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Undergraduate Course Requirements

Undergraduate Major: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

The following are links to the U of A's Academic Catalog and have details regarding the courses that are required for the Anthropology major. Each student has a particular catalog, (usually the year that you enter the U of A). Your catalog year determines your graduation requirements.

  • View the UA Catalog to view the list of courses we offer.
  • Bachelors in Arts (BA) includes basic foundational and general education classes, plus four core classes (one in each of the four anthropology subfields) and seven upper division courses.  You also have to complete a minor to complete the BA degree.  The BA is quite flexible, as you can chose any of the four subfields to focus on or mix and match classes from them.  You can take any minor and it requires lower level math and science for non-science majors.  To go on to graduate school in anthropology, the BA is primarily what is required; students also use this degree as a stepping stone to go on to graduate programs in law, public health, public policy, education foreign service, journalism, technology,  business, and other professions.

    Curriculum Guides for Anthropology B.A: General Education Curriculum Guide, Major and Minor Requirements

            BA In Anthropology FInish in Four years plan

  • Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Human Biology.  As a science degree, in addition to the foundations and general education courses, this degree requires a year of biology, a year of chemistry and a course which includes the basics of calculus.  For anthropology, the student is required to take the four core classes, five upper division specifically biological anthropology courses, as well as two additional upper division anthropology courses.  There is a specific list of scientific minors to complement this degree, and a minor taken must be from this list.  Many students who take this degree go on into various aspects of medicine:  doctors, nurses, physical therapists, midwives, etc., and some go on to wildlife and zoological studies, as well as biological anthropology graduate school.  

            Curriculum Guides for Anthropology B.S. in Human Biology:  General Education Curriculum GuideMajor and Minor Curriculum Guide

            Courses for BS in Human Biology:  Course guide

             BS in Human Biology Finish in Four plan

  • Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Archaeological Science.  As a science degree, in addition to the foundations and general education courses, this degree requires calculus, and three classes of the more traditional sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics and material science.  For anthropology, the student is required to take the four core classes, six upper division designated archaeology courses, as well as one additional upper division anthropology course.  There is a specific list of scientific minors to complement this degree, and the minor taken must be from this list.  This degree is focused on the science side of Archaeology and is ideal for those wanting to be a museum Conservator or dig deeply into the scientific evaluation of artifacts. 

            Curriculum Guides for Anthropology BAS in Archaeological Science:  General Education Curriculum Guide, Major and Minor Curriculum Guide

            Courses for BS in Archaeology: Course guide

            BS in Archaeology Finish in Four plan

Writing Emphasis Courses
The University of Arizona requires that writing skills of all undergraduate students be assessed at mid-career. Additionally, the School of Anthropology requires that all undergraduate students complete at least one upper division Writing Emphasis course in Anthropology and pass it with a grade of "A" or "B". The Undergraduate Advising Office has current information about this requirement and opportunities for improving writing skills.

Writing Emphasis Courses for Anthropology Majors

  • Anthropology 303         Gender and Language       
  • Anthropology 305         Cultural Change
  • Anthropology 307         Ecological Anthropology
  • Anthropology 311         Urban Anthropology
  • Anthropology 313         Health and Medicine in Classical Antiquity
  • Anthropology 315         World Ethnography
  • Anthropology 320         Ancient Civilizations
  • Anthropology 329         Cultures and Societies of Africa
  • Anthropology 364         Natural History of Our Closest Relatives
  • Anthropology 368         Methods in Biological Anthropology
  • Anthropology 406         Gender and Social Identity
  • Anthropology 409         Economic Anthropology
  • Anthropology 411         Anthropology of Religion
  • Anthropology 413         Ethnology of the Southwest
  • Anthropology 420         Archaic Greek Sanctuaries
  • Anthropology 430         Ancient Greek Technology
  • Anthropology 434         Reproduction, Politics and Household Economics
  • Anthropology 443         Archaeology of Neolithic and Bronze Age Greece
  • Anthropology 444         Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  • Anthropology 451A       Archaeology of North America: Eastern North America
  • Anthropology 452         Etruscan Art and Archaeology
  • Anthropology 453A,B    Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • Anthropology 454          Greek and Roman Sculpture:  Symbols and Society in Antiquity
  • Anthropology 456A,B    Old World Prehistory
  • Anthropology 460         History of Archaeological Theory
  • Anthropology 465         Greek Pottery.  Craft and Society in Ancient Greece.
  • Anthropology 466         Paleoanthropology
  • Anthropology 476         Language in Culture
  • Anthropology 477         Greek Architecture
  • Anthropology 484         An Anthropology of Migration:  Examining the Borderlands of the American Southwest and Mexican North.
  • Anthropology 496H      Experimental Archaeology

The faculty in the School of Anthropology may change the list at any time. Students should contact the Advising Office for a current list of available options.

Honors Requirements
Students earn graduation with honors by completing the university-wide Honors College requirements of 30 units in honors credit including 6 units of ANTH 498H Honors Thesis. Please check the Honors College website for more information.

Minors offered by the U of A
In addition to your major in Anthropology, you will need a minor field. If the minor is offered for your catalog year, that minor is an option for you with the Anthropology major.

In order to declare a minor in Anthropology, you can write to Ann Samuelson (, Senior Academic Advisor II, in the School of Anthropology Advising Office (Haury 210). The School of Anthropology requires 18 units of anthropology courses, of which 9 units must be upper division (300-400 level). Courses are selected with the assistance of an advisor and can focus on one or more sub-disciplines in the school. We encourage enrollment in at least one of our core courses as foundation for upper division study.

In addition to the minors approved by the Board of Regents, you can also create a "Thematic minor". Thematic minors concern one basic theme or area of interest but draw courses from at least two departments. Declaration of a thematic minor must be completed prior to filing for a senior degree check. The thematic minor requires approval by the Anthropology Advisor on a standard Thematic Minor form.

Double Majors/ Double Degrees
It is possible to combine two majors as part of a single Bachelor of Arts degree or a single Bachelor of Science degree. The School of Anthropology allows students to use two courses at the upper division level (6 units) toward a second major with approval from that School, pending approval from the second major department.  Students who choose the double major option do not need a minor; students who choose the double degree option may need another minor. The core course requirements remain the same for the anthropology major when it is combined with a second major.