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Graduate Alumni

PhD  - Doctor of Philosophy

MA    - Master of Arts




Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Wind, Steven PhD Spring A Reconsideration of Child Labor from the Perspectives of Multiple Stakeholders in Mysore, India
Vonarx, Amy Jo MA Spring  
Romero, Eric A PhD Spring Personal Narrative and the Formation of Place-Identity in Northern New Mexico:  Applied Research in Rural Education
Prescott, Megan M MA Spring The Transnational Experiences of Foreign-Trained Nurses: Case Histories of Seven Filipino Migrants
Pittaluga, Fabio PhD Spring Poverty, Fisheries and Livelihoods on Lake Kossou, Cote d'lvoire
Pennesi, Karen E PhD Spring The Predicament of Prediction: Rain Prophets and Meteorologists in Northeast Brazil
Mckee, Brian R PhD Spring Volcanism, Household Archaeology and Formation Processes in the Zapotitán Valley, El Salvador
Isik, Damla PhD Spring Woven Assemblages: Globalization, Gender, Labor and Authenticity in Turkey's Carpet Industry
Glantz, Namino Melissa PhD Spring Formative Research on Elder Health and Care in Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico
Diaz De Valdes, Rachel E MA Spring Personal Narrative and the Formation of Place-Identity in Northern New Mexico:  Applied Research in Rural Education
Cutright-Smith, Elisabeth MA Spring Modeling ancestral Hopi agricultural landscapes: Applying ethnography to archaeological interpretations
Castaneda, Heidemarie PhD Spring Paradoxes of Providing Aid: NGOs, Medicine and Undocumented Migration in Berlin, Germany
Carroll, Kristen J PhD Spring Place, Performance and Social Memory in the 1890s Ghost Dance
Canova Cabanas, Paola MA Spring  
Beaver, Joseph Edward PhD Spring Paleolithic Ungulate Hunting: Simulation and Mathematical Modeling for Archaeological Inference and Explanation
Stinnett, Angie A MA Summer "Let's get down and Derby!": Female Athletes and Heteroglottic Identity Construction in Tucson Roller Derby
Milligan, Lauren A PhD Summer Nonhuman Primate Milk Composition: Relationship to Phylogeny, Ontogeny, and Ecology
Vermeer, Andrea PhD Summer Making the West: Approaches to the archaeology of prostitution on the 19th-century mining frontier
Valado, Martha Trenna PhD Summer Factors Influencing Homeless People's Perception and Use of Urban Space
Premo, Lucas Steven PhD Summer  
Emanuel, Robert Miguel PhD Summer Parting the Watershed: The Political Ecology of a Corporate Community in the Santa Cruz River Watershed, Sonora, Mexico
Chamblee, John Francis PhD Summer Landscape Patches, Macroregional Exchanges and pre-Columbian Political Economyin Southwestern Georgia
Norquest, Peter K PhD Fall A phonological reconstruction of Proto-Hlai
Wygant, Lindsay M MA Fall Shells, Bells, and Birds: The Landscape of Long-Distance Exchange in the Prehistoric Southwest
Theisen, Julia Isabell PhD Fall  
Tonyot, Stanzin MA Spring  
Sparks, Shannon Michelle Anjeane PhD Fall Children, Caregiving, Culture, and Community: Understanding the Place and Importance of Kith and Kin Care in the White Mountain Apache Community
Margolis, Michael Martin MA Fall The isolated human bone from Grasshopper Pueblo (AZ P:14:1[ASM])
Hill Jr, Matthew E PhD Fall Causes of Regional and Temporal Variation in Paleoindian Diet in Western North America
Edwards, Emery R MA Fall Illness Expierence of People with Chronic Pain Resulting from Temporomandibular Disorders
Dean, Erin Leigh PhD Fall Beyond Community: "Global" Conservation Networks and "Local" Organization in Tanzania and Zanzibar
Broockmann, Daniel D MA Fall The Zooarchaeology of the Tucson Presidio
Adams-Thies, Brian Luke PhD Fall Perimeters, Performances and Perversity: The Creation and Success of a Gay Community in Madrid, Spain


