Recent Publications: Lidar research by Inomata, Triadan, and Burham

SoA professors Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan, and Ph.D. student Melissa Burham, along with their Guatemalan and Japanese colleagues, published an article on their analysis of lidar data on the Maya site of Ceibal, Guatemala. The paper, “Archaeological application of airborne LiDAR to examine social changes in the Ceibal region of the Maya lowlands” appeared... Read more

Recent Publications: Edited Volume from Emeriti and Alum

A newly released edited volume from the University of Utah Press features the contributions of several SoA alumni. The Strong Case Approach in Behavioral Archaeology was edited by Michael Brian Schiffer, Fred A. Riecker Distinguished Professor of Anthropology Emeritus; Charles Riggs (Ph.D. Arizona., 1999), Professor of Anthropology and curator of Archaeological Collections at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO; and J. Jefferson Reid... Read more

Recent Publications: Alum Miller Wins Prestigious Award

Congratulations to D. Shane Miller (Ph.D. Arizona, 2014), who is the recipient of the 2017 Don D. And Catherine S. Fowler Prize, a book publication prize awarded by the University of Utah Press! The Fowler Prize is “awarded to the best book-length, single-author manuscript in anthropology submitted to the Press,” according their website. Dr. Miller’s winning title is From Colonization to Domestication: Population, Environment, and the Origins of Agriculture in Eastern... Read more

Recent Publications: Many SoA Contributors in New UA Press Volume

The UA Press has begun distribution of a new book co-edited by Leigh Kuwanwisiwma, SoA Professor T.J. Ferguson, and alumnus Chip Colwell titled Footprints of Hopi History: Hopihiniwtiput Kukveni'at. Included in this collection of papers about collaborative research in Hopi archaeology, history, and heritage are chapters by eleven UA scholars:
... Read more

Recent Publications: Akarsu Article in Anthropology Today

The February issue of Anthropology Today features an article by Ph.D. candidate Hayal Akarsu (pictured) entitled “‘Proportioning violence’: Ethnographic notes on the contingencies of police reform in Turkey.” The article is based on eighteen months of fieldwork on police reforms in Turkey. It examines how the processes of... Read more

Recent Publications: Pearson and Kuniholm Help Shed New Light on Venice Origins

Assistant Professor Charlotte Pearson and Professor Peter Kuniholm contributed to an article by Albert Ammerman et al. on the origins of Venice that appeared in the December 2017 issue of Antiquity, with a follow-up note in Nature on December 15, 2017. “Beneath the Basilica of San Marco: new light on the origins of Venice” uses... Read more

Recent Publications: Jonna Yarrington in Economic Anthropology

An article by doctoral candidate Jonna Yarrington has just been published in Economic Anthropology (vol. 5, no. 1). The article, “Sucre indigène and sucre colonial: Reconsidering the splitting of the French national sugar market, 1800-1860,” examines the competition between French beet sugar industry and French Caribbean cane sugar, and “argues that reconsidering the sugar question provides evidence for a shift in the political–economic concept of colony.”... Read more

Recent Publications: Ismael Sánchez-Morales on Clovis Tools

The January issue of PaleoAmerica: A Journal of Early Human Migration and Dispersal features an article by Ph.D. candidate Ismael Sánchez-Morales  (pictured) entitled “The Clovis Lithic Assemblage from El Fin del Mundo, Sonora, Mexico: Evidence of Upland Campsite Localities.” The paper presents a summarized description of the Clovis stone tools from El Fin del Mundo... Read more

Recent Publications: Osborn Article in Language & Communication

Dana Osborne (Ph.D. Arizona, 2015) is the author of a new article in Language & Communication. Read ““Ay, nosebleed!”: Negotiating the place of English in contemporary Philippine linguistic life” here.

Recent Publications: (Electronic) Volume Edited by Olsen Now Available

The electronic version of The Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology (Springer, 2017) is now available on-line at Co-edited by School of Anthropology Regents’ Professor Emeritus John Olsen, the Handbook is the culmination of nearly eight years of effort, coordinating dozens of contributors from all over the region, totaling 42... Read more