Robert Benitez

PhD Student

About Robert Acio Benitez

Robert Acio Benitez is a Ph.D. student in Archaeology and recipient of the Lewis and Clark Fellowship. He enjoys stand-up comedy, Marvel comics, and Cheez-It Baked Original Cheese Crackers. 


Selected Publications


Murray, J.K., Benitez, R.A., O'Brien, M.J., 2020. The extended evolutionary synthesis and human origins: Archaeological perspectives. Evolutionary Anthropology. doi: 10.1002/evan.21837


Benitez, R.A., Murray, J.K., 2019. Rethinking the Origin(s) of Biocultural Evolution: An Extended Evolutionary Synthesis Perspective. American Anthropological Association, Vancouver, BC

J.K., Murray, Benitez, R.A., Wiessner, P.W., 2019. Weaving Knowledge Through Stories: Oral Tradition as Inclusive Niche Construction. American Anthropological Association, Vancouver, BC

Benitez, R.A., Murray, J.K., 2019. The Coevolution of Niche Construction and Niche Adaptation in the Hominin Lineage: Toward Understanding Culture. Society for American Archaeology, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bae, C.J., Wang, W., Li, D., Bailey,S., Ludeman, E., Chen, J., Benitez, R.A., Gutierrez, E. 2015. Gaps in Chinese Paleoanthropology: A View from Guangxi. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 156 (S60), 167-168. American Association of Physical Anthropologists, St. Louis, Missouri

Hoerman, R., Benitez, R.A., Burns, K., Bae, C.J., 2015. Modern human origins in Southeast Asia: behavioral perspectives. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 156 (S60), 76. American Association of Physical Anthropologists, St. Louis, Missouri


Murray, J.K., Benitez, R.A., 2020. Weaving Environmental Knowledge and Oral Tradition. Anthropology News website. doi: 10.14506/AN.1520


Courses Taught

Teaching Assistant | School of Anthropology University of Arizona

  • ANTH 160D2 - Origins of Human Diversity (Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Spring 2021)
  • CLAS 329 - Art History and the Cinema (Spring 2020)

Lecturer | Department of Anthropology | University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • ANTH 1101 - Introduction to Anthropology, 4-Field (Spring 2019)
  • LBST 2213 - Science, Technology, and Society: Anthropology of Science and Technology (Fall 2018)

Research Interests

Paleoanthropology, multispecies archaeology of human origins, biocultural evolution, organism-environment interactions, niche construction, critical studies of human evolution