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Raskin AHRQ Proposal Recommended for Funding

Sarah Raskin, MPH and doctoral candidate, was recently notified that her AHRQ R36 was reviewed as "High Impact" and recommended for full funding ($40,000). This funding will allow her to extend her dissertation fieldwork and to focus more closely on the topic of medical expertise through the example of a pilot intervention in which public health dental hygienists perform an expanded scope of practices under remote supervision. The title is “A qualitative description of a... Read more

Anderson Speaks at AAHS General Meeting

Bruce E. Anderson (PhD, Arizona 1998) is the Forensic Anthropologist for the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner (PCOME) and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Anthropology. At the General Meeting of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society his lecture topic is “The Interplay Between Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology in Interpreting Human Skeletal Variability.”

... Read more

Mendoza-Denton Selected for Leadership Institute

Congratulations to Norma Mendoza-Denton who received notification from Thomas Miller, Jacqueline Mok, and Allison Vaillancourt, on behalf of the Advisory Board of the UA Academic Leadership Institute and who wrote to her on behalf of President Shelton and Provost Hay to inform her that she was selected to participate in the UA Academic Leadership Institute.  They received three times as many applications as available spots, and the quality of the applications was exceptional... Read more

Erin Clair – One to Watch!

Erin ClairSBS Snapshots| Erin Clair, an anthropology and physiology student, was selected as the Honors College Junior of the Year. Erin's accomplishments range from being awarded a surgical internship with University Medical Center to assisting bioarchaeology professor James T. Watson with analyzing and recording case studies of bones of the missing... Read more

Haury Anthropology Building Going Keyless

CatCards are taking the place of old-fashioned keys in an effort that will replace exterior door locks on campus buildings with a new electronic access system. Ten buildings are in the process of being converted to the keyless system. Only exterior access doors of buildings will be converted, according to UA Facilities Management Director Christopher Kopach. Instead of inserting a mechanical key into a door lock, an employee or student will hold his or her CatCard in front of a reader and... Read more

Congratulations to Our New Professors and Associate Professors

Several of our faculty members just received notification that they will receive a promotion starting with the 2011-12 academic year.  Our new Professors are Mimi Nichter and Nieves Zedeño. Our new Associate Professors are Susan Shaw and Brian Silverstein. These are in addition to a successful Third Year Review for Robert Schon.

Two Receive Haury Dissertation Fellowships

Congratulations to Kacy Hollenback and Jessica Munson who were just selected to each receive a Haury Dissertation Fellowship. Kacy was awarded a final year Haury Fellowship to enable her to complete her dissertation during AY 2011-12.

The committee found her proposal and sample chapter to be excellent. She will receive $15,000 plus tuition. Jessica was also selected and was awarded a single semester Haury Fellowship to enable her to complete her... Read more

Changes in School Administration

We are happy to report that starting with the AY 2011-12, Lars Fogelin will be our new Director of Graduate Studies and Brackette Williams our new Director of Undergraduate Studies. Our grateful “Thank you” to John Olsen and Rhonda Gillett-Netting for their leadership and work in these positions.

Several Faculty Members Receive Grants and Awards

Robert Schon was awarded an Enduring Questions Grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop a course on the subject of cooperation, one of humankind’s most enduring qualities. Cooperation has been instrumental in shaping our identity and our evolution.  In fact, the history of our most profound accomplishments as human beings can be written as the history of our increasing success at cooperating with each other.  As a result, we have left our mark on the... Read more

Several Graduate Students Receive Notice, Grants, and Awards

Ph.D. candidate Kenichiro Tsukamoto recent find at the site of El Palmar in Campeche, Mexico appears in the online National Geographic Daily News. More Information

Hikmet Kocamaner was awarded $20,000 from Wenner-Gren Foundation for his research, entitled Governing the Family through Television: Neoliberalism,... Read more