Jeffery Clark

Adjunct Associate Professor, Anthropology

About Jeffery Clark

Jeffery Clark’s research focuses on assessing the scale and impact of  ancient human migration.  He has been a preservation archaeologist at the Center for Desert Archaeology in Tucson for eleven years. Dr. Clark has spent the past 20 years conducting research in central and southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. During the 1990s, he supervised two large contract projects funded by the Bureau of Reclamation and the Arizona Department of Transportation in the Tonto Basin as a project director for Desert Archaeology, Inc. In addition to the American Southwest, he has worked extensively in Southwest Asia, including excavations in Israel, Syria, and Iraq.

Selected Publications

Under Review     Migrants and Mounds in the Lower San Pedro Valley, A.D. 1200-1450. In Between Mimbres     and Hohokam: Exploring the Archaeology And History of Southeastern Arizona and     Southwestern New Mexico, edited by Henry Wallace. Amerind Studies in Archaeology. University     of Arizona Press, Tucson. First author with others.
Under Review    The Kayenta Diaspora and Salado Meta-Identity in the Southern U.S. Southwest. In Hybrid     Material Culture: The Archaeology of Syncretism and Ethnogenesis, edited by Jeb Card.  Center     for Archaeological Investigations,  Occasional Paper No. 37. Southern Illinois University,     Carbondale. First    author with others.

In Press    Persistent and Permanent Pithouse Places in the Basin and Range Province of Southeastern Arizona. In
    Southwestern Pithouse Communities, A.D. 200-900, edited by Lisa Young and Sarah Herr, Chapter 23. Amerind Studies in Archaeology, University of Arizona Press, Tucson. First author with Patricia Gilman.

In Press    Migrants and Mounds: Classic Period Archaeology in the Lower San Pedro Valley. Anthropological Papers 45. Center for Desert Archaeology, Tucson. First editor and author with Patrick Lyons.

2011    Disappearance and Diaspora: Contrasting Two Migrations in the  southern U.S. Southwest. In Rethinking     Anthropological Perspectives on Migration, edited by Graciela Cabana and Jeffery Clark, Chapter 6.     University Press of Florida, Gainsville. Sole author.

2011    Ancestral Puebloan Migrations in the Southern Southwest: Perspectives from Arizona and New Mexico. In     Movement, Connectivity, and Landscape Change in the Ancient Southwest, edited by Margaret Nelson and     Colleen Strawhacker, Chapter 18. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.  First author with Karl     Laumbach.

2010    Depopulation of the Northern Southwest: A Macroregional Perspective. In Leaving Mesa Verde: Peril and     Change in the Thirteenth-Century Southwest, edited by Timothy Kohler, Mark Varien, and Aaron Wright,     pp. 34-52. Amerind Studies in Archaeology, University of Arizona Press, Tucson. Second author with     others.

2010    Get Back: Kayenta and Salado Migrations into Southwest New Mexico. In The Collected Papers from the     15th Biennial Mogollon Conference, Silver City, New Mexico 2008, edited by Lora Jackson Legare, pp. 51-    72. El Paso Archaeological Society Special Report No. 12, El Paso. Second author with others.

2008    Demography, Agricultural Potential, and Identity among Ancient Immigrants. In The Social Construction
Of Communities: Studies of Agency and Identity in the Southwestern U.S., edited by Mark Varien and James Potter. Altamira Press, pp. 191-213, Lanham, MD. Third author with others.

2007    A San Pedro Perspective on Ancestral Puebloan Migration in the Hohokam World. In The Hohokam Millennium, edited by Paul Fish and Suzanne Fish. University of New Mexico Press. Albuquerque and The School of American Research, Santa Fe. Sole author.

2007    Archaeological Concepts for Assessing Zuni-Mogollon Connections. Zuni Origins: Toward a New Synthesis of Southwestern Archaeology. Edited by David Gregory and David Wilcox. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. Sole author.

2004    Prehistoric Demography in the Southern Southwest: Migration, Coalescence, and Hohokam Population Decline. American Antiquity 69(4): 689-716. Second author with others.

