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Bronitsky Facilitates Indiginous Arts Panel

On Saturday Feb. 3, Gordon Bronitsky (Ph.D. Arizona, 1977), President of Bronitsky and Associates facilitated a panel discussion hosted by IndigeNOW! and ABQ Arts. The gathering was held at the Aux Dog Theater and resulted in a very productive, interactive conversation. There is an incredibly rich and diverse Indigenous artisan community in and around Albuquerque. As the area continues its social and economic progress, the panel looked at ways to create more opportunities for them to make a living doing what they love. Panelists (shown, left to right) Faith Toledo (film), Renata Yazzie (classical piano), Virginia Ballenger (fashion), and Lady Yazzie (modern dance) addressed two primary questions:
1. Where are we going—what are our potential future paths?
2. What do Indigenous artisans need to not only survive but thrive?

The panelists shared some of the lessons they have learned, then looked at answers to the questions and crafted next steps, including additional meetings and workshops to focus on measurable results with both short-term and long-term benefits.

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