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ONLINE COURSE: Anthropology of Food

(this news item was also posted December 1, 2009; this is a repeat)


Like Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations"? "Man vs. Food?" Can't get enough of the Food Network? This is the class for you!

Here's some food for thought: All humans everywhere have to eat in order to live, but how "food" is defined, produced, procured, and thought about is subject to almost endless variation around the world. In this class, we'll examine the ways food becomes more than just... Read more

Sheridan and Seibert Receive Grant

Congratulations to Tom Sheridan and David Seibert who just received a three-year, $150,000 grant on behalf of the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization of ranchers in the Altar Valley southwest of Tucson, from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.  The funds for the Altar Valley Fire Management for Grassland Restoration Project will be used to plan and coordinate five prescribed burns under the Altar Valley Fire Management Plan.  Recently approved by... Read more

Vance Holliday on Radio

Following is an audio clip of Vance Holliday being interview by Boyd Matson of National Geographic Weekend. The segment is about Holliday's work in Mexico funded in part by National Geographic. He talks about the discovery he and his team made of a young, two-tusk Gomphothere. In the archaeological site, Holliday and his team found stone tools and points with the Gomphothere's remains.

... Read more

Sam Duwe Receives Fellowship

Congratulations to Sam Duwe who was just selected by the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center to receive the Florence C. and Robert H. Lister Fellowship. This Fellowship was established in recognition of the lifelong achievements of Florence and the late Robert Lister, noted archaeologists, dedicated educators, and friends and supporters of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. The purpose of the fellowship is to assist graduate students who show promise of making a significant... Read more

Aldenderfer Member of Research Team to the Himalayas

Professor Mark Aldenderfer was a member of a Research Team to the Himalayas. The National Geographic Special production premiered on PBS on Wednesday, November 18th about a team of internationally renowned climbers, explorers, and anthropologists who were given special permission to access previously off-limit sacred caves in the remote Kingdom of Mustang which is located in a hidden corner of the Himalayas. The previous year the team discovered a rare library of ancient Tibetan texts... Read more

President Shelton Mentions Linda Green's Research

In his State of the University Address, President Shelton mentions Linda Green's NSF supported research in the reintegration of Native Yup'ik Soldiers/Veterans back into their rural communities. Dr. Green's research explores the potential and multiple risks of suicide for Native (Yup'ik) Alaskan soldiers and veterans returning from the Middle East war theatre as they reintegrate into their rural isolated communities located in the Yukon
- Kuskokwim Delta of southwest Alaska.

... Read more

Undergraduate Receives Scholarship

Congratulations to Tomoka Miyamoto who was selected by The Office of International Student Programs and Services (ISPS) to receive the Hannah Scholarship in the amount of $550. Every few years, this scholarship is awarded to an international student from Japan who demonstrates consistent excellence in studies for an extended period of time at The University of Arizona. In addition to academic achievement, selection for this award is based on the diversity of student's backgrounds and... Read more

ONLINE COURSE: Anthropology of Food

Like Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”? “Man vs. Food?” Can’t get enough of the Food Network? This is the class for you!

Here’s some food for thought: All humans everywhere have to eat in order to live, but how “food” is defined, produced, procured, and thought about is subject to almost endless variation around the world. In this class, we’ll examine the ways food becomes more than just sustenance or nutrition, but part of culture and a key part of social life. Why do some people... Read more

SBSRI Dissertation Research Grants Awarded

Congratulations to Megan Prescott and Maisa C. Taha for being selected to receive an SBSRI Dissertation Research Grant. Both will receive up to $800 in support of their research. The purpose of the grant is to offer support to advanced graduate students who require funding to conduct their dissertation research, or as seed money to prepare a grant to an outside funding agency. Proposals are developed and written by graduate students according to the program guidelines and submitted to the... Read more

Signs of Man, Ice Age Beast Found Together in Mexico

USA Today | UA scientists working with colleagues in Mexico have reported a major find: bones of gomphotheres alongside evidence suggesting the animals were hunted by humans. UA archaeologist Vance Holliday, one of the research team members who studied the site dating back 11,000 years, said these findings complicate the discussion about whether humans overhunted animals in the region, leading to their extinction.

... Read more