Two Grants for Dongoske

Kurt Dongoske (M.A. Arizona, 1984), principal investigator for Zuni Cultural Resource Enterprise (ZCRE), was recently awarded two grants from the Washington, DC Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Trust Services–Tribal Resiliency Program. The first grant (category 1) will support a series of workshops designed to build awareness of the key issues and challenges and develop skills and build internal Tribal capacities necessary to address extreme events and harmful environmental trends (aka climate change) on Zuni Reservation and ancestral lands through in-person trainings and workshops applying tenets of Critical Bi-cultural Pedagogy and Participatory Learning and Action.

The second proposal (category 2) will support an Adaptation Planning component that builds on the insights and information gathered during the first component, to develop a culturally appropriate Zuni Tribal extreme event and harmful environmental trends adaptation plan that can serve as a baseline document to inform and direct future environmental and cultural resource management needs through sound and integrated Western science and Traditional Knowledge (TK) based approaches and strategies. ZCRE will be collaborating with Drs. Christopher Moreno and Giorgio H. Curti of Cultural Geographics Consulting and Dr. Lopez-Carr, Professor of Geography at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), who directs the Human-Environment Dynamics Lab. ZCRE, Drs. Moreno, Curti, and Lopez-Carr will work closely with the natural resource management programs of the Pueblo of Zuni and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Kurt writes that he is excited to be collaborating with these individuals. (Digest date: 11/9/2018)

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