2004    Ancient Farmers of the Safford Basin: Archaeology of the U.S. 70 Safford-to-Thatcher Project. Anthropological Papers No. 39. Center for Desert Archaeology, Tucson. Sole editor.

2004    2000 Years of Settlement along Tonto Creek: Overview and Synthesis of the Tonto Creek Archaeological Project. Anthropological Papers No. 25. Center for Desert Archaeology, Tucson. First editor with James Vint.

2004    Tracking Cultural Affiliation: Enculturation and Ethnicity. In Identity, Feasting, and the Archaeology of the Greater Southwest, edited by Barbara Mills, pp. 42-73. University of Colorado Press, Boulder. Sole author.

2002    Mobility and the Organization of Prehispanic Southwest Communities. In The Archaeology of Tribal Societies, edited by William A. Parkinson, pp. 123-154. Archaeological Series 15, International Monographs in Prehistory, Ann Arbor.  Second author with Sarah Herr.

2001    Tracking Prehistoric Migrations: Pueblo Settlers Among the Tonto Basin Hohokam. Anthropological Papers No. 65. University of Arizona Press; Tucson. Sole author

1998    Social Boundaries and Technical Choices in Tonto Basin Prehistory. In The Archaeology of Social Boundaries, edited by Miriam Stark, pp. 208-231. Smithsonian Institution Press. Third author with others.

1997    Patterns in the Pathways: Early Historic Migrations in the Rio Grande Pueblos. Kiva 62(4): 365-389. Second author with Sarah Herr.

1995    Causes and Consequences of Migration in the 13th Century Tonto Basin.  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 14(2): 212-246. Second author with others.

1995    The Role of Migration in Social Change. In The Roosevelt Community Development Study: New Perspectives on the Tonto Basin, edited by Mark D. Elson, Miriam T. Stark, and David A. Gregory, pp. 369-384, Anthropological Papers No. 15. Center for Desert Archaeology, Tucson. Sole Author.

1993    Early Stages in the Evolution of Mesopotamian Civilization: Soviet Excavations in the Sinjar Plain, orthern Iraq. University of Arizona Press, Tucson. Second author with Norman Yoffee.


2011    Co-Instructor, Preservation Archaeology Field School, Center for Desert Archaeology, Fornholt site, Mule Creek, New Mexico.

2008-2010    Principal Investigator, Mule Creek Archaeological Testing, Center for Desert Archaeology, Tucson. Supervisory role in test excavations and survey of late Pre-contact period sites in Mule Creek, New Mexico.

1999-2008    Senior Project Director, San Pedro Preservation Project, Center for Desert Archaeology, Tucson.  Supervised volunteer effort that tested trash mounds at 29 Classic period sites in the lower San Pedro River valley.

1999-2001    Senior Project Director, US 70 Project Safford to Thatcher Project. Desert Archaeology, Inc. Investigated portions seven sites (including three canal sites) in the Safford Basin.

1995-2001    Senior Project Director, Tonto Creek Archaeological Project, excavation, analysis, and synthesis of 27 sites in the western Tonto Basin, including over 100 pithouses and surface rooms and 300 burials. Desert Archaeology, Inc., Tucson, Arizona.

1994    Project Director, Roosevelt Community Development Study, excavation, analysis, and synthesis of  25 sites in the eastern Tonto Basin. Desert Archaeology, Inc., Tucson, Arizona.

1991 and 1993    Supervisor, Tell Leilan, Syria. Director: Dr. Harvey Weiss, Yale University.

1990    Supervisor, Tell Abu Duwari, Shomali, Iraq.  Directors: Dr. Elizabeth Stone, SUNY Stonybrook, and Dr. Paul Zimansky, University of Boston.

1987     Supervisor, Tell Raqa'i, Hasseke, Syria.  Directors: Dr. Glen Schwartz, Johns Hopkins University, and Hans Cuervens, University of Amsterdam.

1985 to 1987    Supervisor, Tel Miqne-Ekron, Israel (Bronze and Iron Age site).  Directors: Dr Seymour Gitin, Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, and Dr. Trude Dothan, Hebrew University, Israel.