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Lin, Chien Jer PhD Spring Grammar and parsing: A typological investigation of relative-clause processing
Granadillo, Tania Y PhD Spring An Ethnographic Account of Language Documentation Among the Kurripako of Venezuela
Wroblewski, Michael MA Spring Animated Subjects and Subjective Animators:  Characters, Genres, Speaker Types, and the Range of Social Imaginations in Amazonian Ethnography
Vogt, Wendy A MA Spring Tracing Neoliberalism in Mexico: Historical Displacement and Survival Strategies for Mixtec Families living on the U.S.-Mexico Border
Tesler, Laura E PhD Spring Now There is No Treatment for Anyone: Health Care Seeking in Neo-Liberal Nicaragua
Taylor, Nicole L PhD Spring Constructing Gendered Identity Through Discourse: Body Image, Exercise and Food Consumption Among Adolescents
Stone, Joanna L MA Spring Going Against the Flow: Middle Class Families and Neoliberalism in Nogales, Sonora
Murrieta, Emiliano Gallaga PhD Spring An Archaeological Survey of the Onavas Valley, Sonora, Mexico: A Landscape of Interactions During the Late Prehispanic Period
Munoz, Arturo R PhD Spring Power, Production and Practice: Technological Change in the Late Classic Ceramics of Piedras Negras, Guatemala
Lamotta, Vincent Michael PhD Spring Zooarchaeology and Chronology of Homol'ovi I and Other Pueblo IV Period Sites in the Central Little Colorado River Valley, Northern Arizona
Iles-Shih, Matthew D MA Spring Distributed Networks and the "New" Order:  A Critical Analysis of Emergent Modes of Control in Contemporary Biomedicine
Hollenback, Kacy L MA Spring  
Harris, Cory D PhD Spring Organizational Change and Intellectual Production: The Case Study of Hohokam Archaeology
Gaines, Edmund P MA Spring Paleoindian Geoarchaeology of the Upper San Pedro Valley, Sonora, Mexico
Diamente, Daniela N MA Spring Education Reform & the Practice of Democracy:  Opportunities and Obstacles
Dale, Jonathan R MA Spring Interpreting Perceptions of Poverty: Conflicting Discourses and the Livelihood Framework
Burke, Brian J MA Spring Indigenous Cooperatives, Corporations, and the State on Brazil's Extractive Frontier: Contemporary and Historical Globalizations
Vermeer, Andrea PhD Summer Making the West: Approaches to the Archaeology of Prostitution on the 19th-Century Mining Frontier
Valado, Martha Trenna PhD Summer Factors Influencing Homeless People's Perception and Use of Urban Space
Premo, Lucas Steven PhD Summer Patchiness and Prosociality: Modeling the Evolution and Archaeology of Plio-Pleistocene Hominin Food Sharing
Emanuel, Robert Miguel PhD Summer Parting the Watershed: The Political Ecology of a Corporate Community in the Santa Cruz River Watershed, Sonora, Mexico
Chamblee, John Francis PhD Summer Landscape Patches, Macroregional Exchanges and pre-Columbian Political Economy in Southwestern Georgia
Boum, Aomar PhD Summer Muslims Remember Jews in Southern Morocco: Social Memories, Dialogic Narratives and the Collective Imagination of Jewishness
Bezanson, Michelle Fae PhD Summer Ontogenetic Patterns of Positional Behavior in Cebus Capucinus and Alouatta Palliata
West, Colin T PhD Fall Pugkeenga: Assessing the Sustainability of Household Extension and Fragmentation Under Scenarios of Global Change
Taylor, Cynthia MA Fall The Role of Mycotoxins in Patterning Poor Health in Developing Countries: A Biocultural Analysis
Stalcup, Kimberly A MA Fall Dust Storms and Camels' Tails:  Hunter-Gatherer Formation Processes and Adaptive Change in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia
Sims, Colette M PhD Fall Recipes Run in Our Families Not Illnesses: Older Black Women on Race, Health Disparities and the Health Care System
Phaneuf, Victoria M MA Fall Towards a Vermont-Quebec Border Study: Interviews from the Northeast Kingdom
Penney, Lauren S MA Fall Female College Students' Experiences With the Freshman 15
Margaris, Amy V PhD Fall Alutiiq Engineering: The Mechanics and Design of Skeletal Technologies in Alaska's Kodiak Archipelago
Laluk, Nicholas C MA Fall An Integrative Approach to Interpretations of an Historical-Period Apache Scout Camp at Fort Apache, Arizona
Janz, Lisa MA Fall  
Ijagbemi, Bayo PhD Fall Land Tenure Reforms and Social Transformation in Botswana: Implications for Urbanization
Holmsen, Katherine PhD Fall Out of the Forest and Into the Market: Social and Economic Transformations in a Bornean Foraging Society
Griffitts, Janet L PhD Fall Bone Tools and Technological Choice: Change and Stability on the Northern Plains
Bachand, Bruce Robert PhD Fall Preclassic Excavations at Punta de Chimino, Peten, Guatemala: Investigating Social Emplacement on an Early Maya Landscape


