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Graduate Alumni

PhD  - Doctor of Philosophy

MA    - Master of Arts




Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Robbins, Helen Alexandra Ridgely PhD Spring Both Sword and Shield: The Strategic Use of Customary Law in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Rincon, Helena MA Spring  
Premo, Lucas Steven MA Spring A predictive model of Late Archaic Period site locations in the Tucson basin
Olson, Kimberly Brooke PhD Spring The politics and possibilities of integrative medicine: An anthropological analysis of pluralistic health care movements in America
Neuzil, Anna Astrid MA Spring Ceramics and social dynamics: Technological style and corrugated ceramics during the Pueblo III to Pueblo IV transition, Silver Creek, Arizona
Lyons, Patrick D PhD Spring Winslow Orange Ware and the Ancestral Hopi Migration Horizon
Londono, Fernando MA Spring  
Kunen, Julie Lynn PhD Spring Study of an ancient Maya Bajo landscape in northwestern Belize
Hardenbergh, Loren Ito MA Spring Swallowing health ideology: Vitamin consumption among University students in the contemporary United States
Halmo, David Brian PhD Spring Culture, corporation and collective action: The Department of Energy's American Indian consultation program on the Nevada Test Site in political ecological perspective
Davis, Allison Rosemary MA Spring  
Dahlen, Sarah Paige MA Spring A woman's work is never done: Changing labor at Grasshopper Pueblo
Carroll, Kristen J MA Spring  
Adams, Ami Rhae MA Spring Notes on a non-event: Y2K as social construction and its discontents
Meek, Barbra A PhD Summer Kaska Language Socialization, Acquisition and Shift
Xia, Jingfeng PhD Summer Foodways and their significance to ethnic integration: An ethnoarchaeological and historical archaeological survey of the Chinese in Tucson, Arizona
West, Colin T MA Fall Testing Farmers' Perceptions of Climate Variability with Meteorological Data: Burkina Faso and the Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona
Villanueva, Zandro V MA Fall  
Van Keuren, Scott PhD Fall Ceramic style and the reorganization of fourteenth century Pueblo communities in east-central Arizona
Valdez-Gardea, Gloria Ciria PhD Fall People's Responses in a Time of Crisis: Marginalization in the Upper Gulf of California
Stevens, Michelle PhD Fall Archaic and Early Agricultural period land use in Cienega Valley, southeastern Arizona
Stephen, David V. M PhD Fall  
Smith-Morris, Carolyn Markee PhD Fall A political economy of diabetes, pregnancy, and identity in the Gila River Indian Community
Reinschmidt, Kerstin Muller PhD Fall Old Colony and General Conference Mennonities in Chichuahua, Mexico: History, Representations and Women's Everyday Lives in Health and Illness
Pohlman, Elizabeth Grace MA Fall Stories of age and aging
Munro, Natalie D PhD Fall A Prelude to Agriculture: Game Use and Occupation Intensity during the Natufian Period in the Southern Levant
Mazzeo, John MA Fall The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Shona Livelihood System of Southwest Zimbabwe
Macwilliams, Arthur Carson PhD Fall The archaeology of Laguna Bustillos Basin, Chihuahua, Mexico
Kennedy, Debra Jean MA Fall  
Heilen, Michael P MA Fall A Re-Examination of Julian Hayden's Malpais Model: Field Notes, Formation Processes and the Clovis vs Pre-Clovis Debate
Fischer, Alysia Anne PhD Fall Integrating anthropology in pursuit of the Byzantine period glass industry in northern Israel
Bukhman, Gene Yevgeny PhD Fall Reform and Resistance in the Post-Soviet Tuberculosis Control


