Graduate Alumni

PhD  - Doctor of Philosophy

MA    - Master of Arts


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Borck, Lewis PhD Spring Lost Voices Found: An Archaeology of Contentious Politics: Case Studies in the Greater Southwest, A.D. 1100 – 1450
Coskun, Ufuk PhD Spring Job Searching among College-educated Americans: Managing Emotion Work, Social Networks, and Middle Class Identity
Crocker, Rebecca PhD Spring “Sadness Is a Great Pain for the Body”: The Emotional Trauma and Embodied Impacts of Migration from Mexico to Tucson, Arizona
Higgins, Richard MA Spring Pre-Classic Hohokam Obsidian in the Tucson Basin: Examing Patterns in Procurement and Use
Kelly, Kim PhD Spring Making Bodies Commensurate: The Social Construction of Humans, Animals, and Microbes as Objects of Scientific Study
Magrath, Priscilla PhD Spring Moral Landscapes of Health Governance in West Java, Indonesia
Reinecke, Robin PhD Spring Naming the Dead: Identification and Ambiguity along the U.S.-Mexico Border
Sheehan, Megan PhD Spring Everyday Visibility: Race, Migration, and National Identity in Santiago, Chile
Storey, Angela PhD Spring Infrastructure and Informality: Contesting the Neoliberal Politics of Participation and Belonging in Cape Town, South Africa


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Anderson, Donald PhD Spring In Cisio Scribere: Labor, Knowledge, and Politics of Cabdriving in Mexico City and San Francisco
Armin, Julie PhD Spring Organizing Care: U.S. Health Policy, Social Inequality, and the Work of Cancer Treatment
Barros, Luis Silva PhD Spring Is Participatory Governance Necessary? A Case Study of Alternative Education Initiatives in Gu-Vo Community, Tohono O'odham Nation 2011-14
Battaglia, Mario MA Spring  
Boyer, Micah PhD Spring Questioning Assumptions about Decision-Making in West African Households: Examples from Longitudinal Studies in Benin and Mali
Brogden, Mette PhD Spring Refugee Odysseys: an ethnography of refugee resettlement in the U.S. after 9-11
Chu, Joon-Beom PhD Spring Barring the Unsound: Knowledge, Language, and Agency in the Evaluation of Law Students in Mock Trial Competitions
Clark, Amy PhD Spring Spatial structure and the temporality of assemblage formation: a comparative study of seven open air Middle Paleolithic sites in France
Dungan, Kathryn PhD Fall Religious Architecture and Borderland Histories: Great Kivas in the Prehispanic Central Southwest, 1000 to 1400 CE
Eaves, Emery PhD Spring TMD Revisited: Appreciating the Work of Illness, the balancing of risks, and the construction of moral identities involves in dealing with chronic pain
Giomi, Evan MA Spring  
Hart, Sharlot MA Fall  
Heacock, Erika MA Spring  
Holst, Joshua Ryan PhD Spring Development and Conflict at the Ecological Margins: Grassroots Approaches to Democracy and Natural Resources
Laluk, Nicholas PhD Spring Historical-Period Apache Occupation of the Chiricahua Mountains in Southeastern Arizona: An Exercise in Collaboration
Martin, Stephanie MA  Spring  
Martinez-Taguena, Natalia PhD Spring And the Giants Keep Singing: Comcaac Anthropology of Meaningful Places
Mayfield, Tracie PhD Spring Historical-Archaeological Analysis of the Nineteenth-Century British Plantation Settlement at Lamanai, Belize (1837-1868)
Miljour, Heather MA Fall  
Osborne, Dana PhD Spring Negotiating the Hierarchy of Languages in Ilocandia: The Social and Cognitive Implications of Massive Multilingualism in the Philippines
Pailes, Matthew PhD Spring Political Landscapes Of Late Prehispanic Sonora: A View From The Moctezuma Valley
Pathak, Gauri Sanjeev PhD Spring Polycystic ovary syndrome in contemporary India: An ethnographic study of globalization, disorder, and the body
Prescott, Megan PhD Spring The New Heroes: The localized production and migration of Filipino nurses out of the Philippines
Price Steinbrecher, Barry MA Spring  
Rahman, Ashiqur PhD Spring Governance Matters: Power, Corruption, Social Exclusion, Climate Change in Bangladesh
Raskin, Sarah PhD Spring Decayed, Missing, and Filled: Subjectivity and the Dental Safety Net in Central Appalachia
Renteria-Valencia, Rodrigo F. PhD Spring Hunting Cartographies: Individualism, Morality and Wildlife Conservation among the Comcaac
Schoon, Danielle PhD Fall Becoming Roma: Gypsy Identity, Civic Engagement, and Urban Renewal in Turkey
Silverman, Gila Phd Fall Complexities and Contradictions: Prayer, healing, belief and identity among liberal American Jews