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Vega-Centeno, Rafael PhD Spring Ritual and Architecture in a Context of Emergent Complexity: A Perspective from Cerro Lampay, a Late Archaic Site in the Central Andes
Tillack, Allison Anne MA Spring Assessing Levels of Interpersonal Conflict at Turkey Creek Pueblo, Arizona:  A Bioarchaeological Approach
Taylor, Peter Mark MA Spring If you build it, they will come: The story of the Catalina Highway
Strand, Thea R MA Spring Accommodation, Preservation and Equality: Ideologies of Language and Identity in Interdialectal Communication in Norway
Starkovich, Britt M MA Spring  
Proue, Molly M MA Spring Ethnogenesis and Technological Change:  The Introduction of Domesticated Sheep at Zuni Pueblo
Pavri, Eric H MA Spring A Thousand Trickles Down: Undocumented Migration and Remittances in a Highland Guatemalan Village
Paraso, Christina K MA Spring Site Formation Processes at Pancian Dong: A Middle to Late Pleistocene Cave Site in the Karst Region of South China
Medeiros, Melanie A MA Spring The Piki Complex at the Homol'ovi Settlement Cluster:  Defining the Power, Prestige, and Status of Women at a Pueblo IV Community
Kraushaar, Angelica Marye MA Spring Phylogeography of mtDNA Haplogroup X:  Determining the Significance of Asian X Haplotypes to New World Colonization
Jenks, Kelly L MA Spring The Impact of Spanish Colonialism on the Plains-Pueblo Exchange
Jelinek, Lauren E MA Spring Silencing the Past: Social Memory and the Archaeology of the White Mountain Apache and Mormons in the Forestdale Valley, Arizona
Duwe, Samuel G MA Spring Communities of Practice and Ancient Apprenticeship in the American Southwest: Pigment Analyses of Pueblo IV Ceramics at Baily Ruin, East-Central Arizona
Boley, Michael Jason MA Spring Obsidian Acquisition and (Re) Distribution at the Classic Period Hohokam Marana Platform Mound Site, Arizona
Sagebiel, Kerry L PhD Summer Shifting Allegiances at La Milpa, Belize: A Typological, Chronological and Formal Analysis of the Ceramics
Luchetta, Sarah K MA Summer Soza Phase Sites in the Lower San Pedro Valley, Arizona
Heilen, Michael P PhD Summer An Archaeological Theory of Landscapes
Waugh, Rebecca Jo PhD Fall Presidio and Pueblo: Material Evidence of Women in the Pimería Alta, 1750-1800
Neuzil, Anna Astrid PhD Fall In the Aftermath of Migration: Assessing the Social Consequences of Late 13th and 14th Century Population Movements into Southeastern Arizona
Nelson, Donald R PhD Fall The Public and Private Sides of Persistent Vulnerability to Drought: An Applied Model for Public Planning in Ceará, Brazil
Munson, Jessica L MA Fall  
Mentzer, Susan M MA Fall Authigenic Mineral Formation in Archaeological Deposits: Insights from Obi-Rakhmat Grotto and Paltau Cave (Uzbekistan)
Gardner, Andrew M PhD Fall City of Strangers: The Transnational Indian Community in Manama, Bahrain
Eichelberger, Laura P MA Fall The Politics of an Epidemic: SARS & Chinatown
Carrasco Moraga, Anita G MA Fall Likantatai: Portable Landscape of an Urban Indigenous Community
Begum, Ukm Shawkat Ara MA




Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Van Sickle, John David PhD Spring The Rise of Asthma and Allergy in South India:  How Representations of Illness Influence Medical Practice and the Marketing of Medicine
Stoltz, Gregory I MA Spring Arabs in the New York Times:  A Case of Mistaken Identity
Pylypa, Jennifer Jean PhD Spring Healing Herbs and Dangerous Doctors:  Local Models and Response to Fevers in Northeast Thailand
Piekielek, Jessica MA Spring Visiting Views of the U.S.-Mexico Border:  Reflections of Participants in Experiential Travel Seminars
McCloy, John Stuart MA Spring Anthropology of Risk in the Workplace
Manthei, Jennifer Judith PhD Spring Reading Race:  Adolescent Girls in Brazil
Mack, Natasha PhD Spring Going Modern:  Circular Migration, State Aid and Female Gender Ideologies in Martinique
Lengyel, Stacey Nicole PhD Spring Archaeomagnetic Research in the U.S. Midcontinent
Gavioli, Lisa A MA Spring Zuni Cooking Pots and Cuisine: A Study of Late Prehistoric and Historic Contexts of Technological Change
Craig Jr. , Douglas Broward PhD Spring Beyond Snaketown:  Household Inequality and Political Power in Early Hohokam Society
Branton, Nicole L PhD Spring Drawing the Line:  Places of Power in the Japanese-American Internment Eventscape
Haugen, Jason Derek PhD Summer Issues in comparative Uto-Aztecan morphosyntax
Cole, Deborah Lynn PhD Summer Performing 'Unity in Diversity' in Indonesian Poetry: Voice, Ideology, Grammar, and Change
Wyman, Terrence Burbank MA Summer Schmorl's Nodes as a Skeletal Morphology in Past and Present Populations: A Comparison
Riskedahl, Diane Renae PhD Summer The Intertextuality of Civil Identity:  Political Uses of Oral Discourse in Post-War Lebanon
Brenneman, Dale S PhD Summer Climate of Rebellion: The Relationship Between Climate Variability and Indigenous Uprisings in Mid-Eighteenth Century Sonora
Stinson, Susan L PhD Fall Household Ritual, Gender and Figurines in the Hohokam Regional System
Perry, Elizabeth Marie PhD Fall Bioarchaeology of Labor and Gender in the Prehispanic American Southwest
Nunez-Noriega, Guillermo PhD Fall The Politics of Male Identity and Intimacy in Mexico
Lepkin, Murray Scott PhD Fall "Birds of Paradise": The Discourse Semiotics of Co-operative Work in Pre-Saharan Morocco
Leckman, Phil O MA Fall  
Howell, Ryan E MA Fall Analysis of Adobe Architecture at the Marana Platform Mound Site
Gabler, Brandon M MA Fall Projecting Duration in Pre-State Farming Societies
Friederic, Karin U MA Fall Gender and Inequality in El Páramo: A Preliminary Study of Violence and Female Suffering in Northwestern Ecuador
Forgash, Rebecca PhD Fall Military Transnational Marriage in Okinawa: Intimacy Across Boundaries of Nation, Race and Class
Coelho, Karen PhD Fall Of Engineers, Rationalities and Rule: An Ethnography of Neoliberal Reform in an Urban Water Utility in South India
Meyers, Julia I. PhD Fall Prehistoric Wall Decoration in the American Southwest: A Behavioral Approach
Mazzeo, John PhD Fall The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Shona Livelihood System of the Southeast Zimbabwe
Dean, Erin PhD Fall Beyond Community: "Global" Conservation Networks and "Local" Organization in Tanzania and Zanzibar
Sparks, Shannon Michelle Anjeanette PhD Fall Children, Caregiving, Culture and Community: Understanding the Place and the Importance of Kith and Kin Care oin the White Mountain Apache Community
Hill, Jr., Mathew E. PhD Fall Causes of Regional and Tempopral Variation in Paleoindian Diet in Western North America
Adams-Thies, Brian Luke PhD Fall Perimeters, Preformances and Perversity: The Creation and Success of a Gay Community in Madrid, Spain


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Wolf,Barbara MA Spring Alaska Native subsistence and sovereignty: An unfinished work
Scholnick, Jonathan B MA Spring

Village Formation During the Pueblo III to Pueblo IV Period Transition: Contextualizing Bryant Ranch Pueblo, Arizona

