The University of Arizona School of Anthropology enjoys a long tradition of academic excellence and is currently ranked 2nd in the United States by the National Research Council (NRC). Well respected by researchers throughout the world, it is home to a diverse community of anthropologists who study all aspects of human life, from our hominid origins millions of years ago to the vast diversity of populations living in the world today.  Our anthropologists ask questions about all components of the human experience, and seek to describe and interpret human behavior and culture, language, biology, and the environment at many levels of organization - from molecules to ecosystems.

The School of Anthropology is one of the few institutions to fully support the integrated sub-discipline approach to Anthropology, with research and teaching embracing Sociocultural Anthropology (including Applied Anthropology), Biological Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistic Anthropology. Through the School, the University of Arizona provides meaningful opportunities to learn about what it means to be human, how we evolved, and what lies in our future.  Our internship program began with the founding of the school about 100 years ago when Byron Cummings started a teaching curriculum in the classroom and in the field.

Internship courses are available for all students who are interested in developing research and special interest projects. Internship courses are variable in unit value. To sign up for any internship opportunity, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose an internship opportunity you are interested in pursuing.
  2. Choose a UA School of Anthropology faculty member you would like to work with as an advisor to undertake this opportunity  (you can review our faculty by area of interest at: ).
  3. Make an appointment with the faculty member and be prepared to explain to that individual how the opportunity will provide you with important knowledge and skills related to anthropology.
  4. If the faculty member agrees to work with you, negotiate the requirements for the internship and any specific work product you must produce (writing a paper or journal, preparing and giving a presentation, etc.) as well as the number of credits.
  5. Review the School of Anthropology's internship policies and fill out an application form; get it signed by the faculty member. 
  6. Fill out a change of schedule form and submit it, along with your application form, to the Anthropology undergraduate academic advisor who will register you for your credits.
  7. Each faculty member has a separate section number for registration purposes. Be sure to enroll in the appropriate section for the following courses:
  • Anthropology 393 Juniors
  • Anthropology 493 Seniors

Please see the School of Anthropology's Internship Policies and Application Form.


For a select list of internships, check the different categories below. This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome new suggestions. Please email any additional information to Dr. Eleni Hasaki (

  • Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA) - click here

  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Career Related Events, Internships, and Job Opportunities - click here

  • Pima County Medical Examiner's Office - ask advisor

  • Arizona State Museum (ASM) - click here

  • University of Arizona - Associated Internships - click here

  • Tucson and Pima County - click here

  • State of Arizona - click here

  • National Internships - click here

  • International Internships - click here


Please Note: The above list of internship opportunities do not constitute endorsement by either the University of Arizona or School of Anthropology, nor does it suggest that if you undertake any these internships you will automatically receive credit for them within the School.  Internship opportunities must be approved by a UA anthropology faculty advisor in advance, and must be relevant to anthropology.  Please keep this information in mind when pursing these internships.

For a previously compiled list of external internships related to the field of anthropology, click here.