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Community, Collaboration and Composting: Engaging the Border Region to Save Water and Turn Waste into a Resource

BARA's Waste to Resource Project is featured on the front page of the main UA website. The Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA) has initiatives underway all over the world, from the Bahamas to Indiana, from Brazil to the Gulf Coast. Read More.

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An Ice Age Murder Mystery - Where Did the Big Guys Go?

Professor Vance Holliday’s research regarding the extinction of most giant mammals was highlighted in the Arizona Daily Star.

Along with archaeologists in Mexico, Holliday and his students are excavating a site in Sonora and have little evidence for a comet but discovered a new prey animal - a rare mammoth cousin known as a... Read more

Graduate Students Receive SBSRI Dissertation Grants

Congratulations to Fumie Iizuka, Melanie Angel Medeiros and Victoria Phaneuf. They were just awarded a Dissertation Research Grant from the SBS Research Institute (SBSRI).

Fumie Iizuka proposal title is “Monagrillo Ware, Panama’s First Pottery (Ca. 4,500-3,200 B.P.): Provenance Study Using Pottery and Rock Thin Sections.” She will receive $770 for 20 ceramic thin sections of pottery and 15 thin sections of igneous... Read more

School of Anthropology at the AAAs

The University of Arizona will be well represented at this year’s AAA Annual Meeting. This year is the 109th Annual Meeting to be held from November 17 – 21, 2010 in New Orleans at the Sheraton and Marriot Hotels. This year’s theme is Circulation. The AAA website has a nice searchable online program and itinerary at

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Faculty and Student Paraguay Publications

Associate Professor Marcela Vásquez-León and two Anthro/BARA students have recent publications on the LA Co-ops project included in the November issue of Latin American Perspectives. A copy of each article is linked to its title.

Brian J. Burke (PhD candidate): “Cooperatives for “Fair Globalization”? Indigenous People,... Read more

From Farm to Fridge to Garbage Can

Various studies - including one at the UA called the Garbage Project (established by Professor Emeritus Bill Rathje) that tracked home food waste for three decades - estimate that as much as 25 percent of the food we bring into our homes is wasted.... Read more

Pitezel – New ASM Assistant Curator

Congratulations to Todd Pitezel who was selected as the new Assistant Curator for Archaeology – Mandated Programs for the Arizona State Museum.  His official start date is November 29th. Todd also defended his dissertation earlier this month (Suzanne Fish, Chair).  Congratulations to Todd!

Lansing Consults with Stockholm Resilience Centre

Professor Steve Lansing was invited to become a consultant at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, where he is a senior research fellow. This arrangement greatly facilitated his work with the Indonesian government, on the creation and development of UNESCO World Heritage sites. He is participating in the Cultural Landscape of Bali: Partnership for Governance Transition. This is a partner-driven cooperation project that will create a new institutional collaboration between the... Read more

Mills Proposal to SAR Funding and Accepts Appointment to NPS Committee

Barbara Mills, along with her collaborators Jeffery Clark (PhD, 1997) and Deborah Huntley (Center for Desert Archaeology), have had their proposal accepted for a two-day NSF research team seminar at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe.  The seminar will focus on their project, "The Dynamics of Social Networks in the Late Prehispanic Southwest," and will be scheduled for next academic year.

Barbara Mills has recently agreed to... Read more

Zegura Speaks at Santa Fe Institute

Professor Emeritus Stephen Zegura spoke at the “Peopling of the Americas” conference held at the Santa Fe Institute September 25 – 26, 2010. Zegura’s topic was “Biological Variation in the Americas”.