James Greenberg Receives Funding

 In collaboration with Rafael Sagarin, an assistant research scientist in the Institute of the Environment, James Greenberg will specifically explore how effective certain regulations are in protecting populations of a snail. Greenberg received $29,425 from the Office of the Vice President for Research for his project: Snail Paces:  The Political and Cultural Ecology of the Dye-Producing Snail Plicopurpura Columellaris from the Gulf of California to the Galapagos.... Read more

Anthro Grad Students Named Fulbright Scholars

 More than a dozen University of Arizona students were named Fulbright Scholars, a nationally competitive award that funds U.S. students studying or teaching internationally. Two Anthropology graduate students received this honor:


Jacob Campbell will conduct research in Trinidad and Tobago.


Melanie Medeiros will study in Brazil.


Additionally, other UA graduate students were named for the Fulbright-Hays program, one administered by U.S.... Read more

Joe Ben and Barbara Wheat Remember Haury

 Twenty percent of the Joe Ben and Barbara K. Wheat estate was set aside for to be used specifically and solely as an addition to the Emil W. Haury Educational Fund for Archaeology. The purpose of this gift was to honor Emil W. Haury and provide scholarships to benefit students studying in the field of anthropology at the University of Arizona. The School of Anthropology has already received a check for over $200,000 from the Estate of Barbara K. Wheat.


In 1953 Joe Ben Wheat... Read more

Olsen Collaborates with Statistical Research

Regents’ Professor John Olsen is a collaborator with Jeff Altschul of Statistical Research on a major project in Mongolia. Oyu Tolgoi, LLC, has awarded the design of the Oyu Tolgoi cultural heritage plan (CHP) to the Mongolian International Heritage Team (MIHT). The purpose of this study is to develop a CHP that allows Mongolia and Mongolians to define a process by which their heritage is not only preserved, but enhanced, at the same time that the country’s natural resources... Read more

SBS Alumnus Explores Archaeology Site

Political science alumnus Augustine B. Jimenez III recently took an exciting and educational family vacation. This past spring he and his family visited Maya sites in Central America where UA anthropologists Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan have been studying the ancient civilization. Jimenez, SBS’s 2009 homecoming chairman, owns a Phoenix law practice and is passionate about anthropology and archaeology.... Read more

Stabilizing the University Indian Ruins


New Life for University 

Indian Ruins


Four years ago the UA School of Anthropology received an $8 million gift from A. Richard Diebold, Jr., Ph.D., and his Salus Mundi Foundation. Part of the gift was earmarked for the stabilization and renovation of the historic University Indian Ruins property located in east Tucson. The renovations are now complete.


As part of the renovation, the adobe residence, archaeological laboratory, and guest house... Read more

Geos and Anthro IGERT Student Receives Funding

 Geosciences Ph.D. student and former Anthropology IGERT Fellow Jill Onken and Vance Holliday were  notified in June that her NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant proposal was funded by the NSF Archaeology Program. The proposal is for “Paleoenvironmental Context of Ancestral Puebloan Demographic and Subsistence Change in West-Central New Mexico”. Holliday would like to highlight that this Geosciences student who proposed a geoarchaeology study to NSF... Read more

New Clues Found: Why Maya Left

Takeshi Inomata was included in an USA TODAY article. USA TODAY was invited to the Kiuic's ruins site on the Yucatan’s peninsula to see what has been uncovered in the latest excavations. At Kiuic, "the evidence for rapid abandonment now appears more compelling," says archaeologist Takeshi Inomata of the University of Arizona-Tucson, who heads efforts to investigate the Maya settlement of Aguateca in Guatemala, a site suddenly abandoned in 830 during warfare. "It is a very... Read more

Vásquez-León Co-Directs Institute

 International student leaders come to the University of Arizona to learn and grow at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Student Leaders which draws students from countries including Mexico, Paraguay and Peru. While at the UA, they gain leadership training and connect with others to help improve sustainability projects in their home communities. The twice annually offered institute helps 40 students to build skills and relationships to improve sustainability efforts back home. Alberto... Read more

Haury Fellowships

Congratulations to this year’s Haury Dissertation Fellows: Samuel Duwe, Kelly Jenks, and Susan Mentzer who will each receive $15,000 plus tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year. Following are their dissertation titles.


Samuel Duwe – The Prehispanic Tewa World: Coalescence and Cosmology in the Northern Rio Grande... Read more