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Recent Publications: New Archaeological Theory Volume from Fogelin

Associate Professor Lars Fogelin recently released an eBook, An Unauthorized Companion to American Archaeological Theory. This book is an introduction to archaeological theory for graduate students facing their first archaeological theory courses. The book takes a humorous and pragmatic approach to subject-matter that is often presented as abstract and esoteric. Rather than publish the book through a conventional academic publisher, Fogelin decided to post the book, in its entirety, for free on his page ( An Unauthorized Companion to American Archaeological Theory is available both as a PDF (best for laptops and tablets) and as an EPUB (best for phones).

Synopsis: Archaeological theory is not like Excalibur. Archaeologists don’t pull theory from a stone and wield it to subjugate the archaeological record. Archaeological theory exists as part of archaeological practice, from highly intellectual attempts to understand the trajectories of social change to the shame we felt tripping over the line levels at our first excavation. In An Unauthorized Companion to American Archaeological Theory Lars Fogelin argues that archaeological theories are just tools that every archaeologist must use at various times. The trick is to use those tools well, and to laugh about the ways we so often use them badly. (Anthro News date: 9/20/2019)