Recent Publications: Research Agreement with Blackfeet Tribe Yields PNAS Article

Research made possible by a longstanding agreement with the Blackfeet Tribe has allowed Professor Nieves Zedeño (pictured) and two SoA alumni to publish an article titled “Indigenous impacts on North American Great Plains fire regimes of the past millennium “in the latest issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Co-written with Christopher Roos (PhD Arizona, 2008), Kacy Hollenback (PhD Arizona, 2012), and Mary Erlick (Utah State university), the study “documents the use of fire to manipulate bison herds in the northern Great Plains.” This UANews press release includes quotes from Drs. Zedeño, Roos, and Hollenback. Chris Roos is currently an associate professor at Southern Methodist University, and Kacy Hollenback is an assistant professor at SMU.