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Wind, Steven MA Spring Towards healing the trauma of torture in Buddhist settings
Williamson,  Kathleen Genevieve PhD Spring Gathering places: Stories of a twentieth-century Irish American woman
Taylor, Katherine Markham PhD Spring The effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the sternal end of the fourth rib
Silvestre, Ramon Eriberto J PhD Spring The Ethnoarchaeology of Kalinga Basketry: When Men Weave Baskets and Women make Pots
Sheehan, Carole Phyllis MA Spring  
Nielsen, Axel PhD Spring Andean caravans: An ethnoarchaeology
Nelson, Donald R MA Spring  
Murphy, John T MA Spring Approaching Maya Polities from the Side: Models of Classic Maya Political Structure
Hoerig, Karl Alfred PhD Spring "This is my second home": The Native American Vendors Program of the Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Harris, Cory D MA Spring  
Gao, Xing PhD Spring Explanations of typological variability in paleolithic remains from Zhoukoudian Locality 15, China
Chapin-Pyritz, Regina L PhD Spring  
Branton, Nicole L MA Spring Rice Bowls and Resistance: Cultural Persistence at the ManzanarWar Relocation Center, California, 1942--1945
Twilling, Shannon D MA Summer  
Sigler, Jennifer A MA Summer  
Loftsdottir, Kristin PhD Summer The bush is sweet: Identity and desire among the WoDaaBe in Niger
Kaldahl, Eric James PhD Summer Late Prehistoric technological and social reorganization along the Mogollon Rim, Arizona
Gardner, Andrew M PhD Summer City of Strangers: The Transnational Indian Community in Manama, Bahrain
Tesler, Laura E MA Fall Locations of Self in Smoking Discourses and Practices: An Ethnography of Smoking Among Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States
Small, Linda Marie MA Fall  
Poveda, Angelica MA Fall  
Morgan, Martha Ethel MA Fall  
Margaris, Amy V MA Fall  
Karl, Ricky J MA Fall The Relative Chronology of Cultural Episodes at the Coastal Sambaqui, Jabuticubiera II, in Santa Catarina, Brazil
Chamblee, John Francis MA Fall  
Buckles, Kristen A MA Fall  
Browning-Aiken, Anne PhD Fall The transformation of Mexican copper miners: The dynamics of social agency and mineral policy as economic development tools
Bergstresser, Laura S MA Fall  


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Vermeer, Andrea MA Spring  
Van Sickle, John David MA Spring  
Valado, Martha Trenna MA


Ground stone technology in the Silver Creek area, east-central Arizona
Tiger, Lisa L MA Spring  
Taubenberger,Simone P MA Spring  
Riggs, Charles Ross PhD Spring The architecture of Grasshopper Pueblo: Dynamics of form, function, and use of space in a prehistoric community
Oleary, Anna M PhD Spring  
Herr, Sarah A PhD Spring The organization of migrant communities on a Pueblo frontier
Harris, Elizabeth W MA Spring Tucson Eat Yourself: Food, Ethnicity and the Substantiation of Identity
Coffey, Michael John MA Spring  
Coffey, Courtney PhD Spring "Strong women" and "weak men": Gender paradoxes in urban Yunnan, China
Bezanson, Michelle Fae MA Spring  
Pereira De Miranda, Damiana PhD Summer Depression across cultures: The construction of depressive disturbances in greater Sao Paulo, Brazil
Neupert, Mark Alexander PhD Summer Potters and politics: Factionalism and the organization of ceramic production in Paradijon, the Philippines
N'Diade, Ahmadou Bocar PhD Summer Capital formation and ethnic entrepreneurship in modern Guinea
Morgan, Shayna B MA Summer  
Huxley, Angie Kay PhD Summer The consequences of serum calcium homeostasis, reproductive life history and bone mineral content in postmenopausal women with implications to theories of aging
Dade, Janine E MA Summer  
Wasan, Ajay Darsh MA Fall  
Smith, Alexa McColl MA Fall  
Pitblado, Bonnie Lynn PhD Fall Late Paleoindian occupation of the Southern Rocky Mountains: Projectile points and land use in the high country
Perry, Elizabeth Marie MA Fall Bioarchaeology of labor and gender in the prehispanic American Southwest
Newell, Gillian E MA Fall  
Murrieta, Emiliano Gallaga MA Fall  
London, Scott B PhD Fall Family law, marital disputing and domestic violence in post-colonial Senegal, West Africa
Krause, Elizabeth Louise PhD Fall Natalism and nationalism: The political economy of love, labor, and low fertility in central Italy
Bukhman, Gene Yevgeny MA Fall  
Brantingham, Paul Jeffrey PhD Fall Astride the Movius Line: Late Pleistocene lithic technological variability in Northeast Asia


