Recent Publications: Ismael Sánchez-Morales on Clovis Tools

The January issue of PaleoAmerica: A Journal of Early Human Migration and Dispersal features an article by Ph.D. candidate Ismael Sánchez-Morales  (pictured) entitled “The Clovis Lithic Assemblage from El Fin del Mundo, Sonora, Mexico: Evidence of Upland Campsite Localities.” The paper presents a summarized description of the Clovis stone tools from El Fin del Mundo archaeological site, and offers some interpretations about the campsite nature of this locality. El Fin del Mundo is an exceptional Clovis site in north-central Sonora, and contains the only Clovis megafauna kill site yet known south of the US-Mexico border and one of the largest collections of diagnostic Clovis stone tools in Mexico. The current field season at El Fin del Mundo started on January 11 and will continue until late February with Sánchez-Morales as field director. Read Ismael’s article now.