Nature of Language (TA)

AFAS 160A1 The African Experiences (Grader)

2015 Fall  ANTH 150A Race, Ethnicity and American Dream