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Fountain, Amy V PhD Spring An optimality theoretic account of Navajo prefixal syllables
Van Dyke, Ruth Marguerite PhD Spring The Chaco connection: Bonito style architecture in outlier communities
Surovell, Todd A MA Spring  
Smith, Andrea Lynn PhD Spring The colonial in postcolonial Europe: The social memory of Maltese-origin pieds-noirs
Sarther, Catherine F MA Spring  
Higgins, John E PhD Spring The political ecology of peasant sugarcane farming in northern Belize
Czuzak, Maria Helen PhD Spring Skeletal asymmetry, degenerative joint disease and handedness in humans
Carter, Rebecca Helen MA Spring  
Bohnlein, Ivy Briana MA Spring Wounded Knee in 1891 and 1973: Prophets, protest, and a century of Sioux resistance
Anderson, Bruce Edward PhD Spring Forensic anthropology as science: Is there a difference between academic and applied uses of biological anthropology?
Strand, Jennifer Gail PhD Summer An analysis of the Homol'ovi fauna with emphasis of ritual behavior
Sanchez De Carpenter, Maria MA Summer  
Macphee, Marybeth J PhD Summer The aesthetics of health in the everyday life of Moroccan women
Ilahiane, Hsain PhD Summer The power of the dagger, the seeds of the Koran, and the sweat of the ploughman: Ethnic stratification and agricultural intensification in the Ziz Valley, southeast Morocco
Chen, Wei-chun PhD Summer Models of prehistoric land use in the Gaoping region, southwest Taiwan
Senior, Louise Marie PhD Fall Time and technological change: Ceramic production, labor, and economic transformation in a third millennium complex society (Tell Leilan, Syria)
Moctezuma-Zamarron, Jose Luis PhD Fall Yaqui-Mayo language shift
Littler, Matthew L MA Fall Simulating the Long House Valley: An Evaluation of the Role of Agent-Based Computer Simulation in Archaeology
Grindell, Beth PhD Fall Unmasked equalities: An examination of mortuary practices and social complexity in the Levantine Natufian and Pre-pottery Neolithic
Fenton, Todd William PhD Fall Dental conditions at Grasshopper Pueblo: Evidence for dietary change and increased stress
Duvall, Tracy M PhD Fall Moral compromises: Embracing "tradition" and "modernity" in Mazatlan, Mexico
Cartwright, Elizabeth PhD Fall Malignant emotions: Indigenous perceptions of environmental, social and bodily dangers in Mexico


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Towner, Ronald H PhD Spring The dendrochology of the Navajo pueblitos of Dinetah
Tisdale, Shelby Jo Anne PhD Spring Cocopah identity and cultural survival: Indian gaming and the political ecology of the lower Colorado River delta, 1850-1996
Stewart, Alicia Kathleen MA Spring The relationship between body composition and indicators of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance in Zuni adolescents
Stephens, Elizabeth Avery MA Spring  
Quintero, Gilbert A PhD Spring The discourse on drinking in Navajo society
Pylypa, Jennifer Jean MA Spring Self-care and self-medication practices in two California Mexican communities: Migrant farm worker families and border residents in San Diego County
Nash, Stephen E PhD Spring A history of archaeological tree-ring dating: 1914-1945
Jackson, Lorren Wilson MA Spring  
Gemignani, Regina M MA Spring  
Coyle, Philip PhD Spring "Hapwan chanaka" ("on top of the earth"): The politics and history of public ceremonial tradition in Santa Teresa, Nayarit, Mexico
Clark, Jeffery Jerome PhD Spring Migration and integration: The Salado in the Tonto Basin
Brogden, Mette Jean MA Spring  
Archerd, Cynthia Joan MA Spring  
Ackerman, Kyle James MA Spring  
Talarsky Stevens, Laura Michele MA Summer  
Sparks, Shannon Michelle Anjeane MA Summer  
Newberry, Janice Carol PhD Summer Making do in the imagined community: Domesticity and state formation in working class Java
Kallmann, Deborah Julie MA Summer  
House, Deborah Elizabeth PhD Summer Narratives of Navajo-ness: An ideological analysis of Navajo language shift
Goldstein, Daniel Marc PhD Summer Por las propias manos/In our own hands: Resistance and representation on the margins of urban Bolivia
Freeman, Andrea Kellylee PhD Summer Middle to late Holocene stream dynamics of the Santa Cruz River, Tucson, Arizona: Implications for human settlement, the transition to agriculture and archaeological site preservation
Acheson, Julianna PhD Summer Traversing political economy and the household: An ethnographic analysis of life after communism in Kojsov, a rural village in eastern Slovakia
Wright, William Edward MA Fall  
Wocherl, Helga PhD Fall The role of faunal resources in subsistence practices during the transition to sedentism and agriculture in southeastern Arizona
Webster, Laurie Diane PhD Fall Effects of European contact on textile production and exchange in the North American Southwest: A Pueblo case study
Smith-Morris, Carolyn Markee MA Fall  
Rich, Leigh E MA Fall Weed of the Wild: Health, Identity and Gender Among New Cigar Smokers
Newcomb, Joanne M MA Fall Prehistoric Population Dynamics in the Silver Creek Area, East-Central Arizona
Mack, Natasha MA Fall  
Karunaratne, Priyantha MA Fall  
James, Jennifer Michele MA Fall  
Harry, Karen Gayle PhD Fall Ceramic production, distribution, and consumption in two Classic period Hohokam communities
Grenda, Donn Robert PhD Fall Site structure, settlement systems, and social organization at Lake Elsinore, California
Gegen, Tuoya MA Fall  
Fox Leonard, Sherry Clunie PhD Fall Comparative health from paleopathological analysis of the human skeletal remains dating the Hellenistic and Roman periods, from Paphos, Cyprus and Corinth, Greece
Dean, Rebecca M MA Fall Ungulate Ethoarchaeology: Interpreting Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Archaeological Ungulate Assemblages from Southwest Asia
Cook, Patricia M PhD Fall Residential Architecture on Albion Island, Belize
Adrian, Shelly D MA Fall Rubbers and Romance: Heterosexual Condom use in the United States
Zack Horner, Jennifer MA Fall
Aggregation and the Faunal Record: A Comparative Analysis of Two Sites in the Silver Creek Area of the Mogollon Plateau


