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Waste to Resource

As they cleaned their offices this summer, anthropology faculty, staff, and graduate students contributed labor and materials to help kick off the "Waste to Resource" project in Nogales, Sonora. Thanks to everyone who helped! The project is a collaboration among BARA, the Instituto Tecnológico de Nogales, the Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos industrial y de servicios N. 128, the Centro de Capacitación para el Trabajo Industrial, Grupo Ecológico de Sonora-Arizona, and various community and neighborhood organizations. The goal of the project is to establish a system for removing paper from the waste stream and incorporating it into the production of fibrous concrete blocks (made from waste paper, sand, and Portland cement) that can be use in the construction of thermally efficient, insect- and fire-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing low-cost homes. BARA's primary responsibility is to help organize and manage data collection and analysis for the project. Diane Austin and Kevin Bulletts, along with Rachel Beaty (Latin American Studies), are participating in this project.

Published Date: 

9 years 9 months ago