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Zedeño’s Work at the Blackfeet Reservation

Maria Nieves Zedeño teamed up Blackfeet tribal members to uncover a vast and little-known former hunting complex and bison kill site along the Two Medicine River used at least 1,000 years ago. The 9-mile-long project area, containing a preserved system for driving bison over a cliff, bison bones and remnants of two campsites, could become one of the largest and most significant Blackfeet heritage sites in the region. The Two Medicine bison jump site is located in the... Read more

Mills’ Book Published by the SAA

Professor and School Director Barbara Mills is co-editor, with Wendy Ashmore and Dorothy Lippert, of the 75th Anniversary Volume for the SAA, entitled "Voices in American Archaeology."   The book was published by the SAA Press just in time for the Society for American Archaeology's Annual Meeting, which was held last April in St. Louis.  The book takes the pulse of archaeology today with chapters on SAA's history, collaboration and consultation with descendent communities,... Read more

Students Receive Riecker Awards

Students Receive Riecker Awards


The following students received Riecker grants in spring 2010:


Anita Carrasco - $1000 to examine the history of how capitalist interests in Atacama Desert can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. Carrasco's Proposal


Chen-chun, E - $820 to study... Read more
Ben Beshaw Wins Staff Award

Congratulations to Ben Beshaw who was a recipient of the 2010 SBS Staff Awards. He received a plaque and a cash award of $250. He was nominated due to his ability to meet any requirements with an unassuming and quiet demeanor. His abilities coupled with his good humor helps to keep the School running smoothly and efficiently. We are all very grateful that he is here working with us.

Grad Student van Dobben Receives Funding

Danielle van Dobben was awarded a Summer Research Grant in the amount of $3000 from the Institute of Turkish Studies for pilot research in Istanbul, Turkey, for two months this past summer.  She interviewed Roma (Gypsies) who were dislocated due to urban development projects in Istanbul.


She was also awarded a Graduate and Professional Student Council Travel Grant in the amount of $1000 to support her attendance at the World Congress for Middle Eastern... Read more

Archaeology and BARA Collaboration

Mamadou Baro and Tara Deubel (Ph.D. 2010) joined the Ceibal-Petexbatun Archaeological Project led by Daniela Triadan and Takeshi Inomata. Triadan and Inomata have been conducting archaeological investigations in a remote area of Guatemala, working with a local Q’eqchi’ Maya community. Baro and Deubel were invited to the project to help the local people who suffered through the civil war and still remain in poverty.  During... Read more

ASM Thanks Anthro

As a small token of appreciation for the time, expertise, collaborative spirit, and good nature of Drs. Vance Haynes and Vance Holliday along with Jesse Ballenger, Darlene F Lizarraga, ASM Marketing Coordinator, contacted Director Barbara Mills to inform her that ASM was happy to share some proceeds from their April mammoth lecture series and day trip by transferring $500 into the Anthro general gift account. Darlene said “... Read more

Tsukamoto Receives Dual Funding

 In late May, Kenichiro Tsukamoto received notification that the proposal he submitted to the National Geographic Society will be funded. The National Geographic Society / Waitt Grants Program awarded him $15,000 in support of his proposed project "Retrieving the Ancient History of Intermediate elites: An Exploration of the Guzmán Hieroglyphic Stairway at El Palmar, Campeche, Mexico."


The National Geographic Society/Waitt Grants Program funds projects that... Read more

Faculty Exploratory Grant Awarded To Vance Holliday

Vance Holliday received a Faculty Exploratory Grant from University of Arizona Institute of the Environment to study "Younger Dryas Environments and Human Adaptation in the Southwest." His research focuses on the Great Plains of the United States. This work largely deals with the evolution of the landscape and the environment through the late Quaternary, particularly in archaeological contexts. He also has a longstanding interest in the role of soils in archaeological... Read more

Kacy Hollenback’s Research in The Bismarck Tribune

One of our Ph.D. candidates, Kacy Hollenback, is at Knife River as part of her research on Hidatsa pottery and her work was highlighted in The Bismarck Tribune. Hollenback said that the lure of archaeology is “We’re never done.”  “There’s always more to learn.” More Information