B.A./B.S. Degree Requirements


  • 120 total units to complete degree
  • 33 units in the major
  • 21 of upper-division courses
  • Minor (or dual-major) required


  • Freshman Composition (ENGL 101 and 102, or ENGL 109H)
  • Mathematics (PHIL 110, MATH 105 or Higher MATH)
  • Second Language (Fourth Semester Proficiency)

General Education

  • 6 units Tier 1 Individuals & Societies
  • 6 units Tier 1 Traditions & Cultures
  • 6 units Tier 1 Natural Sciences
  • 3 units Tier 2 Individuals & Societies
  • 3 units Tier 2 Natural Sciences
  • 3 units Tier 2 Arts
  • 3 units Diversity

For specific courses to fit this requirement, see the B.A. Curriculum Guide for General courses.

Core Requirements

  • ANTH 200 – Cultural Anthropology (3 units)
  • ANTH 235 – Principles of Archaeology (3 units)
  • ANTH 265 – Human Evolution (3 units)
  • ANTH276 – The Nature of Language (3 units)

B.A. Anthropology

B.S. Anthropology

Upper Division

A minimum of 21 units of upper division courses is required, at least 9 units in residence, max 9 units in Independent Study. You may want to include Senior Thesis units (ANTH 498A or 498H-Honors) and Internship units.

For specific courses to fit this requirement, see the B.A. Curriculum Guide for Anthropology courses.

Writing Emphasis Course

The University of Arizona requires that writing skills of all undergraduate students be assessed at mid-career. Additionally, the School of Anthropology requires that all undergraduate students complete at least one upper division Writing Emphasis course in Anthropology and pass it with a grade of A or B.


In addition to your major in Anthropology, you will need a minor field. A minor requires at least 18 units with at least 9 upper division units.

For a minor in Anthropology, if not majoring, the School of Anthropology requires 18 units of anthropology courses, of which 9 units must be upper division (300-400 level). Courses are selected with the assistance of an advisor and can focus on one or more sub-disciplines in the school. We encourage enrollment in at least one of our core courses as foundation for upper division study.

Thematic Minor

In addition to the minors approved by the Board of Regents, you can also create a "Thematic minor". Thematic minors concern one basic theme or area of interest but draw courses from at least two departments. Declaration of a thematic minor must be completed prior to filing for a senior degree check. The thematic minor requires approval by the Anthropology Advisor on a standard Thematic Minor form.

Honors Requirements

Students earn graduation with honors by completing the university-wide Honors College requirements of 30 units in honors credit including 6 units of ANTH 498H Honors Thesis. Please check the Honors College website for more information.

Double Majors or Double Degrees

It is possible to combine two majors as part of a single Bachelor of Arts degree or a single Bachelor of Science degree. The School of Anthropology allows students to use two courses at the upper division level (6 units) toward a second major with approval from that School, pending approval from the second major department

Students who choose the double major option do not need a minor; students who choose the double degree option may need another minor. The core course requirements remain the same for the anthropology major when it is combined with a second major.