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William Self Associates Scholarship for Archaeology Graduate Students

This year we are again delighted to have funding from William Self Associates, Inc. to support graduate research for archaeology students enrolled in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona. Please see the attached announcement.

Note Deadline is February 15th. Please turn your applications to me in the Anthro Business Office in Haury 223.

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UA Students Earn Competitive Awards

In the news from UANews it is reported that two Anthropology graduate students, Victoria Phaneuf and Sarah Trainer, were two of a dozen students who were named Fulbright Scholars this year. Tory is working in France studying the influence of North African cultural associations in France and ways people use such organizations to form identities and negotiate intergroup relations and Sarah is in the United Arab Emirates, where she is studying health disparities among women.

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A-led Study Grapples with Health Effects of Low-intensity Warfare

A study by UA anthropologist Ivy Pike and her colleagues sets up a framework for measuring nutrition and health in a part of Africa long prone to violence.

For nearly two decades, Ivy Pike, an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona, has been studying ethnic groups in rural northern Kenya to understand how violence shapes the health of those eking out a living there.

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John W. Olsen Receives Faculty Fundraising Award

John W. Olsen has helped secure more than $18 million in funding for the UA's School of Anthropology in the past five years.

The University of Arizona Foundation has honored Regents' Professor Olsen with the second annual Eugene G. Sander Endowed Faculty Fundraising Award.

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AF Congratulates John Olsen in Wildcat

In the December 9th issue of  The Arizona Daily Wildcat the University of Arizona Foundation congratulates John Olsen on the Fundraising Award he recently received.

View the notice here.

Stealth Health Project to Reduce Prevalence of Pediatric Obesity

Want your kids to exercise more and like it? As TV commercials say, “There’s an app for that.” Or there will be soon.

In a three-year study at the University of Arizona, dozens of UA students, faculty and staff, high school students and community organizations are developing a multidisciplinary project to encourage physical activity and positive nutritional habits among young people, ages 12-18.

The study is called “Stealth Health,” and investigators are hoping it will be a... Read more

UA School of Anthropology Well Represented at AAA

This year the UA School of Anthropology was well represented at the annual AAA meetings held in Philadelphia. There were 21 students, eight core faculty, and four affiliated faculty presenting this year.

Jane Hill received the Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology, formerly the Distinguished Service Award, was established in 1976. This award is presented annually by the Association to its members whose careers demonstrate extraordinary achievements that have... Read more

Holliday, Hayes, and Surovell Published by NAS

Vance Holliday, Vance Haynes, Todd Surovell (UA Anthro PhD, 2003) and a cast of thousands published "Absence of geochemical evidence for an impact event at the Bølling–Allerød/Younger Dryas transition" in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, v. 106, p. 21505-21510.

Anthropology Students Receive Magellan Circle Awards

Congratulations to three of our undergraduate students who were named as Magellan Circle Scholars: Danielle Gartner, Laura Ek and Magda Mankel. Magda is the only first year student to receive the award this year all other students were sophomores, juniors, or seniors. 

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New UA School of Anthropology Offers Enhanced Opportunities for Students

The formation of a new School of Anthropology will provide UA students new opportunities in applied anthropology, in anthropological and classical archaeology and new academic programs.  Transformation from a department into a school strengthens UA anthropology, already ranked among the nation's top five such programs.

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