Perin, Jodi R MA Spring Educational Travel for Societal Change: An Exploration of Popular Education Along the Mexico-United States Border
Miller, Janneli F PhD Spring Birthing Practices of the Raramuri of Northern Mexico
Messing, Jacqueline Henriette E PhD Spring Ideological Multiplicity in Discourse: Language Shift and Bilingual Schooling in Tlaxcala, Mexico
Mccracken, Erin E MA Spring  
Goldade, Kathryn Rose MA Spring The micro-politics of population: Generating a theoretical approach to reproductive decision-making from the intersection of anthropology, history and feminism
Glantz, Namino Melissa MA Spring  
Fernandez, Eduardo MA Spring  
Deubel, Tara F MA Spring Conserving Cultural Heritage with Microcredit: A Case Study of the Dogon Culture Bank in Fombori, Mali
Bockhorst, Andrew Bishop MA Spring The Sino-Sonoran: Site and artifact variability of the Chinese in southern Arizona
Beck, Margaret Elizabeth PhD Spring Ceramic deposition and midden formation in Kalinga, Philippines
Baker, Jeffrey Lee PhD Spring Maya wetlands: Ecology and pre-Hispanic utilization of wetlands in northwestern Belize
Alvarez, Maribel L PhD Spring Made in Mexico: Souvenirs, Artisans, Shoppers and the Meanings of Other "Border-Type-Things"
Bruno, Ana C PhD Summer Waimiri Atroari Grammar: Some Phonological, Morphological, and Syntactic Aspects
Waguespack, Nicole Marie PhD Summer Clovis hunting and the organization of subsistence labor
Surovell, Todd A PhD Summer The Behavioral Ecology of Folsom Lithic Technology
Rockman, Marcia Helen PhD Summer Landscape learning in the late glacial recolonization of Britain
Caballero-arias, Hortensia Raiza PhD Summer Engaging in politics: Yanomami strategies in the face of Venezuela's national frontier expansion
Milligan, Lauren Anne PhD Summer Nonhuman Primate Milk Composition: Relationship to Phylogeny, Ontogeny and Ecology
Ruette, Krisna MA Fall  
Orzech, Kathryn McElveen MA Fall Impact of Migration on Nutrition and Health Status of Chinese Immigrants to Italy
Mcclelland, John A PhD Fall Refining the Resolution of Biological Distance Studies Based on the Analysis of Dental Morphology: Detecting Subpopulations at Grasshopper Pueblo
Guarino, Honoria M PhD Fall AIDS and Identity Construction: The Use of NArratives of Self- Transformation Among Clients of AIDS Service Organizations
Gann, Douglas Wayne PhD Fall Spatial Integration A Space Syntax Analysis of the Villages of the Homol'ovi Cluster
Dean, Rebecca M PhD Fall People, Pests, and Prey: The Emergence of Agricultural Economies in the Desert Southwest
Daughters, Anton T MA Fall A Chilean Free-Market Miracle?  The Effects of Neoliberal Economic Forces on Small Scale Fishermen on the Island of Chiloe
Cano, Jenny Ruth Moral MA Fall Evaluating the Role of Surface Assemblages in Defining Occupational Histories in Bryant Ranch Site, Arizona


Name Degree Semester Dissertation Title
Tillquist, Christopher Roger PhD Spring Voyages of the Vikings: Human haploid variation in northern Europe
Stauber, Leah MA Spring  
Roos, Christopher I MA Spring  
Resau, Laura S MA Spring "Cooking the Body" in a Changing World: Post-Partumpractices in the Mixteca
Moody, Jane A MA Spring  
Mehalic, David S MA Spring  
LeGros, Theresa A MA Spring  
Kendall, James R MA Spring  
Jorstad, Susan K PhD Spring An Analysis of Factors Influencing the Teaching of Evolution and Creation by Arizona High School Biology Teachers
Goodyer, Meigan G MA Spring  
Gemignani, Regina M PhD Spring Gender, Reason and Agriculture: A Hundred Years of Negotiated Development in the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania
Fortugno, Tina M MA Spring  
England-kennedy, Elizabeth Sara PhD Spring Performing the Label "LD": An Ethnography of United States Undergraduates with Learning Disabilities
Dean, Erin Leigh MA Spring  
Dayhuff, Robert Harold MA Spring  
Arendt, Nicole Marie MA Spring  
Schulze, Gretchen L MA Summer  
Carter, Rebecca Helen PhD Summer Tracing the trail of table grapes: The globalization of the Sonoran table grape industry
Sesia, Paola M PhD Fall Confronting Neoliberalism: Food Security and Nutrition Among Indigenous Coffee-Growers in Oaxaca, Mexico
Saynes-Vazquez, Floria E PhD Fall Zapotec Language Shift and Reversal in Juchitan, Mexico
Mustafa, Mentor MA Fall  
Milligan, Lauren A MA Fall  
Kangas, Beth E PhD Fall The Lure of Technology: Yemenis' International Medical Travel in a Global Era
Aguirre, Elea A PhD Fall Vestiges of Other Relations: Weaving our Lives Across A Two-Nation Divide