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Young, Lisa C PhD Spring  
Stevens, Michelle MA Spring A techno-typological analysis of Tor al-Tareeq (WHS 1065): An Epipaleolithic site in west-central Jordan
Silvestre, Ramon Eriberto J MA Spring  
Rolland, Michael P MA Spring  
Lamotta, Vincent Michael MA Spring  
Kobayashi, Masashi PhD Spring An ethnoarchaeological study of the relationships between vessel form and function
Klucas, Eric Eugene PhD Spring The Village Larder: Village Level Production and Exchange in an Early State
Jorstad, Susan K MA Spring A Quantitative Comparison of Finds from Open-Air and Cave Sites in the Western European Middle Paleolithic
Jafek, Timothy Bart MA Spring Community and religion in San Miguel Acatan, Guatemala, 1940 to 1960
Faught, Michael Kent PhD Spring Clovis origins and underwater prehistoric archaeology in northwestern Florida
England-Kennedy, Elizabeth Sara MA Spring  
Chen, Zhao PhD Spring The relationship between bone mass, body composition, nutrient intake and physical activity level in healthy postmenopausal women
Calla Ortega, Pamela PhD Spring Expierencing revolution in Nicaragua: Gendered politics in the negotiations between Nixtayolero Theater Collective and the Sandinista state
Brantingham, Paul Jeffrey MA Spring  
Tucker, Catherine May PhD Summer The political ecology of a Lenca Indian community in Honduras: Communal forests, state policy, and processes of transformation
Shevick, Gail Marie MA Summer  
Perez, Randie Rene MA Summer  
Boden, Kenneth D MA Summer  
Baro, Mamadou A PhD Summer Household livelihood security: Theories, practice and perspectives
Zack Horner, Jennifer MA Fall Aggregation and the faunal record: A comparative analysis of two sites in the Silver Creek area of the Mogollon Plateau
Welch, John Robert PhD Fall The archaeological measures and social implications of agricultural commitment
Tillquist, Christopher Roger MA Fall  
Stinson, Susan L MA Fall Roosevelt Red Ware and the Organization of Ceramic Production in the Silver Creek Drainage
Stevens, Charles John PhD Fall The political ecology of a Tongan village
Smith, Adam Thomas PhD Fall Imperial archipelago: The making of the Urartian landscape in southern Transcaucasia
Sims, Colette M MA Fall  
Shaw, Judith Anne MA Fall  
Norton, Christopher John MA Fall Storage and its implications for the advent of rice agriculture in Korea: Konam-ri
Metz, Holly Lynn MA Fall  
Maxwell, David Bruce Saxon PhD Fall An analysis of caches from four sites in the Maya lowlands
Labate, Janet Yvonne Pitts PhD Fall The worried well
Kangas, Beth E MA Fall Therapeutic Itineraries in a Global World: Yemeni Biomedical Treatment Abroad
Fratt, Lee PhD Fall Grinding in the Anasazi household: A study of aggregation and technology in the northern San Juan region of the American Southwest
Elson, Mark D PhD Fall An ethnographic perspective in prehistoric platform mounds of the Tonto Basin, Central Arizona
Carpenter, John Phillip PhD Fall El ombligo en la labor: Differentiation, interaction and integration in prehispanic Sinaloa, Mexico