Recent Publications: Reineke and Anderson in American Anthropologist

SOA alumni Bruce Anderson (Ph.D., Arizona 1998) and Robin Reineke (Ph.D. Arizona, 2016) are among the co-authors of a recent article in American Anthropologist, titled, “Temporal Patterns of Mexican Migrant Genetic Ancestry: Implications for Identification.” The researchers, including Cris Hughes, Bridget Algee-Hewet, and Elizabeth Clausing, in addition to Anderson and Reineke, analyzed STR DNA from both identified and unidentified deceased individuals believed to be migrants who had died while crossing the border. Their findings indicate that people with more European ancestry were more likely to be positively identified than those with indigenous roots, who are disproportionately represented among the unidentified. It is believed that, due to structural vulnerability, the families of indigenous migrants who have disappeared along the US-Mexico border would face a higher number of impediments when searching for information about a missing loved one. Read the article here. (Anthro News Digest issue 5/12/2017)